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ALLOY 1248
Part Number(s):1248
ProductName:Seal, Camshaft
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
VICTOR 66780
AutoZone 66780
AutoZone TCS 45851
AutoZone TS12135
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Interchange Parts for ALLOY 1248
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
VICTOR 66780 Seal, Camshaft VICTOR 66780 Seal, Camshaft Direct Details»
AutoZone 66780 Seal, Camshaft AutoZone 66780 Seal, Camshaft Direct Details»
AutoZone TCS 45851 Seal, Camshaft AutoZone TCS 45851 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
AutoZone TS12135 Seal, Camshaft AutoZone TS12135 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
DNJ CS326 Seal, Camshaft DNJ CS326 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 11615 Seal, Camshaft CHICAGO RAWHIDE 11615 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE 550192 Seal, Camshaft CHICAGO RAWHIDE 550192 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
WORLDPAC A808048536 Seal, Camshaft WORLDPAC A808048536 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
ALTROM 2117114 Seal, Camshaft ALTROM 2117114 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
ALLOY 1227 Seal, Camshaft ALLOY 1227 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
JOHN DEERE E55938 Seal, Camshaft JOHN DEERE E55938 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
ROL TS12135 Seal, Camshaft ROL TS12135 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
NOK AB1679G0 Seal NOK AB1679G0 Seal Indirect Details»
NOK AB1682E0 Seal NOK AB1682E0 Seal Indirect Details»
NOK AC1679A0 Seal NOK AC1679A0 Seal Indirect Details»
NOK AC1682E0 Seal NOK AC1682E0 Seal Indirect Details»
NOK AE1679A Seal NOK AE1679A Seal Indirect Details»
NOK AE1679A0 Seal NOK AE1679A0 Seal Indirect Details»
Fel-Pro TCS 45782 Camshaft Seal Set Fel-Pro TCS 45782 Camshaft Seal Set Indirect Details»
Fel-Pro TCS 45851 Camshaft Seal Set Fel-Pro TCS 45851 Camshaft Seal Set Indirect Details»
NOK AE1679T Seal NOK AE1679T Seal Indirect Details»
STEFA 30X45X08BB Seal STEFA 30X45X08BB Seal Indirect Details»
STEFA 30X45X08CB Seal STEFA 30X45X08CB Seal Indirect Details»
NICE BB294510 Seal, Camshaft NICE BB294510 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
NICE BB304508 Seal, Camshaft NICE BB304508 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 052-3423 Engine Camshaft Seal BECK/ARNLEY 052-3423 Engine Camshaft Seal Indirect Details»
YANMAR 194210-13590 Seal, Camshaft YANMAR 194210-13590 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
REPCO 211-1041 Seal REPCO 211-1041 Seal Indirect Details»
REPCO P2117 Seal REPCO P2117 Seal Indirect Details»
REPCO P4534 Seal REPCO P4534 Seal Indirect Details»
AJUSA 15008800 Shaft Seal, camshaft AJUSA 15008800 Shaft Seal, camshaft Indirect Details»
CORTECO 14274 Seal, Camshaft CORTECO 14274 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
CORTECO 14370 Seal, Camshaft CORTECO 14370 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
SKF 550192 Seal, Camshaft SKF 550192 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
SKF OS11615 Seal, Camshaft SKF OS11615 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
SKF OS550192 Seal, Camshaft SKF OS550192 Seal, Camshaft Indirect Details»
NATIONAL 223014 Manual Trans Input Shaft Seal, Engine Camshaft Seal, Auto Trans Input Shaft Seal, Manual Trans Pinio NATIONAL 223014 Manual Trans Input Shaft Seal, Engine Camshaft Seal, Auto Trans Input Shaft Seal, Manual Trans Pinio Indirect Details»
NATIONAL 223015 Seal NATIONAL 223015 Seal Indirect Details»
NATIONAL 30X45X5 Seal NATIONAL 30X45X5 Seal Indirect Details»
LAZORLITE L81-6736 Seal LAZORLITE L81-6736 Seal Indirect Details»
VERA 65-00482 Seal VERA 65-00482 Seal Indirect Details»
CHRYSLER MD703735 Seal CHRYSLER MD703735 Seal Indirect Details»
CHRYSLER MD723202 Seal CHRYSLER MD723202 Seal Indirect Details»
FIAT 380432 Seal FIAT 380432 Seal Indirect Details»
FIAT 402073 Seal FIAT 402073 Seal Indirect Details»
FIAT 4042073 Shaft Seal, wheel hub FIAT 4042073 Shaft Seal, wheel hub Indirect Details»
FIAT 4070618 Seal FIAT 4070618 Seal Indirect Details»
FORD SBA050102230 Seal FORD SBA050102230 Seal Indirect Details»
FORD SBA050202230 Seal FORD SBA050202230 Seal Indirect Details»
ISUZU 8-94215220-0 Shaft Seal, camshaft ISUZU 8-94215220-0 Shaft Seal, camshaft Indirect Details»
Application of ALLOY 1248
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ISUZUBIGHORN2.3 (UBS16)2254664Open Off-Road Vehicle1985-1991
ISUZUBIGHORN2.6 i (UBS17)2559854Open Off-Road Vehicle1987-1991
ISUZUMIDI2.0 (98000)1995614Bus1989-2014
ISUZUMIDI2.0 4WD (94000)1995614Bus1989-2014
ISUZUMIDI Van2.0 (98000)1995614Bus1989-2014
ISUZUMIDI Van2.0 4WD (94000)1995614Bus1989-2014
ISUZUFASTER2.2 (TFS)2254664Pickup1989-1990
ISUZUPIAZZA2.0 Turbo19951044Coupe1985-1990
OPELCAMPO2.3 (TFR16)2255694Pickup1991-1994
OPELCAMPO2.3 4x4 (TFS16)2255694Pickup1991-1994
BEDFORDMIDI2.0 4WD1994624Box1988-1992
ISUZUMIDI2.0 4WD1995614Box1988-2014
GEOSTORM1.6 i 16V1588974Coupe1989-1991
GEOSTORM Kombi Coupe1.6 i 16V1588974Hatchback1989-1991
GEOSTORM1.6 i 16V1588974Coupe1991-1993
GEOSTORM1.8 i 16V18091054Coupe1991-1993
GEOSTORM Kombi Coupe1.6 i 16V1588974Hatchback1991-1993
GEOSTORM Kombi Coupe1.8 i 16V18091054Hatchback1991-1993
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