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Part Number(s):G2-108
ProductName:Tie Rod Axle Joint
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
RENAULT 7701 469 280
MAPCO 19171
TRISCAN 8500 25205
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Interchange Parts for OPTIMAL G2-108
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
QUINTON HAZELL QR9052S Axial Rod QUINTON HAZELL QR9052S Axial Rod Direct Details»
RENAULT 7701 469 280 Axial Rod RENAULT 7701 469 280 Axial Rod Direct Details»
TRW JAR654 Tie Rod Axle Joint TRW JAR654 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
MAPCO 19171 Axial Rod MAPCO 19171 Axial Rod Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 19525 Axial Rod FEBI BILSTEIN 19525 Axial Rod Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 25205 Axial Rod TRISCAN 8500 25205 Axial Rod Direct Details»
SIDEM 5810 Axial Rod SIDEM 5810 Axial Rod Direct Details»
MEYLE 16-16 030 0009 Axial Rod MEYLE 16-16 030 0009 Axial Rod Direct Details»
SPIDAN 50949 Axial Rod SPIDAN 50949 Axial Rod Direct Details»
SWAG 60 91 9525 Axial Rod SWAG 60 91 9525 Axial Rod Direct Details»
MOOG RE-AX-0676 Tie Rod Axle Joint MOOG RE-AX-0676 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
VAICO V46-0208 Tie Rod Axle Joint VAICO V46-0208 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
PEX 12.06.135 Axial Rod PEX 12.06.135 Axial Rod Direct Details»
MONROE L25205 Tie Rod Axle Joint MONROE L25205 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 25482 01 Tie Rod Axle Joint LEMFORDER 25482 01 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
DELPHI TA 1982 Tie Rod Axle Joint DELPHI TA 1982 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
METZGER 51021918 Tie Rod Axle Joint METZGER 51021918 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
OCAP 0603210 Axial Rod OCAP 0603210 Axial Rod Direct Details»
FLENNOR FL097-C Tie Rod Axle Joint FLENNOR FL097-C Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
RUVILLE 915544 Axial Rod RUVILLE 915544 Axial Rod Direct Details»
DITAS D2-4783 Tie Rod Axle Joint DITAS D2-4783 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
DITAS A2-4783 Tie Rod Axle Joint DITAS A2-4783 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
METZGER 51022048 Tie Rod Axle Joint METZGER 51022048 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
NK 5033940 Tie Rod Axle Joint NK 5033940 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
METZGER R-9280 Tie Rod Axle Joint METZGER R-9280 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
FIRST LINE FTR 4983 Tie Rod Axle Joint FIRST LINE FTR 4983 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
sbs 19065033940 Tie Rod Axle Joint sbs 19065033940 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
SIDEM 5610 Axial Rod SIDEM 5610 Axial Rod Direct Details»
MASTER-SPORT 25482-PCS-MS Rod Assembly MASTER-SPORT 25482-PCS-MS Rod Assembly Direct Details»
METZGER 51018848 Tie Rod Axle Joint METZGER 51018848 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
METZGER 51020118 Tie Rod Axle Joint METZGER 51020118 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
SPIDAN 50950 Axial Rod SPIDAN 50950 Axial Rod Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 25215 Axial Rod TRISCAN 8500 25215 Axial Rod Direct Details»
MONROE L25215 Tie Rod Axle Joint MONROE L25215 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
KAMOKA 995610 Tie Rod Axle Joint KAMOKA 995610 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
FRAP 1558 Tie Rod Axle Joint FRAP 1558 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
RENAULT 7701469282PART Tie Rod Axle Joint RENAULT 7701469282PART Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
RENAULT 7701469280PART Tie Rod Axle Joint RENAULT 7701469280PART Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
IRB IR-42.108 Tie Rod Axle Joint IRB IR-42.108 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
FA1 SS5261 Tie Rod Axle Joint FA1 SS5261 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
DYS 24-00608 Tie Rod Axle Joint DYS 24-00608 Tie Rod Axle Joint Direct Details»
BENDIX 040949B Tie Rod Axle Joint BENDIX 040949B Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 25482 Tie Rod Axle Joint LEMFORDER 25482 Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 240225 Axial Rod A.B.S. 240225 Axial Rod Indirect Details»
KAGER 41-0548 Axial Rod KAGER 41-0548 Axial Rod Indirect Details»
BIRTH AX0022 Axial Rod BIRTH AX0022 Axial Rod Indirect Details»
SASIC 3008109 Tie Rod Axle Joint SASIC 3008109 Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 25482 Axial Rod LEMFORDER 25482 Axial Rod Indirect Details»
TRW JA654 Axial Rod TRW JA654 Axial Rod Indirect Details»
BENDIX 041236B Tie Rod Axle Joint BENDIX 041236B Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
Application of OPTIMAL G2-108
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
