BECK/ARNLEY 156-4426
Part Number(s):156-4426
ProductName:Oxygen Sensor
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
APW AP4-430
BMW 11 78 1 433 071
ACDelco 213-3097
WALKER 250-24516
ACDelco 213-1472
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Interchange Parts for BECK/ARNLEY 156-4426
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
KNX O2 SENSORS KN4-430 Oxygen Sensor KNX O2 SENSORS KN4-430 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
APW AP4-430 Oxygen Sensor APW AP4-430 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
BMW 11 78 1 433 071 Lambda Sensor BMW 11 78 1 433 071 Lambda Sensor Direct Details»
ACDelco 213-3097 Oxygen Sensor ACDelco 213-3097 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
WALKER 250-24516 Oxygen Sensor WALKER 250-24516 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
ACDelco 213-1472 Oxygen Sensor ACDelco 213-1472 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
NGK 25045 Oxygen Sensor NGK 25045 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
WELLS SU5712 Sensor WELLS SU5712 Sensor Direct Details»
ALTROM RB13884 Oxygen Sensor ALTROM RB13884 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
AUTOPART INTERNATIONAL 11716 Oxygen Sensor AUTOPART INTERNATIONAL 11716 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
AUTOPART INTERNATIONAL WKK25024516 Oxygen Sensor AUTOPART INTERNATIONAL WKK25024516 Oxygen Sensor Direct Details»
AIRTEX 5S1499 Sensor AIRTEX 5S1499 Sensor Direct Details»
AutoZone 234-4785 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 234-4785 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DENSO 234-4785 Oxygen Sensor DENSO 234-4785 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3082 Sensor AIRTEX 5S3082 Sensor Indirect Details»
BOSCH 13761 Oxygen Sensor BOSCH 13761 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
CARQUEST 75-3369 Oxygen Sensor CARQUEST 75-3369 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
NTK 25045 Oxygen Sensor NTK 25045 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 25045 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 25045 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
MIGHTY 691673 Oxygen Sensor MIGHTY 691673 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone ES10918 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone ES10918 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3034 Oxygen Sensor AIRTEX 5S3034 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3054 Oxygen Sensor AIRTEX 5S3054 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3055 Oxygen Sensor AIRTEX 5S3055 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3056 Oxygen Sensor AIRTEX 5S3056 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3399 Sensor AIRTEX 5S3399 Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3402 Sensor AIRTEX 5S3402 Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S3421 Sensor AIRTEX 5S3421 Sensor Indirect Details»
ACDelco 213-1499 Oxygen Sensor ACDelco 213-1499 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
MTE-THOMSON 7853.40.045 Lambda Sensor MTE-THOMSON 7853.40.045 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
VEMO V20-76-0053 Lambda Sensor VEMO V20-76-0053 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 13761 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 13761 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10918 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10918 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10918-11B1 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10918-11B1 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
CALORSTAT by Vernet LS140583 Lambda Sensor CALORSTAT by Vernet LS140583 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI TS10154 Sensor DELPHI TS10154 Sensor Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 460001974010 Lambda Sensor MAGNETI MARELLI 460001974010 Lambda Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 2344134 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 2344134 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 234-4172 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 234-4172 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 234-4174 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 234-4174 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 234-4671 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 234-4671 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone 234-4683 Oxygen Sensor AutoZone 234-4683 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DENSO 234-4172 Oxygen Sensor DENSO 234-4172 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DENSO 234-4174 Oxygen Sensor DENSO 234-4174 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DENSO 234-4671 Oxygen Sensor DENSO 234-4671 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DENSO 234-4683 Oxygen Sensor DENSO 234-4683 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10353 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10353 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10353-11B1 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10353-11B1 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10358 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10358 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
DELPHI ES10358-11B1 Oxygen Sensor DELPHI ES10358-11B1 Oxygen Sensor Indirect Details»
Application of BECK/ARNLEY 156-4426
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
NA NA NA       NA NA
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