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BENDIX 131607B
Part Number(s):131607B
ProductName:Brake Master Cylinder
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
ATE 03.2120-1681.3
BOSCH 0 204 123 064
FTE H20902301
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Interchange Parts for BENDIX 131607B
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
DELPHI LM23607 Brake Master Cylinder DELPHI LM23607 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
ATE 03.2120-1681.3 Brake Master Cylinder ATE 03.2120-1681.3 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 204 123 064 Brake Master Cylinder BOSCH 0 204 123 064 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
TRW PMF366 Brake Master Cylinder TRW PMF366 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
FTE H20902301 Brake Master Cylinder FTE H20902301 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
TRUSTING PF115 Brake Master Cylinder TRUSTING PF115 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
fri.tech. PF115 Brake Master Cylinder fri.tech. PF115 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
METELLI 05-0126 Brake Master Cylinder METELLI 05-0126 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
CIFAM 202-126 Brake Master Cylinder CIFAM 202-126 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
A.B.S. 61309X Brake Master Cylinder A.B.S. 61309X Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
FERODO FHM554 Brake Master Cylinder FERODO FHM554 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
BOSCH F 026 003 064 Brake Master Cylinder BOSCH F 026 003 064 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
VALEO 350706 Brake Master Cylinder VALEO 350706 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
PEUGEOT 4801.80 Brake Master Cylinder PEUGEOT 4801.80 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
NK 823723 Brake Master Cylinder NK 823723 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
PEX 2.20.038 Brake Master Cylinder PEX 2.20.038 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL HF20058 Brake Master Cylinder QUINTON HAZELL HF20058 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
KAGER 39-0340 Brake Master Cylinder KAGER 39-0340 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
FENOX T2042 Brake Master Cylinder FENOX T2042 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
PEUGEOT 4601.80 Master Cylinder Brakes PEUGEOT 4601.80 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
HAVAM 202-126 Brake Master Cylinder HAVAM 202-126 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
MGA MC2745 Brake Master Cylinder MGA MC2745 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
KAWE B1201 Brake Master Cylinder KAWE B1201 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
ATE 010097 Brake Master Cylinder ATE 010097 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
MALO 89371 Brake Master Cylinder MALO 89371 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
CITROEN 4601.80 Brake Master Cylinder CITROEN 4601.80 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
FERODO FHY554 Brake Master Cylinder FERODO FHY554 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
LPR 1201 Master Cylinder Brakes LPR 1201 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
GIRLING 4005366 Master Cylinder Brakes GIRLING 4005366 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
BREMBO M 61 083 Master Cylinder Brakes BREMBO M 61 083 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
ABE C9P003ABE Master Cylinder Brakes ABE C9P003ABE Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
Brake ENGINEERING MC1132BE Master Cylinder Brakes Brake ENGINEERING MC1132BE Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
MALĘ░ 89371 Master Cylinder Brakes MALĘ░ 89371 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
Brake ENGINEERING MC 1201 Master Cylinder Brakes Brake ENGINEERING MC 1201 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
FIRST LINE FBM4175 Master Cylinder Brakes FIRST LINE FBM4175 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
BOSCH 204123064 Master Cylinder Brakes BOSCH 204123064 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
SASIC 6014714 Master Cylinder Brakes SASIC 6014714 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
LPR LPR1201 Master Cylinder Brakes LPR LPR1201 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL PMF 366 Master Cylinder Brakes LUCAS ELECTRICAL PMF 366 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
BENDIX 613607 Master Cylinder Brakes BENDIX 613607 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
UNIPART GMC393 Master Cylinder Brakes UNIPART GMC393 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
TRW 32967332 Master Cylinder Brakes TRW 32967332 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
DELPHI MAP2409 Master Cylinder Brakes DELPHI MAP2409 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
BENDIX L 613607 Master Cylinder Brakes BENDIX L 613607 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
FAG H209023.0.1 Master Cylinder Brakes FAG H209023.0.1 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
ATE 3.2120.1681.3 Master Cylinder Brakes ATE 3.2120.1681.3 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 61309 Master Cylinder Brakes A.B.S. 61309 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
CITROEN 91 510 872 Master Cylinder Brakes CITROEN 91 510 872 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 91 510 872 Master Cylinder Brakes PEUGEOT 91 510 872 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
SAMKO P11555 Master Cylinder Brakes SAMKO P11555 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
Application of BENDIX 131607B
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
PEUGEOT505 Break2.01971694Estate1983-1985
PEUGEOT505 Break2.22165844Estate1986-1993
PEUGEOT505 Break2.5 Diesel2498514Estate1986-1993
PEUGEOT505 Break2.5 Diesel2498554Estate1983-1993
PEUGEOT505 Break2.01971724Estate1985-1987
PEUGEOT504 Break1.8 (F01, E01)1796544Estate1971-1986
PEUGEOT504 Break2.0 (D11, F11)1971684Estate1971-1986
PEUGEOT504 Break2.1 D (E20, F20)2112484Estate1971-1986
PEUGEOT504 Break2.3 D (D40, F40)2304514Estate1975-1986
PEUGEOT505 Break2.01971604Estate1982-1987
PEUGEOT505 Break2.2 GTI2165904Estate1985-1986
PEUGEOT505 Break2.5 Turbo Diesel2498664Estate1985-1987
PEUGEOT505 Break2.5 Turbo Diesel2498774Estate1986-1993
PEUGEOT5041.9 D1948404Pickup1980-1989
PEUGEOT5042.3 D2304514Pickup1980-1989
PEUGEOT5042.1 D2112494Pickup1982-1986
PEUGEOT505 Break2.3 D2304514Estate1982-1984
PEUGEOT505 Break1.81796554Estate1982-1985
PEUGEOT505 Break1.81796624Estate1985-1989
PEUGEOT505 Break2.5 D2498704Estate1985-1991
PEUGEOT505 Break2.01995814Estate1985-1989
PEUGEOT505 Break2.01995834Estate1985-1991
PEUGEOT505 Break2.22165894Estate1985-1991
PEUGEOT5041.9 D1948414Pickup1981-1986
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