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ALLOY 1008
Part Number(s):1008
ProductName:Universal Joint, Trunion
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
ACDelco 45U0100
McQuay-Norris U1513
GMB 220-0009
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Interchange Parts for ALLOY 1008
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
ACDelco 45U0100 Universal Joint ACDelco 45U0100 Universal Joint Direct Details»
McQuay-Norris U1513 Universal Joint, Trunion McQuay-Norris U1513 Universal Joint, Trunion Direct Details»
GMB 220-0009 Universal Joint GMB 220-0009 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
GMB GUMZ-9 Propshaft Joint GMB GUMZ-9 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 1020486 Universal Joint, Trunion BECK/ARNLEY 1020486 Universal Joint, Trunion Indirect Details»
RAYBESTOS 51513X Universal Joint RAYBESTOS 51513X Universal Joint Indirect Details»
MOOG 386 Universal Joint MOOG 386 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Precision Universal 386 Universal Joint Precision Universal 386 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
DT Components UJ386 Universal Joint DT Components UJ386 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Precision Seals & Bearings UJ386 Universal Joint Precision Seals & Bearings UJ386 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
PRECISION 386 Universal Joint PRECISION 386 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Neapco 1-1608 Universal Joint Neapco 1-1608 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Neapco 281608 Universal Joint Neapco 281608 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
PTC PT1622 Universal Joint PTC PT1622 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
KIA 0K011-25-060 Cross Spider KIA 0K011-25-060 Cross Spider Indirect Details»
KIA 0N010-25-060A Propshaft Joint KIA 0N010-25-060A Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
PROTON 1513 Universal Joint PROTON 1513 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
TRW 20218 Universal Joint TRW 20218 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
ALLOY 41008 Universal Joint ALLOY 41008 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
CEW 4668002 Universal Joint CEW 4668002 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
PRECISION 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str PRECISION 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str Indirect Details»
INTERNATIONAL PARTS SERVICE 99009 Universal Joint INTERNATIONAL PARTS SERVICE 99009 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
DANA 51513X Universal Joint DANA 51513X Universal Joint Indirect Details»
MOOG 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str MOOG 318-10 Universal Joint, Clamp/Str Indirect Details»
REPCO 1011140 Universal Joint REPCO 1011140 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPCO RUJ2049 Universal Joint REPCO RUJ2049 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 1020338 Universal Joint BECK/ARNLEY 1020338 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
SKF U0183 Universal Joint SKF U0183 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
FLEETRITE ZAD281608 Universal Joint, Trunion FLEETRITE ZAD281608 Universal Joint, Trunion Indirect Details»
LAZORLITE L821055 Universal Joint LAZORLITE L821055 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NAPA 1513 Trans/Hyd/Power Steering/Torque Conv NAPA 1513 Trans/Hyd/Power Steering/Torque Conv Indirect Details»
PARTS MASTER 386PM Driveshaft U-Joint PARTS MASTER 386PM Driveshaft U-Joint Indirect Details»
PRONTO PT1622 Universal Joint PRONTO PT1622 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPUBLIC PARTS 1008 Universal Joint, Trunion REPUBLIC PARTS 1008 Universal Joint, Trunion Indirect Details»
ROCKFORD K1513 Universal Joint ROCKFORD K1513 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
SEALED POWER 838-1622 Universal Joint, Trunion SEALED POWER 838-1622 Universal Joint, Trunion Indirect Details»
VERA 5900345 Universal Joint VERA 5900345 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
GM 89029282 Universal Joint GM 89029282 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 1757-89-251 Propshaft Joint MAZDA 1757-89-251 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 8AU1-34-540 Ball Joint MAZDA 8AU1-34-540 Ball Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 8AU2-34-510 Ball Joint MAZDA 8AU2-34-510 Ball Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 8AU334210 Universal Joint MAZDA 8AU334210 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 8AU3-34-510 Ball Joint MAZDA 8AU3-34-510 Ball Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA 8BS1-25-060 Propshaft Joint MAZDA 8BS1-25-060 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
MAZDA N09089251 Universal Joint MAZDA N09089251 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
WORLD PARTS W49131 Universal Joint WORLD PARTS W49131 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
BAP/GEON 4201101 Universal Joint BAP/GEON 4201101 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Application of ALLOY 1008
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
KIA SPORTAGE All       Universal Joint - 02-95
MAZDA B2600 All       Universal Joint - 93-87
MAZDA COSMO All       Universal Joint - 78-76
MAZDA MPV All       Universal Joint - 95-89
MAZDA RX-4 All       Universal Joint - 78-74
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