RENAULTMEGANE I1.4 e (BA0E, BA0V)1390554Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I1.6 e (BA0F, BA0S)1598664Hatchback1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i (BA0G)1998844Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 D Eco (B/SA0U, BA0A)1870474Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I1.6 i (BA0L)1598554Hatchback1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dT (B/SA0K, B/SA0Y)1870664Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.6 e (DA0F)1598664Coupe1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 i (DA0G)1998844Coupe1996-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V (DA0H)19981084Coupe1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I1.4 Eco (BA0T)1390524Hatchback1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.4 (LA0E, LA0V)1390554Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 TDI1870694Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.6 i (LA0L)1598554Saloon1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dT (LA0K, LA0Y)1870664Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 i (LA07, LA0G)1998844Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.6 e (LA0F, LA0S)1598664Saloon1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 D (LA0A, LA0U)1870474Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.4 i (JA0E)1390554MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.6 i (JA0L)1598554MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.6 e (JA0F)1598664MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998844MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.9 dT (JA0K, JA0Y)1870664MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet1.6 e (EA0F)1598664Convertible1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V (EA0H)19981084Convertible1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 16V (BA0H)19981084Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 TDI1870694Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.9 D (JA0J)1870474MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 (EA0G)1998844Convertible1997-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.9 dTi (JA0N)1870724MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dTi (BA08, BA0N)1870724Hatchback1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dTi (LA08, LA0N)1870724Saloon1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.9 dTi (DA0N)1870724Coupe1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.4 e (KA0V)1390554Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.6 e (KA0F)1598664Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 D (KA0J, KA0R)1870474Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dTi (KA0N)1870724Estate1999-2001
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.6 16V (JA0B, JA04, JA11)1598794MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.4 16V (KA0D, KA1H, KA0W, KA10)1390704Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.6 16V (KA0B, KA04, KA11)1598794Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 i (LA0G)1998804Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998804MPV1999-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 i1998804Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.6 16V (DA0B, DA04, DA11)1598794Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.6 16V (BA11, BA04, BA0B, BA1J)1598794Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.4 16V (DA0D, DA1H, DA0W, DA10)1390704Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.4 16V (BA0D, BA1H, BA0W, BA10)1390704Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.4 16V (LA0D, LA1H, lA0W, LA10)1390704Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.6 16V (La04, LA11, LA0B, LA1C, LA1J)1598794Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet1.6 16V (EA0B, EA04, EA11)1598794Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.4 16V (JA0D, JA1H, Ja0W, JA10)1390704MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 i (EA0G)1998804Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i1998804Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet1.4 16V (EA0D, EA1H, EA0W, EA10)1390704Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V IDE19981034MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V IDE (DA03, DA0P, DA14)19981034Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V IDE (EA03, EA0P, EA14)19981034Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V RX419981024MPV2000-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dCi RX41870754MPV2000-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dTi (JA0N)1870724MPV1999-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V (JA1B, JA1D)19981024MPV2000-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dCi (BA05, BA1F)1870754Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dCi (JA05, JA1F)1870754MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dCi (LA05, LA1F)1870754Saloon2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dCi (KA05, KA1F)1870754Estate2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.9 dCi (DA05, DA1F)1870754Coupe2001-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dTi (BA1U)1870594Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dTi (LA1U)1870594Saloon2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dTi (KA1U)1870594Estate2001-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dTi (JA1U)1870594MPV2001-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.8 16V (JA12, JA1R, JA1M, JA1A)1783854MPV2001-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.8 16V (BA06, BA12, BA1A, BA1M, BA1R)1783854Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.8 16V (LA06, LA12, LA1A, LA1M, LA1R)1783854Saloon2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.8 16V (KA0S, KA12, KA1A, KA1M, KA1R)1783854Estate2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 RT19981124Saloon1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 RXE 4x41998844MPV1997-1999
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