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TRISCAN 8150 40123
Part Number(s):8150 40123
ProductName:Brake Hose
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
CORTECO 19032249
HONDA 46411-SH3-043
NK 852621
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Interchange Parts for TRISCAN 8150 40123
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J3704072 Brake Hose HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J3704072 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRW PHD140 Brake Hose TRW PHD140 Brake Hose Direct Details»
CORTECO 19032249 Brake Hose CORTECO 19032249 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HONDA 46411-SH3-043 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH3-043 Brake Hose Direct Details»
NK 852621 Brake Hose NK 852621 Brake Hose Direct Details»
NIPPARTS J3704072 Brake Hose NIPPARTS J3704072 Brake Hose Direct Details»
ASHIKA 69-04-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket ASHIKA 69-04-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket Direct Details»
JAPANPARTS TF-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket JAPANPARTS TF-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket Direct Details»
A.B.S. SL 4194 Brake Hose A.B.S. SL 4194 Brake Hose Direct Details»
ASHUKI 1110-2704 Brake Hose ASHUKI 1110-2704 Brake Hose Direct Details»
JAPKO 69472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket JAPKO 69472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 440019032249 Brake Hose MAGNETI MARELLI 440019032249 Brake Hose Direct Details»
PEX 58.938 Brake Hose PEX 58.938 Brake Hose Direct Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL PHD140 Brake Hose LUCAS ELECTRICAL PHD140 Brake Hose Direct Details»
OPTIMAL BSL-698 Brake Hose OPTIMAL BSL-698 Brake Hose Direct Details»
GIRLING 9004140 Brake Hose GIRLING 9004140 Brake Hose Direct Details»
MALĘ░ 80024 Brake Hose MALĘ░ 80024 Brake Hose Direct Details»
BOSCH 1 987 476 665 Brake Hose BOSCH 1 987 476 665 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HONDA 46411-SH3-044 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH3-044 Brake Hose Direct Details»
CEF 511157 Brake Hose CEF 511157 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HONDA 46411-SH3-J02 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH3-J02 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HONDA 46411-SH3-J01 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH3-J01 Brake Hose Direct Details»
SBS 1330852621 Brake Hose SBS 1330852621 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HAVAM 158.938 Brake Hose HAVAM 158.938 Brake Hose Direct Details»
JAPANPARTS J TF-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket JAPANPARTS J TF-472 Brake Hose Holding Bracket Direct Details»
HONDA 46411-SH0-A02 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH0-A02 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TOPRAN 107 118 Glow Plug TOPRAN 107 118 Glow Plug Direct Details»
TOPRAN 107 119 Glow Plug TOPRAN 107 119 Glow Plug Direct Details»
TRISCAN BH10446 Brake Hose TRISCAN BH10446 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRISCAN FT 3510 Brake Hose TRISCAN FT 3510 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HERTH+BUSS HEAVYPART J3704072 Brake Hose HERTH+BUSS HEAVYPART J3704072 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8150 40119 Brake Hose TRISCAN 8150 40119 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
DELPHI LH 0392 Brake Hose DELPHI LH 0392 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
ROADHOUSE 1903.72 Brake Hose ROADHOUSE 1903.72 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
REMSA 1903.72 Brake Hose REMSA 1903.72 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
LPR 6T46327 Brake Hose LPR 6T46327 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
WOKING G1903.72 Brake Hose WOKING G1903.72 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
sbs 1330852621 Brake Hose sbs 1330852621 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
HP BH10446 Brake Hose HP BH10446 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
FENOX PH213510 Brake Hose FENOX PH213510 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
WAGNER BH123451 Brake Hydraulic Hose WAGNER BH123451 Brake Hydraulic Hose Indirect Details»
HONDA 46411-SH0-A01 Brake Hose HONDA 46411-SH0-A01 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
DORMAN H38714 Brake Hydraulic Hose DORMAN H38714 Brake Hydraulic Hose Indirect Details»
METZGER 4113501 Brake Hose METZGER 4113501 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
A.B.S. SL 4193 Brake Hose A.B.S. SL 4193 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
REMKAFLEX 3296 Brake Hose REMKAFLEX 3296 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 60362 Brake Hose ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 60362 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
KAWE 512464 Brake Hose KAWE 512464 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
MGA F6157 Brake Hose MGA F6157 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 38862 Brake Hose SPIDAN 38862 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
Application of TRISCAN 8150 40123
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.4 L (EC9)1396664Hatchback1987-1989
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.4 L (ED2)1396664Saloon1987-1989
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.3 16 V (EC8) CAT1343554Hatchback1989-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.5 i 16V (ED6)1493694Hatchback1988-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.5 i 16V (ED3)1493694Saloon1987-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.6 i 16V (ED4)1590814Saloon1987-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.6 i 16V (ED7)1590814Hatchback1987-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.6 i 16V Vtec (EE9)15951104Hatchback1989-1991
HONDACRX Mk II1.6 i 16V (ED9)1590964Coupe1987-1989
HONDACRX Mk II1.6 i 16V (ED9)1590914Coupe1987-1992
HONDACRX Mk II1.6 i 16V Vtec (EE8)15951104Coupe1989-1992
HONDACRX Mk III1.6 ESi (EH6)1590924Targa1992-1998
HONDACRX Mk III1.6 i VTi (EG2)15951184Targa1992-1998
HONDACIVIC Mk II1.6 i 16V 4WD (EE4)1590814Estate1988-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.3 16V (EG3)1343554Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 16V Vtec (EG5)1590924Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 VTi 16V (EG6)15951184Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.6 i 16V1590964Hatchback1987-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.6 i 16V1590964Saloon1987-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk II1.5 i 16V (EE2)1493694Estate1988-1991
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.3 (EC8)1343554Hatchback1987-1989
HONDACIVIC Mk III1.31343554Saloon1987-1989
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