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VAICO 42-0066
Part Number(s):42-0066
ProductName:Link Stabiliser
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
VAICO V42-0066
VAICO V42-0065
RUVILLE 915906
LEMFORDER 11588 01
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Interchange Parts for VAICO 42-0066
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
VAICO V42-0066 Stabilizer Link VAICO V42-0066 Stabilizer Link Direct Details»
VAICO V42-0065 Wheel Hub VAICO V42-0065 Wheel Hub Direct Details»
RUVILLE 6627 Wheel Bearing Kit RUVILLE 6627 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
RUVILLE 915906 Stabilizer Link RUVILLE 915906 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 11588 Link Stabiliser LEMFORDER 11588 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 11588 01 Link Stabiliser LEMFORDER 11588 01 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
DENCKERMANN D140131 Link Stabiliser DENCKERMANN D140131 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
BOSAL 116-272 Link Stabiliser BOSAL 116-272 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 260033 Stabilizer Link A.B.S. 260033 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
OCAP 0500152 Stabilizer Link OCAP 0500152 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
BIRTH BX0152 Stabilizer Link BIRTH BX0152 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
BENDIX 042729B Link Stabiliser BENDIX 042729B Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
SKF VKBA 3481 Wheel Bearing Kit SKF VKBA 3481 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 11588 Stabilizer Link LEMFORDER 11588 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
CITROEN 3701.68 Wheel Bearing Kit CITROEN 3701.68 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
CITROEN 5087.23 Stabilizer Link CITROEN 5087.23 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
CITROEN 5087.32 Stabilizer Link CITROEN 5087.32 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
CITROEN 96 103 814 Stabilizer Link CITROEN 96 103 814 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 3701.68 Wheel Bearing Kit PEUGEOT 3701.68 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 3701.74 Wheel Bearing Kit PEUGEOT 3701.74 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 5087.23 Link Stabiliser PEUGEOT 5087.23 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 5087.32 Link Stabiliser PEUGEOT 5087.32 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QLS2146S Stabilizer Link QUINTON HAZELL QLS2146S Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
PEX 12.05.008 Stabilizer Link PEX 12.05.008 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
PEX 16.0624 Wheel Bearing Kit PEX 16.0624 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
BORG & BECK BDL6112 Link Stabiliser BORG & BECK BDL6112 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
TRW JTS126 Stabilizer Link TRW JTS126 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
DELPHI TC453 Stabilizer Link DELPHI TC453 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
METZGER 53047118 Link Stabiliser METZGER 53047118 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
METZGER P-502 Stabilizer Link METZGER P-502 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
METZGER WM 166.27 Wheel Hub METZGER WM 166.27 Wheel Hub Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 27138 Wheel Bearing Kit SPIDAN 27138 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 45812 Stabilizer Link SPIDAN 45812 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
FLENNOR FL425-H Stabilizer Link FLENNOR FL425-H Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
MGA SA5002 Stabilizer Link MGA SA5002 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 11422 Stabilizer Link FEBI BILSTEIN 11422 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
SASIC 0875325 Stabilizer Link SASIC 0875325 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
FAI AutoParts SS547 Stabilizer Link FAI AutoParts SS547 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
KAGER 83-0900 Wheel Bearing Kit KAGER 83-0900 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
KAGER 85-0143 Stabilizer Link KAGER 85-0143 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
TOPRAN 720 390 Stabilizer Link TOPRAN 720 390 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 30029 Link Stabiliser MALĘ░ 30029 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 36363 Link Stabiliser ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 36363 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
INDELDIS KX 7 SU51480 Stabilizer Link INDELDIS KX 7 SU51480 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
RTS 97-00774 Link Stabiliser RTS 97-00774 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FDL 6112 Link Stabiliser FIRST LINE FDL 6112 Link Stabiliser Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 2838 Stabilizer Link TRISCAN 8500 2838 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8530 28218 Wheel Bearing Kit TRISCAN 8530 28218 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
SNR R166.27 Wheel Bearing Kit SNR R166.27 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
SWAG 62 61 0005 Stabilizer Link SWAG 62 61 0005 Stabilizer Link Indirect Details»
Application of VAICO 42-0066
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
CITROENVISA16 GTI1580764Hatchback1985-1986
PEUGEOT2051.6 GTI1580764Hatchback1984-1987
PEUGEOT2051.9 GTI1905944Hatchback1986-1987
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.9 GTI1905944Hatchback1987-1998
PEUGEOT2051.9 CTI1905754Convertible1987-1994
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.9 GTI1905884Hatchback1987-1994
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.9 GTI CAT1905754Hatchback1987-1994
PEUGEOT2051.9 GTI1905754Hatchback1987-1987
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.6 GTI1580854Hatchback1987-1989
PEUGEOT2051.9 CTi1905924Convertible1990-1992
PEUGEOT309 Mk II1.6 GTi1580854Hatchback1989-1993
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.91905774Hatchback1992-1997
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.8 XDT1769584Hatchback1990-1997
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