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sbs 19125101916
Part Number(s):19125101916
ProductName:Repair Kit, wheel suspension
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
CITROEN 3523.98
VAICO V22-0234
OCAP 1215618
TRISCAN 8500 38801
TOPRAN 721 841
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Interchange Parts for sbs 19125101916
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
CITROEN 3523.98 Control Arm Bush CITROEN 3523.98 Array Direct Details»
VAICO V22-0234 Control Arm Bush VAICO V22-0234 Array Direct Details»
OCAP 1215618 Control Arm Bush OCAP 1215618 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 38801 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN 8500 38801 Array Direct Details»
TOPRAN 721 841 Control Arm Bush TOPRAN 721 841 Array Direct Details»
METZGER CI-SB18 Control Arm Bush METZGER CI-SB18 Array Direct Details»
OPTIMAL F8-5629 Control Arm Bush OPTIMAL F8-5629 Array Indirect Details»
NK 5101916 Repair Kit, wheel suspension NK 5101916 Array Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL EMS 8190 Control Arm Bush QUINTON HAZELL EMS 8190 Array Indirect Details»
MEYLE 11-14 610 0001 Bush, control arm mounting MEYLE 11-14 610 0001 Array Indirect Details»
SWAG 64 92 2635 Control Arm Bush SWAG 64 92 2635 Array Indirect Details»
MONROE L38801 Control Arm Bush MONROE L38801 Array Indirect Details»
FLENNOR FL4518-J Control Arm Bush FLENNOR FL4518-J Array Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 22635 Control Arm Bush FEBI BILSTEIN 22635 Array Indirect Details»
SASIC 5233983 Track Control Arm SASIC 5233983 Array Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 1600 Control Arm Bush ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 1600 Array Indirect Details»
SIDEM 807609 Control Arm Bush SIDEM 807609 Array Indirect Details»
MAPCO 33335 Control Arm Bush MAPCO 33335 Array Indirect Details»
MOOG CI-SB-0934 Control Arm Bush MOOG CI-SB-0934 Array Indirect Details»
BENDIX 040141B Control Arm Bush BENDIX 040141B Array Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 270653 Control Arm Bush A.B.S. 270653 Array Indirect Details»
PEX 12.10.231 Control Arm Bush PEX 12.10.231 Array Indirect Details»
DELPHI TD 503W Control Arm Bush DELPHI TD 503W Array Indirect Details»
METZGER 52010508 Control Arm Bush METZGER 52010508 Array Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 3523.98 Control Arm Bush PEUGEOT 3523.98 Array Indirect Details»
TRW JBU705 Control Arm Bush TRW JBU705 Array Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 29529 01 Control Arm Bush LEMFORDER 29529 01 Array Indirect Details»
BIRTH 2495 Control Arm Bush BIRTH 2495 Array Indirect Details»
MONROE L38802 Control Arm Bush MONROE L38802 Array Indirect Details»
RTS 017-00513 Control Arm Bush RTS 017-00513 Array Indirect Details»
DITAS A2-6116 Control Arm Bush DITAS A2-6116 Array Indirect Details»
FAI AutoParts SS 2224 Control Arm Bush FAI AutoParts SS 2224 Array Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 410922 Control Arm Bush SPIDAN 410922 Array Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 18388 Control Arm Bush MALĘ░ 18388 Array Indirect Details»
MAXGEAR 72-1913 Control Arm Bush MAXGEAR 72-1913 Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 00003523AA Control Arm Bush CITROEN 00003523AA Array Indirect Details»
BOGE 88-461-A Control Arm Bush BOGE 88-461-A Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 3523.AA Control Arm Bush CITROEN 3523.AA Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 9636181080 Control Arm Bush CITROEN 9636181080 Array Indirect Details»
PEX 12.10.230 Control Arm Bush PEX 12.10.230 Array Indirect Details»
BORG & BECK BSK6404 Control Arm Bush BORG & BECK BSK6404 Array Indirect Details»
TRW JBU704 Control Arm Bush TRW JBU704 Array Indirect Details»
BOSAL 120-403 Control Arm Bush BOSAL 120-403 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 09-RB-9530 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN 09-RB-9530 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 3438801 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN 3438801 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 38801 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN 8500 38801 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN CI-SB18 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN CI-SB18 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN FSK6405 Control Arm Bush TRISCAN FSK6405 Array Indirect Details»
VAICO V42-0122 Control Arm Bush VAICO V42-0122 Array Indirect Details»
LUK 8500 38802 Control Arm Bush LUK 8500 38802 Array Indirect Details»
Application of sbs 19125101916
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
CITROENC31.1 i1124444Hatchback2002-2014
CITROENC31.4 HDi1398504Hatchback2002-2014
CITROENC31.4 i Bivalent1360544Hatchback2002-2014
CITROENC31.6 16V1587804Hatchback2002-2014
CITROENC31.4 16V HDi1398664Hatchback2002-2014
CITROENC3 Pluriel1.61587804Convertible2003-2014
CITROENC3 Pluriel1.41360544Convertible2003-2014
CITROENC21.4 HDi1398504Hatchback2003-2014
CITROENC3 Pluriel1.4 HDi1398504Convertible2004-2014
PEUGEOT10071.6 16V1587804Hatchback2005-2014
PEUGEOT10071.4 HDi1398504Hatchback2005-2014
CITROENC21.6 VTS1587904Hatchback2005-2014
CITROENC31.6 16V HDi1560804Hatchback2005-2014
CITROENC21.4 16V1360654Hatchback2006-2014
CITROENC3 Pluriel1.4 Hybrid1360544Convertible2005-2014
CITROENC21.6 HDi1560804Hatchback2005-2014
CITROENC2 ENTERPRISE1.4 HDi1398504Box2009-2014
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