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Part Number(s):TCK2504
ProductName:Clutch Kit
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
VALEO 826 062
MAXGEAR 61-5122
ACDelco AC542K
FORD 1 078 351
FORD 1 116 679
FORD 1 303 758
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Interchange Parts for LUCAS ELECTRICAL TCK2504
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
VALEO 826 062 Clutch Kit VALEO 826 062 Clutch Kit Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 61-5122 Clutch Kit MAXGEAR 61-5122 Clutch Kit Direct Details»
ACDelco AC542K Clutch Kit ACDelco AC542K Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
FORD 1 078 351 Clutch Kit FORD 1 078 351 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
FORD 1 116 679 Clutch Kit FORD 1 116 679 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
FORD 1 303 758 Clutch Kit FORD 1 303 758 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
FORD 1423916 Clutch Kit FORD 1423916 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
FORD PX5417540C1B Clutch Kit FORD PX5417540C1B Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QKT 2141AF Clutch Kit QUINTON HAZELL QKT 2141AF Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
LuK 623-2517-09 Clutch Kit LuK 623-2517-09 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
UNIPART GCK 2318AF Clutch Kit UNIPART GCK 2318AF Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
NK 132550 Clutch Kit NK 132550 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
SACHS 3000-842-701 Clutch Kit SACHS 3000-842-701 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
TRW TCK2504 Clutch Kit TRW TCK2504 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
DELPHI HK07440 Clutch Kit DELPHI HK07440 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
NATIONAL CK 9426 Clutch Kit NATIONAL CK 9426 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
STATIM 100.627 Clutch Kit STATIM 100.627 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
AP Automotive Prod. KT7440 Clutch Kit AP Automotive Prod. KT7440 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
MECARM MK9617D Clutch Kit MECARM MK9617D Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
WESTLAKE WFD012 Clutch Kit WESTLAKE WFD012 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
BORG & BECK HK 7440 Clutch Kit BORG & BECK HK 7440 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
KAWE 961381 Clutch Kit KAWE 961381 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
sbs 1201132550 Clutch Kit sbs 1201132550 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
RAICAM RC7440 Clutch Kit RAICAM RC7440 Clutch Kit Indirect Details»
Application of LUCAS ELECTRICAL TCK2504
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDFOCUS2.0 16V1988964Hatchback1998-2004
FORDFOCUS2.0 16V1988964Saloon1999-2004
FORDFOCUS Clipper2.0 16V1988964Estate1999-2004
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