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Part Number(s):5484
ProductName:Disc Brake Rotor
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
AIMCO 5484
BENDIX 141547
NAPA 86238
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Interchange Parts for QUALIS 5484
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
WAGNER BD125155 Rear Disc Brake Rotor WAGNER BD125155 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
BENDIX PRT1547 Disc Brake Rotor BENDIX PRT1547 Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
AIMCO 5484 Brake Disc AIMCO 5484 Brake Disc Direct Details»
RAYBESTOS 66238 Brake Disc RAYBESTOS 66238 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BENDIX 141547 Brake Disc BENDIX 141547 Brake Disc Direct Details»
NAPA 86238 Disc Brake Rotor NAPA 86238 Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
FORD F1VY2C026A Brake Disc FORD F1VY2C026A Brake Disc Direct Details»
FORD F1VY-2C026-B Disc Brake Rotor FORD F1VY-2C026-B Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
FORD F2AZ2C026A Brake Disc FORD F2AZ2C026A Brake Disc Direct Details»
VIPAR X50610 Disc Brake Rotor VIPAR X50610 Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
AUTOSPECIALTY AR-8132 Rear Disc Brake Rotor AUTOSPECIALTY AR-8132 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
PEP BOYS 5484G Disc Brake Rotor PEP BOYS 5484G Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
Winhere Brake 441052 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Winhere Brake 441052 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
BREMBO 08.7997.80 Brake Disc BREMBO 08.7997.80 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
OE F1VY-2C026-A Brake Disc OE F1VY-2C026-A Brake Disc Indirect Details»
OE F2AZ-2C026-A Brake Disc OE F2AZ-2C026-A Brake Disc Indirect Details»
ACDelco 18A485 Brake Disc ACDelco 18A485 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
CENTRIC 120.61032 Brake Disc CENTRIC 120.61032 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
CENTRIC 121.61032 Brake Disc CENTRIC 121.61032 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
ProMax 14-5484 Disc Brake Rotor ProMax 14-5484 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
RAYBESTOS 66238R Rear Disc Brake Rotor RAYBESTOS 66238R Rear Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 16678 Brake Disc A.B.S. 16678 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
DJPARTS BD1194 Brake Disc DJPARTS BD1194 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
FORD YW7Z-1V125-AA Disc Brake Rotor FORD YW7Z-1V125-AA Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
UNIVERSAL (BRAKE) 102840 Rear Disc Brake Rotor UNIVERSAL (BRAKE) 102840 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
GREN 636701 Disc Brake Rotor GREN 636701 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
CALIFORNIA DRUM & ROTOR 125155 Disc Brake Rotor CALIFORNIA DRUM & ROTOR 125155 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
ProMax 14-5475 Front Brake Rotor ProMax 14-5475 Front Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
DURA BR5484 Disc Brake Rotor DURA BR5484 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
AIMCO 65475 Disc Brake Rotor AIMCO 65475 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
AUTOSPECIALTY AR-8132E Disc Brake Rotor AUTOSPECIALTY AR-8132E Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
CARQUEST 5484 Rear Disc Brake Rotor CARQUEST 5484 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
GUARDIAN 52-125155 Disc Brake Rotor GUARDIAN 52-125155 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
NAPA 48-86238 Rear Disc Brake Rotor NAPA 48-86238 Rear Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
Application of QUALIS 5484
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORD CROWN VICTORIA All       Disc Brake Rotor - REAR 95-92
LINCOLN TOWN CAR All       Disc Brake Rotor - REAR 95-91
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS All       Disc Brake Rotor - REAR 95-92
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