Part Number(s):A382
ProductName:Air Filter
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
UFI 30.905.00
ALFA ROMEO 116460840201
ALFA ROMEO 60522009
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Interchange Parts for TECNOCAR A382
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
UFI 30.905.00 Air Filter UFI 30.905.00 Air Filter Direct Details»
SOFIMA S 2830 A Air Filter SOFIMA S 2830 A Air Filter Direct Details»
PURFLUX A262 Air Filter PURFLUX A262 Air Filter Direct Details»
PUROLATOR A37025 Air Filter PUROLATOR A37025 Air Filter Direct Details»
ALFA ROMEO 116460840201 Air Filter ALFA ROMEO 116460840201 Air Filter Direct Details»
ALFA ROMEO 60522009 Air Filter ALFA ROMEO 60522009 Air Filter Direct Details»
FRAM PA4505 Air Filter FRAM PA4505 Air Filter Direct Details»
CLEAN FILTERS MA 463 Air Filter CLEAN FILTERS MA 463 Air Filter Direct Details»
ALCO FILTER MD-9004 Air Filter ALCO FILTER MD-9004 Air Filter Direct Details»
P.B.R. AI-5050 Air Filter P.B.R. AI-5050 Air Filter Direct Details»
ACDelco PC510 Air Filter ACDelco PC510 Air Filter Direct Details»
BOSCH 1457433267 Air Filter BOSCH 1457433267 Air Filter Direct Details»
BOSCH S3267 Air Filter BOSCH S3267 Air Filter Direct Details»
KNECHT LX 457 Air Filter KNECHT LX 457 Air Filter Direct Details»
UNIFLUX FILTERS XA603 Air Filter UNIFLUX FILTERS XA603 Air Filter Direct Details»
MECAFILTER ELP3597 Air Filter MECAFILTER ELP3597 Air Filter Direct Details»
GM 25062208 Air Filter GM 25062208 Air Filter Direct Details»
MAHLE ORIGINAL LX 457 Air Filter MAHLE ORIGINAL LX 457 Air Filter Direct Details»
MULLER FILTER PA382 Air Filter MULLER FILTER PA382 Air Filter Direct Details»
KNECHT 08644882 Air Filter KNECHT 08644882 Air Filter Direct Details»
MAHLE FILTER 08638041 Air Filter MAHLE FILTER 08638041 Air Filter Direct Details»
CLEAN FILTER MA 463 Air Filter CLEAN FILTER MA 463 Air Filter Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 154086380410 Air Filter MAGNETI MARELLI 154086380410 Air Filter Direct Details»
FIAAM PA 7036 Air Filter FIAAM PA 7036 Air Filter Direct Details»
CHAMPION U556 Air Filter CHAMPION U556 Air Filter Direct Details»
CHAMPION U556/606 Air Filter CHAMPION U556/606 Air Filter Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 150010038200 Air Filter MAGNETI MARELLI 150010038200 Air Filter Direct Details»
FIAT 60522009 Air Filter FIAT 60522009 Air Filter Direct Details»
CROSLAND 8067 Air Filter CROSLAND 8067 Air Filter Direct Details»
COOPERS AG1253 Air Filter COOPERS AG1253 Air Filter Direct Details»
MAHLE FILTER LX 457 Air Filter MAHLE FILTER LX 457 Air Filter Direct Details»
UFI 30.848.00 Air Filter UFI 30.848.00 Air Filter Direct Details»
DELPHI AF0227 Air Filter DELPHI AF0227 Air Filter Indirect Details»
ACDelco PC628 Air Filter ACDelco PC628 Air Filter Indirect Details»
PBR AI-5050 Air Filter PBR AI-5050 Air Filter Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 0421411 Air Filter BECK/ARNLEY 0421411 Air Filter Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 0421462 Air Filter BECK/ARNLEY 0421462 Air Filter Indirect Details»
MOTAQUIP VFA720 Air Filter MOTAQUIP VFA720 Air Filter Indirect Details»
LAUTRETTE ELP3597 Air Filter LAUTRETTE ELP3597 Air Filter Indirect Details»
WIX FILTERS 46201 Air Filter WIX FILTERS 46201 Air Filter Indirect Details»
MOTORCRAFT EFA386 Air Filter MOTORCRAFT EFA386 Air Filter Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 0060522009 Air Filter ALFA ROMEO 0060522009 Air Filter Indirect Details»
FIAT 116460840201 Air Filter FIAT 116460840201 Air Filter Indirect Details»
CROSLAND FILTERS 8067 Air Filter CROSLAND FILTERS 8067 Air Filter Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FAF446 Air Filter FIRST LINE FAF446 Air Filter Indirect Details»
KAGER 12-0349 Air Filter KAGER 12-0349 Air Filter Indirect Details»
MAHLE ORIGINAL 78638041 Air Filter MAHLE ORIGINAL 78638041 Air Filter Indirect Details»
SCT Germany SB 235 Air Filter SCT Germany SB 235 Air Filter Indirect Details»
KAGER 12-0291 Air Filter KAGER 12-0291 Air Filter Indirect Details»
COMLINE EAF226 Air Filter COMLINE EAF226 Air Filter Indirect Details»
Application of TECNOCAR A382
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ALFA ROMEOGTV6 2.5 (116.CA)24921166Coupe1980-1987
ALFA ROMEO752.5 V6 (162.B3)24921156Saloon1985-1986
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6A)29591366Saloon1987-1990
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6A) CAT29591366Saloon1987-1992
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6C)29591416Saloon1990-1992
ALFA ROMEO902.5 i.e. V6 (162.A, 162.AA)24921106Saloon1984-1987
ALFA ROMEO902.0 i.e.1997976Saloon1984-1987
ALFA ROMEO752.5 V6 CAT24921136Saloon1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO902.5 i.e. V624921146Saloon1984-1987
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