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FIAT 77362396
Part Number(s):77362396
ProductName:Parking Brake Shoe Set
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
TRW GS8715
TEXTAR 91062100
GIRLING 5187159
PAGID H 9695
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Interchange Parts for FIAT 77362396
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
TRW GS8715 Brake Shoe Set TRW GS8715 Array Direct Details»
TEXTAR 91062100 Parking Brake Shoe Set TEXTAR 91062100 Array Direct Details»
GIRLING 5187159 Parking Brake Shoe Set GIRLING 5187159 Array Direct Details»
PAGID H 9695 Parking Brake Shoe Set PAGID H 9695 Array Direct Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING FT6220 Interior Heating Exchanger AVA QUALITY COOLING FT6220 Array Direct Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING FTA6220 Interior Heating Exchanger AVA QUALITY COOLING FTA6220 Array Direct Details»
KLOKKERHOLM 2023306220 Interior Heating Exchanger KLOKKERHOLM 2023306220 Array Direct Details»
METELLI 53-0089 Parking Brake Shoe Set METELLI 53-0089 Array Indirect Details»
VAICO V22-0059 Parking Brake Shoe Set VAICO V22-0059 Array Indirect Details»
VALEO 564037 Parking Brake Shoe Set VALEO 564037 Array Indirect Details»
ATE 03.0137-4002.2 Brake Shoe Set ATE 03.0137-4002.2 Array Indirect Details»
fri.tech. 1034.113 Brake Shoe Set fri.tech. 1034.113 Array Indirect Details»
TOPRAN 720 370 Brake Shoe Set TOPRAN 720 370 Array Indirect Details»
CIFAM 153-089 Parking Brake Shoe Set CIFAM 153-089 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8100 10010 Brake Shoe Set TRISCAN 8100 10010 Array Indirect Details»
BOSCH 0 986 487 712 Parking Brake Shoe Set BOSCH 0 986 487 712 Array Indirect Details»
TRUSTING 034.113 Parking Brake Shoe Set TRUSTING 034.113 Array Indirect Details»
BENDIX 362466B Parking Brake Shoe Set BENDIX 362466B Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 4241.L1 Brake Shoe Set CITROEN 4241.L1 Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 4241.L9 Brake Shoe Set CITROEN 4241.L9 Array Indirect Details»
ZIMMERMANN 10990.113.5 Brake Shoe Set ZIMMERMANN 10990.113.5 Array Indirect Details»
DELPHI LS1962 Brake Shoe Set DELPHI LS1962 Array Indirect Details»
METZGER KR 947 Parking Brake Shoe Set METZGER KR 947 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 77362290 Brake Shoe Set FIAT 77362290 Array Indirect Details»
JURID 362466J Parking Brake Shoe Set JURID 362466J Array Indirect Details»
FTE BB1350A5 Brake Shoe Set FTE BB1350A5 Array Indirect Details»
FTE BB1350A6 Parking Brake Shoe Set FTE BB1350A6 Array Indirect Details»
DENCKERMANN B120144 Brake Shoe Set DENCKERMANN B120144 Array Indirect Details»
NRF 53233 Heat Exchanger NRF 53233 Array Indirect Details»
NISSENS 71451 Heat Exchanger NISSENS 71451 Array Indirect Details»
NK 2719734 Parking Brake Shoe Set NK 2719734 Array Indirect Details»
ABE CRP002ABE Parking Brake Shoe Set ABE CRP002ABE Array Indirect Details»
E.T.F. 09-0649 Brake Shoe Set E.T.F. 09-0649 Array Indirect Details»
VAN WEZEL 17006220 Heat Exchanger VAN WEZEL 17006220 Array Indirect Details»
J. DEUS RA2110710 Interior Heating Exchanger J. DEUS RA2110710 Array Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QHR2137 Interior Heating Exchanger QUINTON HAZELL QHR2137 Array Indirect Details»
LPR 08900 Brake Shoe Set LPR 08900 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 46722928 Heat Exchanger FIAT 46722928 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 46722950 Heat Exchanger FIAT 46722950 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 46723042 Interior Heating Exchanger FIAT 46723042 Array Indirect Details»
SCHLIECKMANN 60176220 Heat Exchanger SCHLIECKMANN 60176220 Array Indirect Details»
AKS DASIS 089011N Heat Exchanger AKS DASIS 089011N Array Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 350218268000 Interior Heating Exchanger MAGNETI MARELLI 350218268000 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 46723047 Interior Heating Exchanger FIAT 46723047 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 77362696 Brake Shoe Set FIAT 77362696 Array Indirect Details»
FERODO FSB680 Brake Shoe Set FERODO FSB680 Array Indirect Details»
BREMBO S 61 541 Parking Brake Shoe Set BREMBO S 61 541 Array Indirect Details»
DENSO DRR09070 Heat Exchanger DENSO DRR09070 Array Indirect Details»
DENSO DRR09071 Interior Heating Exchanger DENSO DRR09071 Array Indirect Details»
