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Part Number(s):1832
ProductName:Master Cylinder Brakes
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
METZGER 202-180
MAGNETI MARELLI 360219130082
ERA Benelux BC62818
ELSTOCK 82-0933-000
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Interchange Parts for Brake ENGINEERING 1832
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
DELPHI LM50053 Brake Master Cylinder DELPHI LM50053 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
DELPHI LC 7342 Brake Caliper DELPHI LC 7342 Brake Caliper Direct Details»
METZGER 202-180 Master Cylinder Brakes METZGER 202-180 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 360219130082 Brake Master Cylinder MAGNETI MARELLI 360219130082 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
ERA Benelux BC62818 Brake Caliper ERA Benelux BC62818 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 82-0933-000 Brake Caliper ELSTOCK 82-0933-000 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
CAR 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes CAR 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MGA MC2238 Master Cylinder Brakes MGA MC2238 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
CARDONE 388167 Brake Caliper CARDONE 388167 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
RHIAG 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes RHIAG 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
RHIAG NT5238 Master Cylinder Brakes RHIAG NT5238 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING CA1832 Brake Caliper Brake ENGINEERING CA1832 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING MC1408BE Master Cylinder Brakes Brake ENGINEERING MC1408BE Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING MC 1832 Master Cylinder Brakes Brake ENGINEERING MC 1832 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
APEC braking MCY 281 Master Cylinder Brakes APEC braking MCY 281 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 880558100 Brake Master Cylinder JP GROUP 880558100 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
KAGER 39-0146 Brake Master Cylinder KAGER 39-0146 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
UBD 54608 Brake Caliper UBD 54608 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
GIRLING 4005203 Master Cylinder Brakes GIRLING 4005203 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
KAWE 342818 Brake Caliper KAWE 342818 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
KAWE B1832 Master Cylinder Brakes KAWE B1832 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
fri.tech. PF161 Brake Master Cylinder fri.tech. PF161 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
sbs 13012147293 Brake Caliper sbs 13012147293 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
CIFAM 202-180 Brake Master Cylinder CIFAM 202-180 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 89052 Master Cylinder Brakes MALĘ░ 89052 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
WOKING C1020.21 Master Cylinder Brakes WOKING C1020.21 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
VILLAR 621.3456 Master Cylinder Brakes VILLAR 621.3456 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
SAMKO P10688 Master Cylinder Brakes SAMKO P10688 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
AUTOMEGA 01-1205580100-A Master Cylinder Brakes AUTOMEGA 01-1205580100-A Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
AUTOMEGA 01-3005580100-A Master Cylinder Brakes AUTOMEGA 01-3005580100-A Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
AUTOMEGA 3005580100 Brake Master Cylinder AUTOMEGA 3005580100 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
DA SILVA ET7395 Brake Caliper DA SILVA ET7395 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
fri.tech. PF161 Master Cylinder Brakes fri.tech. PF161 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MAXGEAR 41-0025 Master Cylinder Brakes MAXGEAR 41-0025 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FBM4274 Master Cylinder Brakes FIRST LINE FBM4274 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MOTAQUIP VMC 127 Master Cylinder Brakes MOTAQUIP VMC 127 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
DRI 31.9330.0000 Brake Caliper DRI 31.9330.0000 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
NUOVA TECNODELTA 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes NUOVA TECNODELTA 5238 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
HITEC H418250 Master Cylinder Brakes HITEC H418250 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
ABE C9X004ABE Master Cylinder Brakes ABE C9X004ABE Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
LUCAS 32967540 Brake Master Cylinder LUCAS 32967540 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
LUCAS PMF203 Brake Master Cylinder LUCAS PMF203 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
amk TCA2513 Brake Caliper amk TCA2513 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DC82818 Brake Caliper DELCO REMY DC82818 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
METELLI 05-0180 Brake Master Cylinder METELLI 05-0180 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
METELLI 20180 Master Cylinder Brakes METELLI 20180 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
METELLI 202-180 Master Cylinder Brakes METELLI 202-180 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
NK 2147169 Brake Caliper NK 2147169 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
NK 2147293 Brake Caliper NK 2147293 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
NK 823631 Brake Master Cylinder NK 823631 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
Application of Brake ENGINEERING 1832
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Hatchback1984-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Hatchback1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598604Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Hatchback1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Hatchback1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Hatchback1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Saloon1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598604Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Saloon1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Saloon1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Saloon1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Estate1984-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Estate1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Estate1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.61598604Estate1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Estate1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Estate1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Estate1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Convertible1986-1993
OPELVECTRA A1.6 i1598554Saloon1988-1990
OPELVECTRA A1.6 i CAT1598554Hatchback1988-1995
OPELVECTRA A1.61598604Saloon1988-1993
OPELVECTRA A1.6 S1598604Hatchback1988-1993
OPELVECTRA A1.8 S1796654Saloon1988-1989
OPELVECTRA A1.8 S1796654Hatchback1988-1989
OPELVECTRA A1.8 S 4x41796654Saloon1989-1989
OPELVECTRA A1.7 TD1686604Hatchback1990-1995
OPELVECTRA A1.7 D1700424Hatchback1988-1992
OPELVECTRA A1.7 D1700424Saloon1988-1992
OPELVECTRA A1.8 i CAT1796664Saloon1990-1995
OPELVECTRA A1.8 i CAT1796664Hatchback1990-1995
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598604Convertible1989-1993
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.21196444Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.31297554Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.31297554Estate1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.61598604Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.61598604Estate1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.6 D1598404Hatchback1984-1989
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.6 D1598404Estate1984-1989
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.7 D1699424Hatchback1989-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.8 GTE1796824Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II2.0 GTE1998954Hatchback1986-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.31297554Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.61598664Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.6 D1598404Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.8 i1796854Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLCAVALIER Mk III1.61598604Saloon1988-1993
VAUXHALLCAVALIER Mk III1.81796664Saloon1988-1995
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Hatchback1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Saloon1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Convertible1987-1993
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Estate1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Estate1986-1991
OPELVECTRA A1.6 i CAT1598554Saloon1988-1995
OPELVECTRA A1.8 S1796664Saloon1989-1990
OPELVECTRA A1.8 i1796664Hatchback1988-1990
OPELKADETT E Combo1.61598604Box1986-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.6 D1598404Box1986-1989
OPELKADETT E Combo1.7 D1700424Box1989-1994
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.81796824Saloon1986-1990
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.4 S1389554Estate1989-1991
VAUXHALLCAVALIER Mk III1.61598604Hatchback1988-1993
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Hatchback1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Saloon1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Estate1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Box1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Box1988-1992
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.6 i1598604Convertible1987-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II2.0 i1998854Convertible1987-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.7 D1699424Estate1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Convertible1990-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.7 D1699424Saloon1989-1991
VAUXHALLCAVALIER Mk III1.6 i1598554Saloon1988-1995
OPELVECTRA A1.4 S1389554Hatchback1988-1992
OPELVECTRA A1.4 S1389554Saloon1988-1992
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Convertible1990-1993
OPELKADETT E1.61598754Saloon1987-1991
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