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TEXTAR 23172 183 1 4 T4115
Part Number(s):23172 183 1 4 T4115
ProductName:Brake Pad Set
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
RENAULT 77 01 206 379
FTE BL1728A3
TEXTAR 2317203
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Interchange Parts for TEXTAR 23172 183 1 4 T4115
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
RENAULT 77 01 206 379 Brake Pad Set RENAULT 77 01 206 379 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TRW GDB1405 Brake Pad Set TRW GDB1405 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
DELPHI LP1744 Brake Pad Set DELPHI LP1744 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
FTE BL1728A3 Brake Pad Set FTE BL1728A3 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TEXTAR 2317203 Brake Pad Set TEXTAR 2317203 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
BARUM BA2219 Brake Pad Set BARUM BA2219 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TRUSTING 144.2 Brake Pad Set TRUSTING 144.2 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
BENDIX 573008B Brake Pad Set BENDIX 573008B Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
GIRLING 6114051 Brake Pad Set GIRLING 6114051 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
CIFAM 822-142-2 Brake Pad Set CIFAM 822-142-2 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
METELLI 22-0142-2 Brake Pad Set METELLI 22-0142-2 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ROADHOUSE 2208.00 Brake Pad Set ROADHOUSE 2208.00 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ICER 181438-700 Brake Pad Set ICER 181438-700  Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ATE 13.0460-2861.2 Brake Pad Set ATE 13.0460-2861.2 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ATE 13.0460-2895.2 Brake Pad Set ATE 13.0460-2895.2 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ATE 602895 Brake Pad Set ATE 602895 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 424 533 Brake Pad Set BOSCH 0 986 424 533 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 494 024 Brake Pad Set BOSCH 0 986 494 024 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
SBS 1501223946 Brake Pad Set SBS 1501223946 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
VALEO 598473 Brake Pad Set VALEO 598473 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
RAMEDER T0610161 Brake Pad Set RAMEDER T0610161 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
HP 7225 Brake Pad Set HP 7225 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
ICER 181438 Brake Pad Set ICER 181438 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
OPTIMAL 10438 Brake Pad Set OPTIMAL 10438 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
MAPCO 6452 Brake Pad Set MAPCO 6452 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
NK 223946 Brake Pad Set NK 223946 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
SWAG 60 91 6429 Brake Pad Set SWAG 60 91 6429 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
PAGID T9101 Brake Pad Set PAGID T9101 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
REMSA 0208.00 Brake Pad Set REMSA 0208.00 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
MEYLE 025 231 7218 Brake Pad Set MEYLE 025 231 7218 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
WOKING P3083.00 Brake Pad Set WOKING P3083.00 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
E.T.F. 12-0874 Brake Pad Set E.T.F. 12-0874 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
SPIDAN 32674 Brake Pad Set SPIDAN 32674 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
NECTO FD6899A Brake Pad Set NECTO FD6899A Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
NECTO FD6899N Brake Pad Set NECTO FD6899N Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
Brake ENGINEERING PA1297 Brake Pad Set Brake ENGINEERING PA1297 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
HERZOG GERMANY 88 7138 Brake Pad Set HERZOG GERMANY 88 7138 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8110 25011 Brake Pad Set TRISCAN 8110 25011 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
LPR 05P816 Brake Pad Set LPR 05P816 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
A.B.S. 37138 Brake Pad Set A.B.S. 37138 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
A.B.S. 37138 OE Brake Pad Set A.B.S. 37138 OE Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TEXTAR 2317218314 Brake Pad Set TEXTAR 2317218314 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
FERODO FDB1420 Brake Pad Set FERODO FDB1420 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
FERODO FQT1420 Brake Pad Set FERODO FQT1420 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
FERODO FSL1420 Brake Pad Set FERODO FSL1420 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BP1228 Brake Pad Set QUINTON HAZELL BP1228 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
MINTEX MDB2561 Brake Pad Set MINTEX MDB2561 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
DELPHI LP1524 Brake Pad Set DELPHI LP1524 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161116 Brake Pad Set MAGNETI MARELLI 363702161116 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
TEXTAR 23172 183 1 4 T424 Brake Pad Set TEXTAR 23172 183 1 4 T424 Brake Pad Set Direct Details»
Application of TEXTAR 23172 183 1 4 T4115
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.8 (B56A/B)1794664Hatchback1993-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.2 D (B56F/2)2188614Hatchback1993-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I3.0 (B56E/R, B565)29631236Hatchback1993-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.0 (B56C/H/N)1998834Hatchback1993-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.0 16V (B56D/M)19481024Hatchback1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.8 (B56Z)1794694Hatchback1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA2.0 16V (K56D/M)19481024Estate1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.8 (K56S/T/0)1783664Estate1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.8 (K56Z)1794694Estate1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA2.0 (K56C/H)1998834Estate1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA2.2 D (K56F/2, S56F)2188614Estate1995-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i (BA0G)1998844Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTLAGUNA2.2 dT (K569)2188834Estate1996-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA3.0 (K56R, K565)29631236Estate1996-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.2 dT (B569)2188834Hatchback1996-2001
