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Part Number(s):SP8029
ProductName:Hydraulic Pump
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
LIZARTE 20.00.0057
LIZARTE 04.20.0126
LIZARTE 07-3038
LIZARTE 2847 301
LIZARTE 2857 801
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Interchange Parts for LIZARTE SP8029
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
LIZARTE 20.00.0057 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 20.00.0057 Suspension Sphere Direct Details»
LIZARTE 04.20.0126 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 04.20.0126 Hydraulic Pump Direct Details»
LIZARTE 07-3038 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 07-3038 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2847 301 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2847 301 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 2857 801 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 2857 801 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8005 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE 8005 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955143 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955143 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955144 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955144 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 869 1955 159 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 869 1955 159 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE 8691955167 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE 8691955167 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BAD62Z Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE BAD62Z Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE BX40RT Suspension Sphere LIZARTE BX40RT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP023 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP023 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE DSP029 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE DSP029 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JPR325 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE JPR325 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE JSS139 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE JSS139 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO553 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO553 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE PIO572 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE PIO572 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LIZARTE QHS260 Suspension Sphere LIZARTE QHS260 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
LIZARTE SP8023 Hydraulic Pump LIZARTE SP8023 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
LENCO SP3552 Hydraulic Pump LENCO SP3552 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DA SILVA DP2772 Hydraulic Pump DA SILVA DP2772 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S2257 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S2257 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
DA SILVA S257 Suspension Sphere DA SILVA S257 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CEVAM 0057 Suspension Sphere CEVAM 0057 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
WAT BAD62Z Hydraulic Pump WAT BAD62Z Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
SERCORE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump SERCORE 07B411 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
DRI 715.520.206 Hydraulic Pump DRI 715.520.206 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
Magnum Technology AS0005MT Suspension Sphere Magnum Technology AS0005MT Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
MONROE SP8029 Suspension Sphere MONROE SP8029 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
AUDI 054145159L Hydraulic Pump AUDI 054145159L Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054145159LX Hydraulic Pump AUDI 054145159LX Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 D Hydraulic Pump AUDI 054 145 165 D Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 GX Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 GX Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 L Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 L Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 054 145 165 LX Power Steering Pump AUDI 054 145 165 LX Power Steering Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 4D0 145 165 P Hydraulic Pump AUDI 4D0 145 165 P Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
AUDI 54145159 Hydraulic Pump AUDI 54145159 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
CITROEN 96032914 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 96032914 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
CITROEN 96 032 917 Suspension Sphere CITROEN 96 032 917 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
TRW JSS139 Suspension Sphere TRW JSS139 Suspension Sphere Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 54023 Hydraulic Pump SPIDAN 54023 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 15-0206 Hydraulic Pump ELSTOCK 15-0206 Hydraulic Pump Indirect Details»
Application of LIZARTE SP8029
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDI1002.4 D2370605Saloon1990-1994
AUDI1002.5 TDI2461855Saloon1990-1994
AUDI1002.0 E1984854Saloon1990-1994
AUDI1002.3 E2309985Saloon1990-1994
AUDI1002.8 E27711286Saloon1990-1994
AUDI100S4 Turbo quattro22261695Saloon1991-1994
AUDI1002.3 E quattro2309985Saloon1990-1994
AUDI1002.6 quattro25981106Saloon1992-1994
AUDI1002.8 E quattro27711286Saloon1990-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.5 TDI2461855Estate1990-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.0 E1984744Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.0 E1984854Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 AvantS4 Turbo quattro22261695Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.625981106Estate1992-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.3 E2309985Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.8 E27711286Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.3 E quattro2309985Estate1991-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1992-1994
AUDI100 Avant2.8 E quattro27711286Estate1991-1994
AUDIA62.5 TDI24611035Saloon1994-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.5 TDI24611035Estate1994-1997
AUDIA62.5 TDI2461855Saloon1994-1997
AUDIA62.5 TDI2461845Saloon1995-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.625981106Estate1994-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.827711286Estate1994-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.5 TDI2461845Estate1995-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.5 TDI2461855Estate1994-1997
AUDIA62.6 quattro25981106Saloon1994-1997
AUDIA62.8 quattro27711286Saloon1994-1997
AUDIA6S6 Turbo quattro22261695Saloon1994-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 quattro27711286Estate1994-1997
AUDIA6 AvantS6 Turbo quattro22261695Estate1994-1997
AUDI100 AvantS4 V8 quattro41722068Estate1992-1994
AUDI100S4 V8 quattro41722068Saloon1992-1994
AUDI1002.0 E quattro1984854Saloon1990-1992
AUDI100 Avant2.4 D2370605Estate1990-1994
AUDIA6 Avant2.827711426Estate1995-1997
AUDIA62.8 quattro27711426Saloon1995-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 quattro27711426Estate1995-1997
AUDIA6 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1994-1997
AUDIA82.5 TDI24961106Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA62.8 quattro27711426Saloon1997-2005
AUDIA82.5 TDI quattro24961106Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA6 Avant2.8 quattro27711426Estate1997-2005
AUDIA6 Avant2.827711426Estate1997-2005
AUDIA82.5 TDI quattro24961326Saloon2000-2002
AUDIA82.5 TDI24961326Saloon2000-2002
AUDIA6 Avant2.423931156Estate1997-2005
AUDIA6 Avant2.423931206Estate1997-2005
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