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BSG BSG 60-425-011
Part Number(s):BSG 60-425-011
ProductName:Master Cylinder Clutch
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
FTE KG23031.0.1
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 53 06
PEX GZ23.032
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 25 06
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Interchange Parts for BSG BSG 60-425-011
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
FTE KG23031.0.1 Clutch Master Cylinder FTE KG23031.0.1 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 12330 Clutch Master Cylinder FEBI BILSTEIN 12330 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 53 06 Clutch Master Cylinder MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 53 06 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
PEX GZ23.032 Clutch Master Cylinder PEX GZ23.032 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
TRW PNK104 Clutch Master Cylinder TRW PNK104 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 25 06 Clutch Master Cylinder MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 25 06 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 97 06 Clutch Master Cylinder MERCEDES-BENZ 001 295 97 06 Clutch Master Cylinder Direct Details»
TRW PNK108 Master Cylinder Clutch TRW PNK108 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
FAUN 99707005877 Master Cylinder Clutch FAUN 99707005877 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
TRW 32967142 Master Cylinder Clutch TRW 32967142 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
TRW 32967300 Master Cylinder Clutch TRW 32967300 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 12330 Master Cylinder Clutch FEBI BILSTEIN 12330 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
BSG BSG 18-0250 Master Cylinder Clutch BSG BSG 18-0250 Master Cylinder Clutch Direct Details»
TEXTAR 50025800 Master Cylinder Clutch TEXTAR 50025800 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
LPR 7114 Master Cylinder Clutch LPR 7114 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
FERODO FHC5035 Clutch Master Cylinder FERODO FHC5035 Clutch Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
BREMBO C 50 014 Master Cylinder Clutch BREMBO C 50 014 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
SWAG 10 91 2330 Clutch Master Cylinder SWAG 10 91 2330 Clutch Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
DT 4.61403 Master Cylinder Clutch DT 4.61403 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
VILLAR 622.3128 Master Cylinder Clutch VILLAR 622.3128 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
KAWE M7114 Clutch Master Cylinder KAWE M7114 Clutch Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
FTE KG23021.1.3 Clutch Master Cylinder FTE KG23021.1.3 Clutch Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
GIRLING 1207104 Master Cylinder Clutch GIRLING 1207104 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
AIR FREN 09.295.530 Master Cylinder Clutch AIR FREN 09.295.530 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
FENOX C2304 Master Cylinder Clutch FENOX C2304 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL KGF23009 Master Cylinder Clutch QUINTON HAZELL KGF23009 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
FTE KG23021.1.1 Master Cylinder Clutch FTE KG23021.1.1 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL PNK104 Master Cylinder Clutch LUCAS ELECTRICAL PNK104 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 50025200 Master Cylinder Clutch TEXTAR 50025200 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 2950600197 Master Cylinder Clutch MERCEDES-BENZ 2950600197 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 680 295 00 06 Master Cylinder Clutch MERCEDES-BENZ 680 295 00 06 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL KGF23007 Master Cylinder Clutch QUINTON HAZELL KGF23007 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL KGF230073 Master Cylinder Clutch QUINTON HAZELL KGF230073 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
EVOBUS 001 295 53 06 Master Cylinder Clutch EVOBUS 001 295 53 06 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
EVOBUS 001 295 97 06 Master Cylinder Clutch EVOBUS 001 295 97 06 Master Cylinder Clutch Indirect Details»
Application of BSG BSG 60-425-011
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2709 K3970631984-1990
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2809 K3970631984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2811 K3972771994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814,814 L39721031984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 K39721031994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 S39721031994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 K5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 S5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 F39721031994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 F5958951986-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2O 814, O 814 L39721031984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2814 O, 814 LO5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2817,817 L59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2817 K59581161986-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2817 S,817 LS59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2817 F59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2817 O, 817 LO59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2914 K5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2914 AK5958951987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2914 AK59581251987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2914 KO5958951987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2917 K59581251994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2917 AF59581161987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2917 AK59581251994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2917 KO59581251994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21114,1114 L5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21114 K5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21114 S5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21114 AK5958951987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN2O 1114 ,O 1114 L5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117,1117 L59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117 K59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117 S,1117 LS59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117 A59581161987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117 O,1117 LO59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120,1120 L59581481984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120 S,1120 LS59581481984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120 L59581251984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120 AF59581501987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120 F59581501990-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21120 O,1120 LO59581501984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21314 K5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21314 AK5958951987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21314 KO5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317,1317 L59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317 S,1317 LS59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317 K59581251984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317 AK59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317 AK59581551992-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21317 KO59581161994-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21320,1320 L59581481984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21320 S,1320 LS59581481984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21320,1320 L59581251984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21320 L59581771992-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21514,1514 L5958951984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21514 K5958951989-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21517,1517 L59581161984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21517 K59581161989-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21520,1520 L59581501984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZO 402O 40259581001986-1991
MERCEDES-BENZO 402O 40259581251986-1991
MERCEDES-BENZO 301O 30159581001986-1987
MERCEDES-BENZO 301O 30159581251986-1987
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21114 A5958961987-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21117 AK59581251984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21520,1520 L59581501984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN22020 L59581481984-1998
MERCEDES-BENZLK/LN21320 AK59581551992-1998
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