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Part Number(s):SP8052
ProductName:Hydraulic Pump
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
LIZARTE 20.00.0044
LIZARTE 04.18.0110
LIZARTE 07-3051
LIZARTE 13434 45 032
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Interchange Parts for LIZARTE SP8052
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
LIZARTE 20.00.0044 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 20.00.0044 Array Direct Details»
LIZARTE 04.18.0110 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 04.18.0110 Array Direct Details»
LIZARTE 07-3051 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 07-3051 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 07B410 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 07B410 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 13434 45 032 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 13434 45 032 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 16587 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 16587 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE XA50FH Suspension Sphere LIZARTE XA50FH Array Indirect Details»
LENCO SP3018 Hydraulic Pump LENCO SP3018 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DP2025 Hydraulic Pump DA SILVA DP2025 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S2240 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S2240 Array Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S240 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S240 Array Indirect Details»
CEVAM 0044 Suspension Sphere CEVAM 0044 Array Indirect Details»
WAT BAD80Z Power Steering Pump WAT BAD80Z Array Indirect Details»
SERCORE 07B410 Hydraulic Pump SERCORE 07B410 Array Indirect Details»
SERCORE 155424 Suspension Sphere SERCORE 155424 Array Indirect Details»
DRI 715.520.002 Hydraulic Pump DRI 715.520.002 Array Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0051MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0051MT Array Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8052 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8052 Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 03145155 Hydraulic Pump AUDI 03145155 Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 C Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 C Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 CX Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 CX Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 D Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 D Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 DX Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 DX Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034 145 155 G Power Steering Pump AUDI 034 145 155 G Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 034145155X Hydraulic Pump AUDI 034145155X Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 155 B Hydraulic Pump AUDI 054 145 155 B Array Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 155 BX Hydraulic Pump AUDI 054 145 155 BX Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 5271.21 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 5271.21 Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 95 666 859 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 95 666 859 Array Indirect Details»
FORD 1342216 Hydraulic Pump FORD 1342216 Array Indirect Details»
TRW JSS129 Suspension Sphere TRW JSS129 Array Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 53518 Power Steering Pump SPIDAN 53518 Array Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 15-0002 Power Steering Pump ELSTOCK 15-0002 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2856 401 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2856 401 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2857 601 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2857 601 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 805 Steering Gear LIZARTE 805 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955102 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955102 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955107 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955107 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955108 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955108 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955110 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955110 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955111 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955111 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955114 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955114 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955120 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955120 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955124 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955124 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955125 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955125 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955126 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955126 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955128 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955128 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 860 1955 131 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 860 1955 131 Array Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8601955133 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8601955133 Array Indirect Details»
Application of LIZARTE SP8052
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDI1001.8 CAT1781664Saloon1985-1990
AUDI1002.0 CAT1994855Saloon1988-1990
AUDI1002.2 Turbo22261215Saloon1986-1990
AUDI1002.3 E23091005Saloon1986-1990
AUDI1002.0 D1986515Saloon1982-1988
AUDI1002.0 D Turbo1986645Saloon1982-1988
AUDI1002.0 D Turbo1986745Saloon1988-1990
AUDI1002.5 TDI2461885Saloon1990-1990
AUDI1002.3 E2309985Saloon1990-1990
AUDI1001.8 quattro1781654Saloon1986-1990
AUDI1001.8 quattro CAT1781664Saloon1985-1990
AUDI1002.2 quattro22261015Saloon1984-1988
AUDI1002.2 E Turbo quattro22261215Saloon1986-1990
AUDI1002.3 E quattro23091005Saloon1986-1990
AUDI1002.3 quattro2309985Saloon1990-1990
AUDI2002.1 5 E21441005Saloon1983-1984
AUDI2002.1 Turbo21441345Saloon1983-1988
AUDI2002.2 Turbo22261215Saloon1985-1991
AUDI2002.1 Turbo quattro21441345Saloon1983-1986
AUDI2002.2 Turbo quattro22261215Saloon1985-1991
AUDI2002.2 20V Turbo quattro22261625Saloon1989-1990
AUDIV83.6 quattro35621808Saloon1993-1994
AUDIV83.6 quattro35621848Saloon1988-1994
AUDIV84.2 quattro41722068Saloon1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant1.81781554Estate1982-1987
AUDI100 Avant1.81781654Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant1.81781664Estate1983-1989
AUDI100 Avant2.01994835Estate1986-1987
AUDI100 Avant2.0 E CAT1994855Estate1988-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.121441005Estate1982-1984
AUDI100 Avant2.22226855Estate1984-1986
AUDI100 Avant2.222261015Estate1984-1988
AUDI100 Avant2.2 Turbo22261215Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.323091005Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.0 D1986515Estate1983-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.0 TD1986645Estate1983-1987
AUDI100 Avant2.0 TD1986745Estate1988-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.5 TDI2461885Estate1990-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.32309985Estate1990-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.2 quattro22261015Estate1984-1988
AUDI100 Avant2.2 Turbo quattro22261215Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.3 E quattro23091005Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.3 quattro2309985Estate1990-1990
AUDI200 Avant2.1 Turbo quattro21441345Estate1983-1988
AUDI200 Avant2.2 Turbo quattro22261215Estate1983-1990
AUDI200 Avant2.2 20V Turbo quattro22261625Estate1989-1990
AUDI1002.4 D2370605Saloon1989-1991
AUDI1002.2 E quattro2226885Saloon1985-1986
AUDI100 Avant2.2 E quattro2226885Estate1985-1986
AUDI100 Avant2.4 D2370605Estate1989-1990
AUDI2002.2 Turbo quattro22261475Saloon1988-1990
AUDI2002.2 Turbo22261405Saloon1988-1990
AUDI2002.2 Turbo22261475Saloon1988-1990
AUDI200 Avant2.2 Turbo quattro22261475Estate1988-1991
AUDI100 Avant1.91921745Estate1983-1984
AUDI100 Avant1.8 quattro1781654Estate1986-1990
AUDI100 Avant1.8 quattro CAT1781664Estate1985-1990
AUDI1001.8 quattro1781664Saloon1984-1988
AUDI100 Avant1.8 quattro1781664Estate1984-1988
AUDI100 Avant2.0 E1994855Estate1985-1987
AUDI100 Avant2.2 CAT22261015Estate1989-1990
AUDI1002.2 quattro CAT22261015Saloon1989-1990
AUDI100 Avant2.2 quattro CAT22261015Estate1989-1990
AUDI1002.2 CAT22261015Saloon1989-1990
AUDI200 Avant2.323091005Estate1986-1991
AUDI200 Avant2.2 Turbo22261215Estate1985-1991
AUDI100 Avant1.8 CAT1781664Estate1985-1990
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