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Part Number(s):30985
ProductName:Link Stabiliser
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
NISSAN 54668-JD00A
SWAG 82 93 0985
TRISCAN 8500 10630
MEYLE 36-16 060 0046
MALĘ░ 501881
SIDEM 41364
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Interchange Parts for FEBI BILSTEIN 30985
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
NISSAN 54668-JD00A Stabilizer Link NISSAN 54668-JD00A Stabilizer Link Direct Details»
SWAG 82 93 0985 Link Stabiliser SWAG 82 93 0985 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 10630 Link Stabiliser TRISCAN 8500 10630 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
MEYLE 36-16 060 0046 Link Stabiliser MEYLE 36-16 060 0046 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
MALĘ░ 501881 Link Stabiliser MALĘ░ 501881 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
SIDEM 41364 Link Stabiliser SIDEM 41364 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QLS 3550S Link Stabiliser QUINTON HAZELL QLS 3550S Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4961041 Link Stabiliser HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4961041 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
DELPHI TC 2165 Link Stabiliser DELPHI TC 2165 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
NISSAN 54668-1AA0A Stabilizer Link NISSAN 54668-1AA0A Stabilizer Link Direct Details»
OPTIMAL G7-1302 Link Stabiliser OPTIMAL G7-1302 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
NIPPARTS N4961032 Link Stabiliser NIPPARTS N4961032 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
SPIDAN 50302 Link Stabiliser SPIDAN 50302 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
DITAS A2-5946 Link Stabiliser DITAS A2-5946 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
MOOG NI-LS-7227 Link Stabiliser MOOG NI-LS-7227 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
KAVO PARTS SLS-6543 Link Stabiliser KAVO PARTS SLS-6543 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
METZGER D-513 Stabilizer Link METZGER D-513 Stabilizer Link Direct Details»
RENAULT 54 66 8JD 00A Link Stabiliser RENAULT 54 66 8JD 00A Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
METZGER 53018011 Link Stabiliser METZGER 53018011 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
BENDIX 042693B Link Stabiliser BENDIX 042693B Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
VAICO V38-9595 Link Stabiliser VAICO V38-9595 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
SASIC 2304010 Link Stabiliser SASIC 2304010 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
FIRST LINE FDL 7105 Link Stabiliser FIRST LINE FDL 7105 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
FLENNOR FL0291-H Link Stabiliser FLENNOR FL0291-H Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
A.B.S. 260642 Link Stabiliser A.B.S. 260642 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
FAI AutoParts SS 2780 Link Stabiliser FAI AutoParts SS 2780 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
MONROE L10630 Link Stabiliser MONROE L10630 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
OPTIMAL G7-1382 Link Stabiliser OPTIMAL G7-1382 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
VEMO V38-9595 Link Stabiliser VEMO V38-9595 Link Stabiliser Direct Details»
BLUE PRINT ADN18587 Link Stabiliser BLUE PRINT ADN18587 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 34800 01 Link Stabiliser LEMFORDER 34800 01 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
JAPANPARTS SI-132 Trailing Arm JAPANPARTS SI-132 Trailing Arm Indirect Details»
KAGER 85-0780 Link Stabiliser KAGER 85-0780 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 1488-2301 Link Stabiliser ASHUKI 1488-2301 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
MGA SA8351 Link Stabiliser MGA SA8351 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
ASHIKA 106-01-132 Trailing Arm ASHIKA 106-01-132 Trailing Arm Indirect Details»
FRAP 4086 Link Stabiliser FRAP 4086 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
JAPKO 106132 Trailing Arm JAPKO 106132 Trailing Arm Indirect Details»
BORG & BECK BDL7105 Link Stabiliser BORG & BECK BDL7105 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
VEMA 26227 Link Stabiliser VEMA 26227 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
DJPARTS DL1347 Link Stabiliser DJPARTS DL1347 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
MOOG K750268 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit MOOG K750268 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit Indirect Details»
TRW 18750268 Stabilizer Link TRW 18750268 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
KAMOKA 9941364 Link Stabiliser KAMOKA 9941364 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
RENAULT 54668-1AA0A Link Stabiliser RENAULT 54668-1AA0A Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 50302 Link Stabiliser SPIDAN 50302 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 260642 Link Stabiliser A.B.S. 260642 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL G7-1122 Link Stabiliser OPTIMAL G7-1122 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
STARMANN SS-82413 Link Stabiliser STARMANN SS-82413 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
REDAELLI RICAMBI D513 Link Stabiliser REDAELLI RICAMBI D513 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
Application of FEBI BILSTEIN 30985
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
NISSANX-TRAIL2.0 dCi FWD19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS1.61598864Closed Off-Road Vehicle2010-2014
NISSANDUALIS1.61598844Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS2.019971034Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS19971034Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS1.5 dCi1461784Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS2.0 dCi19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS2.0 dCi All-wheel Drive19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL2.0 dCi19951274Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL2.019971044Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL2.0 dCi19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL24881244Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL2.0 FWD19971044Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
RENAULTKOLEOS2.0 dCi (HY0K)19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
RENAULTKOLEOS2.0 dCi 4x4 (HY0K)19951104Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
RENAULTKOLEOS2.0 dCi 4x4 (HY0B)19951274Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
RENAULTKOLEOS2.5 (HY0C)24881264Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
RENAULTKOLEOS2.5 4x4 (HY0C, HY0N)24881264Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
NISSANX-TRAIL2.019981034Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
NISSANMURANO3.5 4x434981886Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
NISSANMURANO3.534981956Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANMURANO34981956Closed Off-Road Vehicle2007-2014
NISSANDUALIS1.5 dCi1461764Closed Off-Road Vehicle2008-2014
NISSANMAXIMA II3.534981836Saloon2008-2014
NISSANMAXIMA II2.524961346Saloon2008-2014
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