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Part Number(s):30624
ProductName:Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SWAG 40 93 0624
VAICO V40-0281
OPEL 03 50 086
AUTOMEGA 3003500086
TOPRAN 205 467
OPEL 3 50 086
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Interchange Parts for FEBI BILSTEIN 30624
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SWAG 40 93 0624 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit SWAG 40 93 0624 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
VAICO V40-0281 Stabilizer Bushing VAICO V40-0281 Stabilizer Bushing Direct Details»
OPEL 03 50 086 Stabilizer Bushing OPEL 03 50 086 Stabilizer Bushing Direct Details»
AUTOMEGA 3003500086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit AUTOMEGA 3003500086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
TOPRAN 205 467 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit TOPRAN 205 467 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
OPEL 3 50 086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit OPEL 3 50 086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
JP GROUP 880350086 Stabilizer Bushing JP GROUP 880350086 Stabilizer Bushing Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL EMB7166 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit QUINTON HAZELL EMB7166 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 09191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit GENERAL MOTORS 09191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
VEMO V40-0281 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit VEMO V40-0281 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 9191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit GENERAL MOTORS 9191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
VAUXHALL 09191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit VAUXHALL 09191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
OPEL 09191649 Stabilizer Bushing OPEL 09191649 Stabilizer Bushing Indirect Details»
AUTOMEGA 1103500086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit AUTOMEGA 1103500086 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 1240601200 Stabilizer Bush JP GROUP 1240601200 Stabilizer Bush Indirect Details»
OPEL 9191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit OPEL 9191649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 9 191 649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit VAUXHALL 9 191 649 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
INDELDIS KX 7 SB10180 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit INDELDIS KX 7 SB10180 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
VAICO 40-0281 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit VAICO 40-0281 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
Application of FEBI BILSTEIN 30624
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Hatchback1995-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.7 TD1686604Hatchback1995-1998
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.7 TD1686604Saloon1995-1998
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Saloon1996-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Hatchback1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Estate1996-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Estate1996-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i1598554Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796854Saloon1995-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 i 16V19981004Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i V624981256Saloon1995-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.7 TD1686604Saloon1995-1996
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 DI 16V1995604Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i1598554Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796854Hatchback1995-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 i 16V19981004Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i V624981256Hatchback1995-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.7 TD1686604Hatchback1995-1996
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 Di 16V1995604Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i1598554Estate1996-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.6 i 16V1598744Estate1996-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796854Estate1996-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 i 16V19981004Estate1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 DI 16V1995604Estate1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i V624981256Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DTI 16V1995744Saloon1997-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DTI 16V1995744Hatchback1997-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DTI 16V1995744Estate1997-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1799854Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1799854Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA Bi 500 2.524981436Saloon1998-2000
OPELVECTRA Bi 500 2.524981436Estate1998-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1799854Saloon1995-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 DTi 16V1995744Hatchback1997-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 DTI 16V1995744Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.0 DTI 16V1995744Estate1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i GSi24981436Saloon1998-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i GSi24981436Hatchback1998-2000
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.5 i GSi24981436Estate1998-1999
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Estate2000-2003
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796924Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796924Saloon2000-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA1.8 i 16V1796924Estate2000-2014
OPELVECTRA B2.2 DTI 16V2172924Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.2 DTI 16V2172924Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.2 DTI 16V2172924Estate2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Hatchback2000-2003
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 DTI 16V2172924Hatchback1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 DTI 16V2172924Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 DTI 16V2172924Estate1995-2001
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Estate2000-2003
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Estate1995-2001
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Estate2000-2003
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.6 i V625971256Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.6 i V625971256Saloon2000-2002
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.6 i V625971256Estate2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Hatchback1995-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i1998824Hatchback1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i1998824Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i1998824Estate1996-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 GL1598604Saloon1995-1996
OPELVECTRA B2.524981446Hatchback1999-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.7 TD1686604Estate1996-1997
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