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ELSTOCK 11-0702
Part Number(s):11-0702
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
DRI 711.520.702
TRISCAN 8510 16421
FORD 4 397 223
FORD 4 472 936
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Interchange Parts for ELSTOCK 11-0702
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
DRI 711.520.702 Steering DRI 711.520.702 Steering Direct Details»
TRW JRP764 Steering Gear TRW JRP764 Steering Gear Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8510 16421 Steering Gear TRISCAN 8510 16421 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 4 397 223 Steering Gear FORD 4 397 223 Steering Gear Direct Details»
GENERAL RICAMBI FO9040 Steering Gear GENERAL RICAMBI FO9040 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 4 472 936 Steering Gear FORD 4 472 936 Steering Gear Direct Details»
DELCO REMY DSR1295L Steering Gear DELCO REMY DSR1295L Steering Gear Direct Details»
ERA Benelux SR22190 Steering Gear ERA Benelux SR22190 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 1 336 677 Steering Gear FORD 1 336 677 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 2N1C-3200-AE Steering Gear FORD 2N1C-3200-AE Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 2N1C-3200-AC Steering Gear FORD 2N1C-3200-AC Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-AF Steering Gear FORD 2N11-3200-AF Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 4 452 242 Steering Gear FORD 4 452 242 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 1 465 895 Steering FORD 1 465 895 Steering Direct Details»
FORD 1 418 651 Steering FORD 1 418 651 Steering Direct Details»
FORD 1 631 685 Steering FORD 1 631 685 Steering Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-CA Steering Gear FORD 2N11-3200-CA Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-CB Steering FORD 2N11-3200-CB Steering Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-CC Steering FORD 2N11-3200-CC Steering Direct Details»
FORD 1 351 307 Steering FORD 1 351 307 Steering Direct Details»
FORD 1 352 973 Steering Gear FORD 1 352 973 Steering Gear Direct Details»
FORD 2N1C-3200-AD Steering Gear FORD 2N1C-3200-AD Steering Gear Direct Details»
FRIESEN QSRP1127 Steering FRIESEN QSRP1127 Steering Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-AC Steering FORD 2N11-3200-AC Steering Direct Details»
FORD 2N11-3200-AE Steering FORD 2N11-3200-AE Steering Direct Details»
FORD 1 465 892 Steering FORD 1 465 892 Steering Direct Details»
ZF LENKSYSTEME 8001583 Steering ZF LENKSYSTEME 8001583 Steering Direct Details»
ZF LENKSYSTEME 8501059 Steering ZF LENKSYSTEME 8501059 Steering Direct Details»
DRI-Exchange 711520702 Steering DRI-Exchange 711520702 Steering Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QSRP1127 Steering Gear QUINTON HAZELL QSRP1127 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
ZF Parts 8001 583 Steering Gear ZF Parts 8001 583 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
ZF Parts 8501 059 Steering Gear ZF Parts 8501 059 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
CARDONE 26G20259 Steering Gear CARDONE 26G20259 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
ERA Benelux SR23054 Steering Gear ERA Benelux SR23054 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
GENERAL RICAMBI FO9053 Steering Gear GENERAL RICAMBI FO9053 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
MAPCO 29611 Steering Gear MAPCO 29611 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
WAT AFR037 Steering Gear WAT AFR037 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
WAT AFR042 Steering Gear WAT AFR042 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 01.28.3160 Steering Gear LIZARTE 01.28.3160 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 52405 Steering Gear SPIDAN 52405 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
LENCO SGA905L Steering Gear LENCO SGA905L Steering Gear Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DA2906 Steering Gear DA SILVA DA2906 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DA2855 Steering Gear DA SILVA DA2855 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 52368 Steering Gear SPIDAN 52368 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
LENCO SGA868L Steering Gear LENCO SGA868L Steering Gear Indirect Details»
SASIC 7006174 Steering Gear SASIC 7006174 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
FORD 1 334 218 Steering Gear FORD 1 334 218 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
FORD 1 465 897 Steering Gear FORD 1 465 897 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
FORD 1 465 904 Steering Gear FORD 1 465 904 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
FORD 1611072 Steering Gear FORD 1611072 Steering Gear Indirect Details»
Application of ELSTOCK 11-0702
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDFIESTA V1.4 16V1388594Hatchback2001-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.4 TDCi1399504Hatchback2001-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.31299444Hatchback2001-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.31299514Hatchback2001-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.6 16V1596744Hatchback2001-2014
FORDFUSION1.4 TDCi1399504Estate2002-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.25 16V1242514Hatchback2003-2014
FORDFIESTA V1.25 16V1242554Hatchback2002-2014
FORDFUSION1.6 TDCi1560664Estate2004-2014
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