MINTEX MFR573 Parking Brake Shoe Set MINTEX MFR573 Array Indirect Details»
Application of FIAT 77362396
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FIATDUCATO2.0 Panorama/Combinato1998804Bus1994-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 TDI2800904Bus1997-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 TDI2800904Box1997-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 D2800644Bus1998-2002
FIATDUCATO1.9 TD1905664Bus1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 D2800644Box1998-2002
FIATDUCATO1.9 TD1905664Box1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 D2800644Flatbed / Chassis1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 TDI2800904Flatbed / Chassis1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.01998804Flatbed / Chassis1998-2002
CITROENRELAY2.01998804Flatbed / Chassis1994-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 TDI 4x42800904Box1999-2002
FIATDUCATO1.9 TD1905664Flatbed / Chassis1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 TDI 4x42800904Bus1999-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 D 4x42800644Box1998-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD2798944Bus2000-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42798944Bus2000-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD2798944Box2000-2002
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42798944Box2000-2002
PEUGEOTBOXER2.0 HDi1997624Bus2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.2 HDi2179744Bus2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi2798944Bus2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.0 HDi1997624Bus2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.2 HDi2179744Bus2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi2798944Bus2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.0 HDi1997624Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi2798944Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.2 HDi2179744Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.0 HDi1997624Box2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.8 HDi2798944Box2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.2 HDi2179744Box2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.01998814Box2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi 4x42798944Bus2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.8 HDi 4x42798944Box2002-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi 4x42798944Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.0 HDi1997624Box2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.2 HDi2179744Box2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi2798944Box2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi 4x42798944Box2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.0 HDi1997624Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.2 HDi 16V2179744Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi2798944Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42798944Bus2002-2014
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42798944Box2002-2014
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42798944Flatbed / Chassis2002-2014
CITROENRELAY2.0 HDI1997624Box2001-2002
CITROENRELAY2.0 bivalent1998814Box2003-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.0 HDI1997624Box2001-2002
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi28001074Flatbed / Chassis2004-2014
CITROENRELAY2.8 HDi27981074Box2004-2014
CITROENRELAY2.0 bivalent1998814Bus2003-2014
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD Power28001074Box2004-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER Box2.8 HDi27981074Box2004-2014
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi27981074Flatbed / Chassis2004-2014
FIATDUCATO1.9 TD1905594Box1998-2001
PEUGEOTBOXER2.01998814Flatbed / Chassis2001-2014
FIATDUCATO2.8 TD 4x42799644Flatbed / Chassis1998-2001
FIATDUCATO2.8 TD 4x42799904Bus2003-2006
FIATDUCATO2.8 TD 4x42799904Box2003-2006
FIATDUCATO2.8 JTD 4x42799904Flatbed / Chassis2003-2006
FIATDUCATO2.0 4x41998814Bus2002-2006
FIATDUCATO2.0 4x41998814Box2002-2006
FIATDUCATO1.9 TD1905594Flatbed / Chassis1998-2001
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 HDi27981074Bus2004-2014
CITROENRELAY2.2 HDi2179744Flatbed / Chassis2002-2006
PEUGEOTBOXER2.8 TD2798904Flatbed / Chassis2001-2005
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