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VAICO V10-4180
Part Number(s):V10-4180
ProductName:Brake Hose
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
METZGER 4114796
AUDI 8D0 611 775 C
TRISCAN 8150 29225
BENDIX 172580B
ATE 83.6212-0160.3
TOPRAN 108 910
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Interchange Parts for VAICO V10-4180
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
METZGER 4114796 Brake Hose METZGER 4114796 Brake Hose Direct Details»
AUDI 8D0 611 775 C Brake Hose AUDI 8D0 611 775 C Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8150 29225 Brake Hose TRISCAN 8150 29225 Brake Hose Direct Details»
BENDIX 172580B Brake Hose BENDIX 172580B Brake Hose Direct Details»
ATE 83.6212-0160.3 Brake Hose ATE 83.6212-0160.3 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TOPRAN 108 910 Brake Hose TOPRAN 108 910 Brake Hose Direct Details»
DELPHI LH0220 Brake Hose DELPHI LH0220 Brake Hose Direct Details»
BOSCH 1 987 476 458 Brake Hose BOSCH 1 987 476 458 Brake Hose Direct Details»
CORTECO 19025844 Brake Hose CORTECO 19025844 Brake Hose Direct Details»
NK 854763 Brake Hose NK 854763 Brake Hose Direct Details»
AUDI 8A0 611 775 A Brake Hose AUDI 8A0 611 775 A Brake Hose Direct Details»
FTE 160.621E Brake Hose FTE 160.621E Brake Hose Direct Details»
GIRLING 9001291 Brake Hose GIRLING 9001291 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRW PHB351 Brake Hose TRW PHB351 Brake Hose Direct Details»
PEX 27.023 Brake Hose PEX 27.023 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRW PHA291 Brake Hose TRW PHA291 Brake Hose Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BFH 4920 Brake Hose QUINTON HAZELL BFH 4920 Brake Hose Direct Details»
CEF 511225 Brake Hose CEF 511225 Brake Hose Direct Details»
A.B.S. SL 3582 Brake Hose A.B.S. SL 3582 Brake Hose Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 440019025844 Brake Hose MAGNETI MARELLI 440019025844 Brake Hose Direct Details»
MEYLE 100 611 0084 Brake Hose MEYLE 100 611 0084 Brake Hose Direct Details»
JP GROUP 611650004 Brake Hose JP GROUP 611650004 Brake Hose Direct Details»
FERODO FHY2414 Brake Hose FERODO FHY2414 Brake Hose Direct Details»
CEF 511396 Brake Hose CEF 511396 Brake Hose Direct Details»
DELPHI LH0396 Brake Hose DELPHI LH0396 Brake Hose Direct Details»
sbs 1330854763 Brake Hose sbs 1330854763 Brake Hose Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL HBS4685 Brake Hose QUINTON HAZELL HBS4685 Brake Hose Direct Details»
BREMBO T 85 069 Brake Hose BREMBO T 85 069 Brake Hose Direct Details»
TRW PHB262 Brake Hose TRW PHB262 Brake Hose Direct Details»
Brake ENGINEERING BH770220 Brake Hose Brake ENGINEERING BH770220 Brake Hose Direct Details»
MAPCO 3966 Brake Hose MAPCO 3966 Brake Hose Direct Details»
OPTIMAL BSL-1072 Brake Hose OPTIMAL BSL-1072 Brake Hose Direct Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 60379 Brake Hose ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 60379 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HP BH32322 Brake Hose HP BH32322 Brake Hose Direct Details»
LPR 6T46880 Brake Hose LPR 6T46880 Brake Hose Direct Details»
BREMBO T 85 063 Brake Hose BREMBO T 85 063 Brake Hose Direct Details»
SPIDAN 39723 Brake Hose SPIDAN 39723 Brake Hose Direct Details»
FENOX PH214796 Brake Hose FENOX PH214796 Brake Hose Direct Details»
REMKAFLEX 2557 Brake Hose REMKAFLEX 2557 Brake Hose Direct Details»
FENOX PH210046 Brake Hose FENOX PH210046 Brake Hose Direct Details»
KAGER 38-0088 Brake Hose KAGER 38-0088 Brake Hose Direct Details»
FIRST LINE FBH6895 Brake Hose FIRST LINE FBH6895 Brake Hose Direct Details»
REMKAFLEX 2547 Brake Hose REMKAFLEX 2547 Brake Hose Direct Details»
SPIDAN 39713 Brake Hose SPIDAN 39713 Brake Hose Direct Details»
HAVAM 127.023 Brake Hose HAVAM 127.023 Brake Hose Direct Details»
VAICO 10-4180 Brake Hose VAICO 10-4180 Brake Hose Direct Details»
GIRLING 9002351 Brake Hose GIRLING 9002351 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
BENDIX 172041B Brake Hose BENDIX 172041B Brake Hose Indirect Details»
MAPCO 3864 Brake Hose MAPCO 3864 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
A.B.S. SL 4886 Brake Hose A.B.S. SL 4886 Brake Hose Indirect Details»
Application of VAICO V10-4180
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDI802.0 E 16V quattro19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.0 E quattro1984854Saloon1991-1994
AUDI80S2 quattro22261695Saloon1993-1994
AUDI802.3 E quattro2309985Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.6 quattro25981106Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.8 quattro27711286Saloon1991-1994
AUDI80 AvantS2 quattro22261695Estate1993-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1992-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.8 quattro27711286Estate1992-1995
AUDIA41.8 quattro1781924Saloon1995-2000
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811104Saloon1995-2000
AUDIA42.6 quattro25981106Saloon1995-2000
AUDIA42.8 quattro27711286Saloon1995-1997
AUDI80 AvantRS2 quattro (P1)22262325Estate1994-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.3 E quattro2309985Estate1991-1994
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 quattro1781924Estate1996-2001
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811104Estate1996-2001
AUDIA4 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1996-2001
AUDIA4 Avant2.8 quattro27711286Estate1996-1996
AUDIA42.8 quattro27711426Saloon1996-2000
AUDIA4 Avant2.8 quattro27711426Estate1996-2001
AUDIA41.9 TDI quattro1896814Saloon1996-2000
AUDIA4 Avant1.9 TDI quattro1896814Estate1996-2001
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V quattro19841034Estate1992-1995
AUDIA42.4 quattro23931216Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA4 Avant2.4 quattro23931216Estate1997-2001
AUDIA4S4 quattro26711956Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA42.5 TDI quattro24961106Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA4 AvantS4 quattro26711956Estate1997-2001
AUDIA4 Avant2.5 TDI quattro24961106Estate1997-2001
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 T quattro17811324Estate1997-2001
AUDIA41.8 T quattro17811324Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA4 Avant1.9 TDI quattro1896854Estate2000-2001
AUDIA41.9 TDI quattro1896854Saloon2000-2000
AUDIA4 AvantRS426712806Estate2000-2001
AUDIA41.8 quattro1781854Saloon1995-2000
AUDIA4 Avant1.8 quattro1781854Estate1995-2001
AUDIA42.4 quattro23931206Saloon1997-2000
AUDIA4 Avant2.4 quattro23931206Estate1997-2001
AUDIA42.7 Turbo quattro26711696Saloon1999-2000
AUDIA42.7 Bi Turbo quattro26711876Saloon1998-1998
AUDI802.0 quattro1984794Saloon1993-1994
AUDI80 Avant2.0 quattro1984794Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.6 quattro25981026Estate1994-1996
AUDIA4 Avant2.8 quattro27711406Estate1999-2000
AUDIA4 Avant2.8 quattro27712806Estate2000-2001
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