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INA F-553322.01
Part Number(s):F-553322.01
ProductName:Freewheel Clutch alternator
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
INA 535 0143 10
TRISCAN 8641 244003
OPEL 12 04 484
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Interchange Parts for INA F-553322.01
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
INA 535 0143 10 Freewheel Clutch alternator INA 535 0143 10 Freewheel Clutch alternator Direct Details»
RUVILLE 55379 Freewheel Clutch alternator RUVILLE 55379 Freewheel Clutch alternator Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8641 244003 Freewheel Clutch alternator TRISCAN 8641 244003 Freewheel Clutch alternator Direct Details»
LUCAS ENGINE DRIVE LOPA0115 Freewheel Clutch alternator LUCAS ENGINE DRIVE LOPA0115 Freewheel Clutch alternator Direct Details»
OPEL 12 04 484 Freewheel Clutch alternator OPEL 12 04 484 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 55560294 Freewheel Clutch alternator GENERAL MOTORS 55560294 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
INA F-553322 Freewheel Clutch alternator INA F-553322 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
BOSCH F 00M 147 880 Pulley, alternator BOSCH F 00M 147 880 Pulley, alternator Indirect Details»
BOSCH F00M991251 Freewheel Clutch alternator BOSCH F00M991251 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
GATES OAP7074 Freewheel Clutch alternator GATES OAP7074 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
KM International FI17230 Freewheel Clutch alternator KM International FI17230 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
CALIBER 87611 Freewheel Clutch alternator CALIBER 87611 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
AUTOTEAM A06892 Freewheel Clutch alternator AUTOTEAM A06892 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
SWAG 40 93 2312 Pulley, alternator SWAG 40 93 2312 Pulley, alternator Indirect Details»
FLENNOR FGF0047 Freewheel Clutch alternator FLENNOR FGF0047 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 32312 Pulley, alternator FEBI BILSTEIN 32312 Pulley, alternator Indirect Details»
IPD 15-3438 Freewheel Clutch alternator IPD 15-3438 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
AUTEX 654443 Freewheel Clutch alternator AUTEX 654443 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
SK SK008068 Freewheel Clutch alternator SK SK008068 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
RPK RPK009178 Freewheel Clutch alternator RPK RPK009178 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
TRIPLE FIVE 353810 Freewheel Clutch alternator TRIPLE FIVE 353810 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
SKF VKM 03500 Freewheel Clutch alternator SKF VKM 03500 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
OPEL 55560294 Freewheel Clutch alternator OPEL 55560294 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
BREDA LORETT CR 3840 Freewheel Clutch alternator BREDA LORETT CR 3840 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 2-08-143 Freewheel Clutch alternator TRISCAN 2-08-143 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 64535014310 Freewheel Clutch alternator TRISCAN 64535014310 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
SCHAEFFLER GRUPPE 535 0143 10 Freewheel Clutch alternator SCHAEFFLER GRUPPE 535 0143 10 Freewheel Clutch alternator Indirect Details»
Application of INA F-553322.01
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELZAFIRA Van1.6 CNG Turbo15981104Box2009-2014
OPELASTRA H1.61598774Hatchback2004-2014
OPELASTRA H1.61598774Estate2004-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.61598774Hatchback2004-2009
OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch1.61598774Hatchback2005-2014
OPELASTRA H TwinTop1.61598774Convertible2005-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.61598774Estate2004-2009
OPELVECTRA C1.9 CDTI1910744Estate2005-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA TwinTop Mk V1.61598774Convertible2005-2014
OPELASTRA H TwinTop1.817961034Convertible2005-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.61598774Hatchback2005-2014
OPELASTRA H1.817961034Hatchback2006-2014
OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch1.817961034Hatchback2006-2014
OPELMERIVA1.6 Turbo15981324MPV2005-2010
VAUXHALLMERIVA Mk I1.6 Turbo15981324MPV2006-2014
OPELASTRA H1.817961034Estate2005-2014
VAUXHALLMERIVA Mk I1.6 i 16V Twinport1598774MPV2003-2009
OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo15981414Hatchback2007-2014
OPELASTRA H1.6 Turbo15981324Hatchback2007-2014
OPELASTRA H TwinTop1.6 Turbo15981324Convertible2007-2014
OPELASTRA H1.6 Turbo15981324Estate2007-2014
OPELASTRA H Sport Hatch1.6 Turbo15981324Hatchback2007-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk IV1.6 VXR15981414Hatchback2007-2014
OPELCORSA D1.6 Turbo15981104Hatchback2007-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA TwinTop Mk V1.615981324Convertible2006-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.615981324Hatchback2006-2014
VAUXHALLASTRAVAN Mk V1.61598764Box2005-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.817961034Hatchback2004-2009
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.615981324Estate2004-2009
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk IV1.6 SRi15981104Hatchback2007-2014
OPELZAFIRA1.6 CNG Turbo15981104MPV2009-2014
OPELASTRA H1.817961034Saloon2007-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA TwinTop Mk V1.817961034Convertible2008-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk V1.817961034Estate2004-2009
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