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DT Components UJ952
Brand:DT Components
Part Number(s):UJ952
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SKF 1-2185
Neapco 282116
Neapco 282185A
GMB 230-2116
GMB G5-2116X
Spicer-Dana 5-2116X
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Interchange Parts for DT Components UJ952
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SKF 1-2185 SKF 1-2185  Direct Details»
Neapco 282116 Neapco 282116  Direct Details»
Neapco 282185A Neapco 282185A  Direct Details»
GMB 230-2116 GMB 230-2116  Direct Details»
GMB G5-2116X GMB G5-2116X  Direct Details»
Spicer-Dana 5-2116X Spicer-Dana 5-2116X  Direct Details»
Neapco 1-2185 Neapco 1-2185  Direct Details»
TRW 20016 TRW 20016  Direct Details»
SKF 282116 SKF 282116  Direct Details»
SKF 282185A SKF 282185A  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2104 BorgWarner 114-2104  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2115 BorgWarner 114-2115  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2116 BorgWarner 114-2116  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2130 BorgWarner 114-2130  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2143 BorgWarner 114-2143  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2156 BorgWarner 114-2156  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2172 BorgWarner 114-2172  Direct Details»
BorgWarner 114-2206 BorgWarner 114-2206  Direct Details»
PERFECT CIRCLE 2116 PERFECT CIRCLE 2116  Direct Details»
Neapco 22230 Neapco 22230  Direct Details»
Spicer-Dana DT2116 Spicer-Dana DT2116  Direct Details»
McQuay-Norris U2116 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str McQuay-Norris U2116 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str Direct Details»
GMB MC2040 GMB MC2040  Direct Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 1-2185 CHICAGO RAWHIDE 1-2185  Direct Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 22230 CHICAGO RAWHIDE 22230  Direct Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 282116 CHICAGO RAWHIDE 282116  Direct Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 282185A CHICAGO RAWHIDE 282185A  Direct Details»
Precision Seals & Bearings UJ952 Precision Seals & Bearings UJ952  Indirect Details»
PRECISION 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str PRECISION 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str Indirect Details»
GMB G-2116 GMB G-2116  Indirect Details»
DT Components 710072 Wheel Seal DT Components 710072 Wheel Seal Indirect Details»
Precision Seals & Bearings 710072 Wheel Seal Precision Seals & Bearings 710072 Wheel Seal Indirect Details»
IHC 149318 IHC 149318  Indirect Details»
IHC 149318H1 IHC 149318H1  Indirect Details»
REPCO 1142104 REPCO 1142104  Indirect Details»
REPCO 1142110 REPCO 1142110  Indirect Details»
REPCO 1142116 REPCO 1142116  Indirect Details»
REPCO 1142143 REPCO 1142143  Indirect Details»
MOOG 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str MOOG 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str Indirect Details»
ALCO FILTER 1063 ALCO FILTER 1063  Indirect Details»
NATIONAL 710072 Front Wheel Seal NATIONAL 710072 Front Wheel Seal Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142104 BORG WARNER 1142104  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142115 BORG WARNER 1142115  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142116 BORG WARNER 1142116  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142130 BORG WARNER 1142130  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142143 BORG WARNER 1142143  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142156 BORG WARNER 1142156  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142170 BORG WARNER 1142170  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142172 BORG WARNER 1142172  Indirect Details»
BORG WARNER 1142185 BORG WARNER 1142185  Indirect Details»
Application of DT Components UJ952
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
NA NA NA       NA NA
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