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Part Number(s):30753
ProductName:Fuel filter
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SWAG 30 93 0753
VAICO V10-7509
FRAM G10214
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Interchange Parts for FEBI BILSTEIN 30753
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SWAG 30 93 0753 Fuel filter SWAG 30 93 0753 Fuel filter Direct Details»
VAICO V10-7509 Fuel Filter VAICO V10-7509 Fuel Filter Direct Details»
MANN-FILTER WK 720/3 Fuel Filter MANN-FILTER WK 720/3 Fuel Filter Direct Details»
PURFLUX EP205 Fuel Filter PURFLUX EP205 Fuel Filter Direct Details»
HENGST FILTER H225WK Fuel Filter HENGST FILTER H225WK Fuel Filter Direct Details»
FRAM G10214 Fuel Filter FRAM G10214 Fuel Filter Direct Details»
MECAFILTER ELE6113 Fuel filter MECAFILTER ELE6113 Fuel filter Direct Details»
FILTRON PP 836/5 Fuel filter FILTRON PP 836/5 Fuel filter Direct Details»
BOSCH F 026 403 003 Fuel filter BOSCH F 026 403 003 Fuel filter Direct Details»
WIX FILTERS WF8324 Fuel filter WIX FILTERS WF8324 Fuel filter Direct Details»
MULLER FILTER FB292 Fuel filter MULLER FILTER FB292 Fuel filter Direct Details»
AUDI 4F0 201 511 B Fuel Filter AUDI 4F0 201 511 B Fuel Filter Direct Details»
AUDI 4F0 201 511 D Fuel Filter AUDI 4F0 201 511 D Fuel Filter Direct Details»
KNECHT KL 570 Fuel filter KNECHT KL 570 Fuel filter Direct Details»
MAHLE FILTER KL 570 Fuel filter MAHLE FILTER KL 570 Fuel filter Direct Details»
CHAMPION L 471 Fuel filter CHAMPION L 471 Fuel filter Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL WF8324 Fuel filter QUINTON HAZELL WF8324 Fuel filter Direct Details»
JP GROUP 201560002 Fuel filter JP GROUP 201560002 Fuel filter Direct Details»
AUDI 4F0 201 511 Fuel filter AUDI 4F0 201 511 Fuel filter Direct Details»
VEMO V10-7509 Fuel filter VEMO V10-7509 Fuel filter Direct Details»
KNECHT 70364452 Fuel filter KNECHT 70364452 Fuel filter Direct Details»
MAHLE FILTER 70364453 Fuel filter MAHLE FILTER 70364453 Fuel filter Direct Details»
MAHLE FILTER KL 57 Fuel filter MAHLE FILTER KL 57 Fuel filter Direct Details»
TECNOCAR B79 Fuel Filter TECNOCAR B79 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
UFI 31.830.00 Fuel Filter UFI 31.830.00 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
SOFIMA S 1830 B Fuel filter SOFIMA S 1830 B Fuel filter Indirect Details»
P.B.R. AG-6137 Fuel Filter P.B.R. AG-6137 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
COMLINE EFF154 Fuel filter COMLINE EFF154 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
FIAAM FT5847 Fuel Filter FIAAM FT5847 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
ALCO FILTER SP-2151 Fuel filter ALCO FILTER SP-2151 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
MEAT & DORIA 4817 Fuel filter MEAT & DORIA 4817 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
SCT Germany ST 6084 Fuel filter SCT Germany ST 6084 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
COOPERSFIAAM FILTERS FT5847 Fuel filter COOPERSFIAAM FILTERS FT5847 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
COOPERS FIG 7110 Fuel filter COOPERS FIG 7110 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
HOFFER 4817 Fuel filter HOFFER 4817 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
VW 4F0 201 511 B Fuel filter VW 4F0 201 511 B Fuel filter Indirect Details»
VAG 4F0 201 511 B Fuel filter VAG 4F0 201 511 B Fuel filter Indirect Details»
CHAMPION L471/606 Fuel filter CHAMPION L471/606 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
VAG 4F0 201 511 D Fuel filter VAG 4F0 201 511 D Fuel filter Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 154703644530 Fuel filter MAGNETI MARELLI 154703644530 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
A.L. FILTER ALG-2343 Fuel filter A.L. FILTER ALG-2343 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
MAHLE ORIGINAL KL 570 Fuel filter MAHLE ORIGINAL KL 570 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
VW 4F0 201 511 D Fuel filter VW 4F0 201 511 D Fuel filter Indirect Details»
KAYSER-FILTER AK 11 FD Fuel filter KAYSER-FILTER AK 11 FD Fuel filter Indirect Details»
KOLBENSCHMIDT 50013975 Fuel filter KOLBENSCHMIDT 50013975 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
CROSLAND 6852 Fuel filter CROSLAND 6852 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
IMC 092 54045 045 Fuel Filter IMC 092 54045 045 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
IMC 092 54045 058 Fuel Filter IMC 092 54045 058 Fuel Filter Indirect Details»
VAG 4F0 201 511 C Fuel filter VAG 4F0 201 511 C Fuel filter Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 150020007900 Fuel filter MAGNETI MARELLI 150020007900 Fuel filter Indirect Details»
Application of FEBI BILSTEIN 30753
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDIA41.8 T17811104Saloon2000-2002
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811104Saloon2000-2002
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T17811104Estate2001-2002
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811104Estate2001-2002
AUDIA41.8 T17811204Saloon2002-2004
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811204Saloon2002-2004
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T17811204Estate2002-2004
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811204Estate2002-2004
AUDIA41.8 T17811204Convertible2002-2009
AUDIA41.8 T17811404Saloon2002-2004
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811404Saloon2002-2004
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T17811404Estate2002-2004
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811404Estate2002-2004
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811204Convertible2003-2009
AUDIA64.2 quattro41632468Saloon2004-2006
AUDIA41.8 T17811254Saloon2001-2004
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811254Saloon2001-2004
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811254Estate2001-2004
AUDIA41.8 T17811204Saloon2004-2008
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811204Saloon2004-2008
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T17811204Estate2004-2008
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811204Estate2004-2008
AUDIA62.4 quattro23931306Saloon2005-2008
AUDIA6 Avant4.2 quattro41632468Estate2005-2011
AUDIA6 Avant2.423931306Estate2005-2008
AUDIA6 Avant2.4 quattro23931306Estate2005-2008
AUDIA63.0 quattro29761606Saloon2004-2006
AUDIA6 Avant3.0 quattro29761606Estate2005-2006
AUDIA62.8 FSI27731406Saloon2008-2011
AUDIA62.8 FSI quattro27731406Saloon2008-2011
AUDIA62.8 FSI quattro27731626Saloon2008-2011
AUDIA62.8 FSI27731626Saloon2008-2011
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 FSI27731406Estate2008-2011
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 FSI27731626Estate2008-2011
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 FSI quattro27731406Estate2008-2011
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 FSI quattro27731626Estate2008-2011
AUDIA6 Avant3.029761606Estate2005-2006
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