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PEUGEOT 4252.05
Part Number(s):4252.05
ProductName:Brake Power Regulator
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
BOSCH 0 986 424 455
FTE BL1652A4
METZGER 0643.00
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Interchange Parts for PEUGEOT 4252.05
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
DELPHI LP1610 Brake Pad Set DELPHI LP1610 Array Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 424 455 Brake Pad Set BOSCH 0 986 424 455 Array Direct Details»
FTE BL1652A4 Brake Pad Set FTE BL1652A4 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BP1067 Brake Pad Set QUINTON HAZELL BP1067 Array Direct Details»
METZGER 0643.00 Disc Brake Pad Set METZGER 0643.00 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BP1241 Brake Pad Set QUINTON HAZELL BP1241 Array Direct Details»
METZGER 0643.10 Disc Brake Pad Set METZGER 0643.10 Array Direct Details»
ACDelco AC673281D Brake Pad Set ACDelco AC673281D Array Direct Details»
LPR 05P661 Brake Pad Set LPR 05P661 Array Direct Details»
MEYLE 025 219 8018 Disc Brake Pad Set MEYLE 025 219 8018 Array Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 19-0555 Disc Brake Pad Set MAXGEAR 19-0555 Array Direct Details»
EEC BRP0976 Disc Brake Pad Set EEC BRP0976 Array Direct Details»
TOPRAN 721 233 Disc Brake Pad Set TOPRAN 721 233 Array Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8130 10407 Brake Power Regulator TRISCAN 8130 10407 Array Direct Details»
VEMA 836520 Disc Brake Pad Set VEMA 836520 Array Direct Details»
JURID 571930J Disc Brake Pad Set JURID 571930J Array Indirect Details»
JURID 571930J-AS Brake Pad Set JURID 571930J-AS Array Indirect Details»
BENDIX 571930B Disc Brake Pad Set BENDIX 571930B Array Indirect Details»
STOP 571930S Disc Brake Pad Set STOP 571930S Array Indirect Details»
TRW GDB1321 Brake Pad Set TRW GDB1321 Array Indirect Details»
FERODO FDB1135 Brake Pad Set FERODO FDB1135 Array Indirect Details»
MINTEX MDB 1837 Disc Brake Pad Set MINTEX MDB 1837 Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 4252.05 Brake Pad Set CITROEN 4252.05 Array Indirect Details»
VALEO 598325 Brake Pad Set VALEO 598325 Array Indirect Details»
VAICO V22-0080 Disc Brake Pad Set VAICO V22-0080 Array Indirect Details»
ATE 13.0460-3974.2 Brake Pad Set ATE 13.0460-3974.2 Array Indirect Details»
BOSCH 0 986 424 487 Brake Pad Set BOSCH 0 986 424 487 Array Indirect Details»
CITROEN 4251.69 Brake Pad Set CITROEN 4251.69 Array Indirect Details»
BENDIX 571931B Brake Pad Set BENDIX 571931B Array Indirect Details»
JURID 571931J Brake Pad Set JURID 571931J Array Indirect Details»
JURID 571931J-AS Brake Pad Set JURID 571931J-AS Array Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 2198004 Brake Pad Set TEXTAR 2198004 Array Indirect Details»
STOP 571931S Disc Brake Pad Set STOP 571931S Array Indirect Details»
REMSA 0643.00 Disc Brake Pad Set REMSA 0643.00 Array Indirect Details»
ROADHOUSE 2643.00 Brake Pad Set ROADHOUSE 2643.00 Array Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL 10193 Brake Pad Set OPTIMAL 10193 Array Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING PA1155 Disc Brake Pad Set Brake ENGINEERING PA1155 Array Indirect Details»
RENAULT 77 01 205 513 Disc Brake Pad Set RENAULT 77 01 205 513 Array Indirect Details»
RENAULT 77 01 205 995 Disc Brake Pad Set RENAULT 77 01 205 995 Array Indirect Details»
RENAULT 77 01 206 811 Disc Brake Pad Set RENAULT 77 01 206 811 Array Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161040 Disc Brake Pad Set MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161040 Array Indirect Details»
PEX 7.470 Brake Pad Set PEX 7.470 Array Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161203 Disc Brake Pad Set MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161203 Array Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 4251.92 Disc Brake Pad Set PEUGEOT 4251.92 Array Indirect Details»
KAMOKA 1012270 Brake Pad Set KAMOKA 1012270 Array Indirect Details»
DENCKERMANN B110647 Disc Brake Pad Set DENCKERMANN B110647 Array Indirect Details»
VALEO 597265 Disc Brake Pad Set VALEO 597265 Array Indirect Details»
GIRLING 6113213 Disc Brake Pad Set GIRLING 6113213 Array Indirect Details»
MAPCO 6472 Brake Pad Set MAPCO 6472 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8110 28010 Brake Pad Set TRISCAN 8110 28010 Array Indirect Details»
Application of PEUGEOT 4252.05
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.5 dCi1461454Box2005-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.6 16V bivalent1598604Box2005-2014
CITROENXSARA1.4 i1360554Hatchback1997-2005
CITROENXSARA1.5 D1527424Hatchback1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.6 i1587654Hatchback1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.4 i1360554Estate1997-2005
CITROENXSARA1.6 i1587654Estate1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.5 D1527424Estate1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1905504Estate1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.9 TD1905664Estate1997-2000
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1905504Hatchback1997-2000
RENAULTKANGOO1.2 (KC0A, KC0K, KC0F, KC01)1149434MPV1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.4 (KC0C, KC0H, KC0B, KC0M)1390554MPV1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOOD 55 1.9 (KC0D)1870404MPV1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOOD 65 (KC0E, KC02, KC0J, KC0N)1870474MPV1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.4 (FC0C, FC0B, FC0H, FC0M)1390554Box1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOO RapidD 55 1.9 (FC0D)1870404Box1997-2014
RENAULTKANGOO RapidD 65 1.9 (FC0E, FC02, FC0J, FC0N)1870474Box1997-2014
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1905554Estate1998-2000
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1868514Hatchback1998-2005
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1868514Estate1998-2005
RENAULTKANGOO1.9 dTi (KC0U)1870594MPV2000-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.9 dTi (FC0U)1870594Box2000-2014
CITROENXSARA1.4 i1360554Coupe1998-2005
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1868514Coupe1999-2005
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1905504Coupe1998-2000
CITROENXSARA1.6 16V1587804Estate2000-2005
RENAULTKANGOO1.6 16V1598704MPV2001-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.2 16V (KC03, KC05, KC06, KC0T, KC0W)1149554MPV2001-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.5 dCi (KC07)1461484MPV2001-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.2 16V (FC05)1149554Box2001-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.6 16V1598704Box2001-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.5 dCi (FC07, FC1R)1461484Box2001-2014
CITROENXSARA1.6 i1587654Coupe1998-2000
RENAULTKANGOO1.5 dCi (KC08, KC09)1461604MPV2002-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.5 dCi (FC1R)1461424Box2002-2014
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.5 dCi (FC08, FC09)1461604Box2003-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.5 dCi1461424MPV2003-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.6 16V bivalent1598604MPV2005-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.5 dCi1461504MPV2005-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.5 dCi1461624MPV2005-2014
CITROENXSARA1.9 D1905554Coupe1998-1999
RENAULTKANGOO1.6 (KW00, KW0Y)1598644MPV2008-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.6 16V1598784MPV2008-2014
RENAULTKANGOO1.9 RXED1870484MPV1999-2001
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.2 (FC1A)1149444Box1998-2001
RENAULTKANGOO Rapid1.9 D (FC0J)1870484Box1999-2003
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