Part Number(s):97022
ProductName:Intercooler charger
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
NRF 309272
IVECO 4121 4448
HELLA 8ML 376 724-251
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Interchange Parts for NISSENS 97022
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
NRF 309272 Intercooler charger NRF 309272 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
IVECO 4121 4448 Intercooler charger IVECO 4121 4448 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
HELLA 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger HELLA 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING IV4067 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING IV4067 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 4170011 Intercooler charger KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 4170011 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
AKS DASIS 407001N Intercooler charger AKS DASIS 407001N Intercooler charger Direct Details»
BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
BAUER PARTS L970323 Intercooler charger BAUER PARTS L970323 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
GERI 10906 Intercooler charger GERI 10906 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
VALEO 818735 Intercooler charger VALEO 818735 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
FRIGAIR 0704.3036 Intercooler charger FRIGAIR 0704.3036 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
KAGER 31-4003 Intercooler charger KAGER 31-4003 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
J. DEUS 814M12 Intercooler charger J. DEUS 814M12 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
VAN WEZEL 28004067 Intercooler charger VAN WEZEL 28004067 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
FRIGAIR 7043036 Intercooler charger FRIGAIR 7043036 Intercooler charger Direct Details»
NRF 30451 Intercooler charger NRF 30451 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
BEHR HELLA SERVICE 2207834 Intercooler charger BEHR HELLA SERVICE 2207834 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AURADIA LKIV 067 Intercooler charger AURADIA LKIV 067 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
HELLA 376 724-251 Intercooler charger HELLA 376 724-251 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
BAUER PARTS L970257 Intercooler charger BAUER PARTS L970257 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING LKIV067 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING LKIV067 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING LKIV402 Intercooler charger AVA QUALITY COOLING LKIV402 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NRF 19194 Intercooler charger NRF 19194 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
BEHR THERMOT-TRONIK 2207834 Intercooler charger BEHR THERMOT-TRONIK 2207834 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
BEHR THERMOT-TRONIK 89102 Intercooler charger BEHR THERMOT-TRONIK 89102 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AURADIA LKIV 402 Intercooler charger AURADIA LKIV 402 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 4170012 Intercooler charger KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 4170012 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8ML 376 724-251 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
PAPE 36126 Intercooler charger PAPE 36126 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AURADIA 404408 Intercooler charger AURADIA 404408 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
4SEASONS 714.014 Intercooler charger 4SEASONS 714.014 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FRIGAIR 6101.0036 Intercooler charger FRIGAIR 6101.0036 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
FIAT 41214448 Intercooler charger FIAT 41214448 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
NRF 19272 Radiator Core, intercooler NRF 19272 Radiator Core, intercooler Indirect Details»
AKS DASIS 28004067 Intercooler charger AKS DASIS 28004067 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AKS DASIS 4170011 Intercooler charger AKS DASIS 4170011 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
AKS DASIS IV4067 Intercooler charger AKS DASIS IV4067 Intercooler charger Indirect Details»
Application of NISSENS 97022
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
IVECOStralisAS 440S54128803972002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 440S48128803532002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 260S48128803532002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 260S54128803972002-2014
IVECOStralisAD 190S40, AT 190S40103002942003-2014
IVECOStralisAD 190S43, AT 190S43103003162003-2014
IVECOStralisAS 440S54, ES 440S54128803972002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 440S48128803532002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 440S54128803972002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 190S40103002942002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 190S43103003162002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 190S48128803532002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 260S48128803532002-2014
IVECOStralisAS 260S54128803972002-2014
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