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TOPRAN 301 311
Part Number(s):301 311
ProductName:Brake Shoe Set
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
FORD 6 579 150
ATE 03.0137-0290.2
TRW GS8539
JURID 361560J
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Interchange Parts for TOPRAN 301 311
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
FORD 6 579 150 Brake Shoe Set FORD 6 579 150 Array Direct Details»
ATE 03.0137-0290.2 Brake Shoe Set ATE 03.0137-0290.2 Array Direct Details»
DELPHI LS1631 Brake Shoe Set DELPHI LS1631 Array Direct Details»
TRW GS8539 Brake Shoe Set TRW GS8539 Array Direct Details»
JURID 361560J Brake Shoe Set JURID 361560J Array Direct Details»
PAGID H8765 Brake Shoe Set PAGID H8765 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8100 16541 Brake Shoe Set TRISCAN 8100 16541 Array Direct Details»
MINTEX MFR329 Brake Shoe Set MINTEX MFR329 Array Direct Details»
TRUSTING 040.135 Brake Shoe Set TRUSTING 040.135 Array Direct Details»
BENDIX 361560B Brake Shoe Set BENDIX 361560B Array Direct Details»
METZGER MG 560 Brake Shoe Set METZGER MG 560 Array Direct Details»
METELLI 53-0122 Brake Shoe Set METELLI 53-0122 Array Direct Details»
NK 2725541 Brake Shoe Set NK 2725541 Array Direct Details»
CIFAM 153-122 Brake Shoe Set CIFAM 153-122 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BS839 Brake Shoe Set QUINTON HAZELL BS839 Array Direct Details»
TEXTAR 91044100 Brake Shoe Set TEXTAR 91044100 Array Direct Details»
LPR 06760 Brake Shoe Set LPR 06760 Array Direct Details»
GIRLING 5185393 Brake Shoe Set GIRLING 5185393 Array Direct Details»
A.B.S. 8940 Brake Shoe Set A.B.S. 8940 Array Direct Details»
FTE BB1137A1 Brake Shoe Set FTE BB1137A1 Array Direct Details»
fri.tech. 1040.135 Brake Shoe Set fri.tech. 1040.135 Array Direct Details»
REMSA 4305.00 Brake Shoe Set REMSA 4305.00 Array Direct Details»
PEX 6.111 Brake Shoe Set PEX 6.111 Array Direct Details»
ROADHOUSE 4305.00 Brake Shoe Set ROADHOUSE 4305.00 Array Direct Details»
E.T.F. 09-0505 Brake Shoe Set E.T.F. 09-0505 Array Direct Details»
MEYLE 714 042 1014 Brake Shoe Set MEYLE 714 042 1014 Array Direct Details»
Brake ENGINEERING SH2311 Brake Shoe Set Brake ENGINEERING SH2311 Array Direct Details»
NECTO N1493 Brake Shoe Set NECTO N1493 Array Direct Details»
SCT Germany SS 512 Parking Brake Shoe Set SCT Germany SS 512 Array Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 19-0274 Brake Shoe Set MAXGEAR 19-0274 Array Direct Details»
KAWE 06760 Brake Shoe Set KAWE 06760 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BBF839 Brake Shoe Set QUINTON HAZELL BBF839 Array Direct Details»
sbs 18492725541 Brake Shoe Set sbs 18492725541 Array Direct Details»
SPIDAN 33516 Brake Shoe Set SPIDAN 33516 Array Direct Details»
sbs 18512725541 Brake Shoe Set sbs 18512725541 Array Direct Details»
E.T.F. 09-0462 Brake Shoe Set E.T.F. 09-0462 Array Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 17827 Brake Shoe Set LEMFORDER 17827 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8100 16570 Brake Shoe Set TRISCAN 8100 16570 Array Direct Details»
KAMOKA JQ202063 Brake Shoe Set KAMOKA JQ202063 Array Direct Details»
WOKING 4305.00 Brake Shoe Set WOKING 4305.00 Array Direct Details»
LUK 8100 16541 Brake Shoe Set LUK 8100 16541 Array Direct Details»
TEMPLIN Brake Shoe Set TEMPLIN Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8100 16542 Brake Shoe Set TRISCAN 8100 16542 Array Direct Details»
ZIMMERMANN 10990.117.8 Brake Shoe Set ZIMMERMANN 10990.117.8 Array Direct Details»
RAICAM 2675 Brake Shoe Set RAICAM 2675 Array Direct Details»
LUK 8100 16570 Brake Shoe Set LUK 8100 16570 Array Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 487 358 Brake Shoe Set BOSCH 0 986 487 358 Array Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 487 524 Brake Shoe Set BOSCH 0 986 487 524 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8150 28125 Brake Hose TRISCAN 8150 28125 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 23614 Link Stabiliser TRISCAN 8500 23614 Array Direct Details»
Application of TOPRAN 301 311
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDTRANSIT2.0 i (EBL, EDL, EGL, ESS, EUS)1994724Bus1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 DI (EBS, EDS, EDL, ESS, EUS)2496514Bus1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 DI (EBS, EDS, EGL, ESS, EUS)2496594Bus1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 TD (EBS, EBL, ECL, EDS, EDL, ESS, EUS)2496634Bus1992-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 TD (ECL, EDS, EDL, EGL, ESS, EUS)2496744Bus1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT Van2.0 i (EAL, EAS)1994724Box1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT Van2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)2496514Box1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT Van2.5 DI (EAS, EAL)2496594Box1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT Van2.5 TD (EAS, EAL)2496744Box1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT Van2.5 DI (EAL, EAS)2496634Box1992-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)2496634Flatbed / Chassis1994-2000
FORDTRANSIT2.5 DI (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)2496594Flatbed / Chassis1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.0 (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)1994724Flatbed / Chassis1991-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 TD (EME/L/S, ENE/L/S)2496634Flatbed / Chassis1992-1994
FORDTRANSIT2.5 DI (EML/S, ENL/S)2496514Flatbed / Chassis1991-1994
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