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Part Number(s):3094
ProductName:Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SWAG 40 61 0014
MAXGEAR 72-0065
OPEL 03 50 112
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Interchange Parts for FEBI BILSTEIN 3094
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SWAG 40 61 0014 Stabilizer Bushing SWAG 40 61 0014 Stabilizer Bushing Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 03094 Stabilizer Bushing FEBI BILSTEIN 03094 Stabilizer Bushing Direct Details»
FORTUNE LINE FZ9449 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit FORTUNE LINE FZ9449 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 72-0065 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit MAXGEAR 72-0065 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Direct Details»
OPTIMAL F8-5143 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit OPTIMAL F8-5143 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
OPEL 03 50 112 Stabilizer Bushing OPEL 03 50 112 Stabilizer Bushing Indirect Details»
OPEL 3 50 112 Stabilizer Bush OPEL 3 50 112 Stabilizer Bush Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 24827 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit TRISCAN 8500 24827 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL EMB1982 Stabilizer Bushing QUINTON HAZELL EMB1982 Stabilizer Bushing Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 90 216 574 Stabilizer Bush VAUXHALL 90 216 574 Stabilizer Bush Indirect Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 90216574 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit GENERAL MOTORS 90216574 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
METZGER WM-G 673 Stabilizer Bush METZGER WM-G 673 Stabilizer Bush Indirect Details»
TOPRAN 200 454 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit TOPRAN 200 454 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
METZGER 52048208 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit METZGER 52048208 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
OPEL 90216574 Stabilizer Bushing OPEL 90216574 Stabilizer Bushing Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL EM1982 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit QUINTON HAZELL EM1982 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
MOOG OP-SB-6630 Stabilizer Bush MOOG OP-SB-6630 Stabilizer Bush Indirect Details»
MONROE L24827 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit MONROE L24827 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
BIRTH 4287 Stabilizer Bushing BIRTH 4287 Stabilizer Bushing Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 880 350 112 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit JP GROUP 880 350 112 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 23746 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit MALĘ░ 23746 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 30380 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 30380 Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
FLENNOR FL4032-J Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit FLENNOR FL4032-J Anti-roll Bar Bush Kit Indirect Details»
Application of FEBI BILSTEIN 3094
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELKADETT E1.21196404Hatchback1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Hatchback1984-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 S1297554Hatchback1984-1987
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Hatchback1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598604Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598664Hatchback1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.8 S1796624Hatchback1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 E1796744Hatchback1985-1986
OPELKADETT E1.8 GSI1796854Hatchback1984-1986
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSI1998854Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSI1998954Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Hatchback1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Hatchback1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Hatchback1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796664Hatchback1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.21196404Saloon1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Saloon1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.3 S1297554Saloon1984-1987
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Saloon1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598604Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598664Saloon1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.8 S1798624Saloon1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796744Saloon1985-1986
OPELKADETT E2.0 i1998854Saloon1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Saloon1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Saloon1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Saloon1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796664Saloon1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.21196404Estate1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Estate1984-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 S1297554Estate1984-1987
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Estate1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Estate1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.61598604Estate1986-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 S1598664Estate1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.8 S1796624Estate1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 E1796744Estate1985-1986
OPELKADETT E2.0 i1998854Estate1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Estate1984-1989
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Estate1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Estate1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796664Estate1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Convertible1986-1993
OPELKADETT E2.0 i1998854Convertible1986-1993
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598604Convertible1989-1993
OPELKADETT E1.3 S1297554Convertible1987-1993
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.21196444Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.31297554Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.21196444Estate1984-1988
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.31297554Estate1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.4 S1389554Hatchback1990-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.61598604Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.61598604Estate1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.6 D1598404Estate1984-1989
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.7 D1699424Hatchback1989-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.8 GTE1796824Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II2.0 GTE1998954Hatchback1986-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II2.0 GTE 16V19981154Hatchback1988-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.31297554Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.61598664Saloon1985-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.8 i1796854Saloon1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Hatchback1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSI CAT1998854Hatchback1986-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSI 16V CAT19981104Hatchback1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Saloon1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Saloon1986-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 i CAT1998854Saloon1987-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Convertible1987-1993
OPELKADETT E2.0 i CAT1998854Convertible1986-1993
OPELKADETT E1.3 i CAT1297444Estate1985-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 i CAT1598554Estate1986-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 i CAT1998854Estate1987-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.3 N1297444Box1986-1989
OPELKADETT E Combo1.3 S1297554Box1986-1989
OPELKADETT E Combo1.61598604Box1986-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.6 D1598404Box1986-1989
OPELKADETT E Combo1.7 D1700424Box1989-1994
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.5 DT1499534Saloon1987-1989
OPELKADETT E1.81796844Saloon1987-1990
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.4 S1389554Estate1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Hatchback1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Saloon1988-1991
OPELKADETT E1.5 TD1488534Estate1988-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.4 S1389554Box1989-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.6 i1598554Box1991-1994
OPELKADETT E Combo1.4 i1389444Box1991-1994
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSI 16V19981154Hatchback1987-1991
OPELKADETT E Combo1.7 D1700444Box1992-1994
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Box1990-1991
OPELKADETT E1.6 D1598404Box1984-1988
OPELKADETT E1.7 D1700424Box1988-1992
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796854Saloon1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.8 i1796854Estate1984-1986
OPELKADETT E1.6 i1598554Box1989-1993
OPELKADETT E1.3 N1297444Box1984-1989
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.4 i1389444Hatchback1990-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.6 i1598604Convertible1987-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II2.0 i1998854Convertible1987-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.7 D1699424Estate1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 i1389444Convertible1990-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II Belmont1.7 D1699424Saloon1989-1991
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389554Convertible1990-1993
OPELKADETT E1.4 S1389604Hatchback1989-1991
OPELKADETT E2.0 GSi19981154Convertible1990-1992
OPELKADETT E2.019981104Convertible1990-1992
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.21196404Hatchback1984-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.91998854Hatchback1986-1991
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk II1.31297514Estate1984-1991
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