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.0 16V (B54L)19481004Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.2 dT (B54G)2188834Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.5 20V (B54F)24351215Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.6 i (JA0L)1598554MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.6 e (JA0F)1598664MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998844MPV1997-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 TDI1870694Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTLAGUNA I2.9 24V (B56V)29461406Hatchback1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic1.9 D (JA0J)1870474MPV1997-1999
RENAULTLAGUNA3.0 24V (K56V)29461406Estate1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dTi (BA08, BA0N)1870724Hatchback1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dTi (LA08, LA0N)1870724Saloon1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.9 dTi (DA0N)1870724Coupe1997-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.01994704Hatchback1993-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.9 dTi (B56J)1870724Hatchback1997-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.9 dTi (K56J)1870724Estate1997-2001
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II3.0 V629631236Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.8 16V (B563, B564)1783884Hatchback1998-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.8 16V (K563, K564)1783884Estate1998-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.6 16V (K568)1598794Estate1997-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.6 16V (B568, B561)1598794Hatchback1997-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dTi (KA0N)1870724Estate1999-2001
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.6 16V (JA0B, JA04, JA11)1598794MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.6 16V (KA0B, KA04, KA11)1598794Estate1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 i (LA0G)1998804Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998804MPV1999-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.6 16V (DA0B, DA04, DA11)1598794Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.6 16V (BA11, BA04, BA0B, BA1J)1598794Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.4 16V (DA0D, DA1H, DA0W, DA10)1390704Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.4 16V (LA0D, LA1H, lA0W, LA10)1390704Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet1.6 16V (EA0B, EA04, EA11)1598794Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.4 16V (JA0D, JA1H, Ja0W, JA10)1390704MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 i (EA0G)1998804Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i1998804Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet1.4 16V (EA0D, EA1H, EA0W, EA10)1390704Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.01998804Hatchback1999-2001
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.9 24V (B54N)29461406Hatchback1999-2000
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.9 dCi (B56W)1870794Hatchback1999-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA1.9 dCi (K56W)1870794Estate1999-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.0 16V (556A/B)19981034Hatchback1999-2001
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V IDE19981034MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V IDE (DA03, DA0P, DA14)19981034Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V IDE (EA03, EA0P, EA14)19981034Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II2.0 16V Sport (CB0M)19981244Hatchback2000-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V RX419981024MPV2000-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dCi RX41870754MPV2000-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dTi (JA0N)1870724MPV1999-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I2.0 16V (JA1B, JA1D)19981024MPV2000-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dCi (BA05, BA1F)1870754Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dCi (JA05, JA1F)1870754MPV1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 dCi (LA05, LA1F)1870754Saloon2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dCi (KA05, KA1F)1870754Estate2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.9 dCi (DA05, DA1F)1870754Coupe2001-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 dTi (BA1U)1870594Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.9 dTi (KA1U)1870594Estate2001-2014
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 dTi (JA1U)1870594MPV2001-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.8 16V (JA12, JA1R, JA1M, JA1A)1783854MPV2001-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I1.8 16V (BA06, BA12, BA1A, BA1M, BA1R)1783854Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.8 16V (LA06, LA12, LA1A, LA1M, LA1R)1783854Saloon2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Break1.8 16V (KA0S, KA12, KA1A, KA1M, KA1R)1783854Estate2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V19981024Coupe2002-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V19981024Convertible2002-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II2.0 16V Sport19981324Hatchback2004-2014
RENAULTLAGUNA2.0 16V (A56A/B)19981034Estate1999-2001
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.61598754MPV2001-2003
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.8 4x41783854MPV2000-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.019981024Hatchback1999-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.019481034Hatchback1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I2.01998844Hatchback1995-2001
RENAULTLAGUNA I I1.81783694Hatchback1995-2001
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 D1870694Hatchback1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I1.9 DCi1870774Hatchback1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦1.9 DCi1870774Coupe1999-2000
RENAULTSC¨¦NIC I1.9 D1870474MPV1999-2001
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