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BENDIX 561669B
Part Number(s):561669B
ProductName:Brake Disc
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
JURID 561669J
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Interchange Parts for BENDIX 561669B
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
DELPHI BG2613 Brake Disc DELPHI BG2613 Brake Disc Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BDC3830 Brake Disc QUINTON HAZELL BDC3830 Brake Disc Direct Details»
FERODO DDF440 Brake Disc FERODO DDF440 Brake Disc Direct Details»
MINTEX MDC796 Brake Disc MINTEX MDC796 Brake Disc Direct Details»
JURID 561669J Brake Disc JURID 561669J Brake Disc Direct Details»
NECTO WN728 Brake Disc NECTO WN728 Brake Disc Direct Details»
A.B.S. 16154 Brake Disc A.B.S. 16154 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BREMBO 09.5699.10 Brake Disc BREMBO 09.5699.10 Brake Disc Direct Details»
TRW DF1804 Brake Disc TRW DF1804 Brake Disc Direct Details»
ZIMMERMANN 290.2257.00 Brake Disc ZIMMERMANN 290.2257.00 Brake Disc Direct Details»
JAGUAR JLM20341 Brake Disc JAGUAR JLM20341 Brake Disc Direct Details»
LPR J1011V Brake Disc LPR J1011V Brake Disc Direct Details»
DELPHI BG613 Brake Disc DELPHI BG613 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BOSCH 0 986 478 691 Brake Disc BOSCH 0 986 478 691 Brake Disc Direct Details»
FREMAX BD 2519 Brake Disc FREMAX BD 2519 Brake Disc Direct Details»
GIRLING 6018041 Brake Disc GIRLING 6018041 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BRADI 1230624 Brake Disc BRADI 1230624 Brake Disc Direct Details»
JAGUAR JLM 12304 Brake Disc JAGUAR JLM 12304 Brake Disc Direct Details»
FTE BS3830 Brake Disc FTE BS3830 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BREMBO 09.8955.10 Front Brake Rotor BREMBO 09.8955.10 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
PAGID 51406 Brake Disc PAGID 51406 Brake Disc Direct Details»
WAGNER BD125073 Front Disc Brake Rotor WAGNER BD125073 Front Disc Brake Rotor Direct Details»
BRECO BS 8455 Brake Disc BRECO BS 8455 Brake Disc Direct Details»
SEBRO 3507 Brake Disc SEBRO 3507 Brake Disc Direct Details»
AP 24831 Brake Disc AP 24831 Brake Disc Direct Details»
fri.tech. DF882 Brake Disc fri.tech. DF882 Brake Disc Direct Details»
ATE 24.0128-0138.1 Brake Disc ATE 24.0128-0138.1 Brake Disc Direct Details»
TRUSTING DF882 Brake Disc TRUSTING DF882 Brake Disc Direct Details»
BENDIX PRT1843 Front Brake Rotor BENDIX PRT1843 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
CENTRIC 120.20009 Front Brake Rotor CENTRIC 120.20009 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
ATE 24.1128-0138.1 Brake Disc ATE 24.1128-0138.1 Brake Disc Direct Details»
ROADHOUSE 6802.10 Brake Disc ROADHOUSE 6802.10 Brake Disc Direct Details»
REMSA 6802.10 Brake Disc REMSA 6802.10 Brake Disc Direct Details»
AIMCO 34053 Front Brake Rotor AIMCO 34053 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
PILENGA V823 Brake Disc PILENGA V823 Brake Disc Direct Details»
ACDelco 18A741 Front Brake Rotor ACDelco 18A741 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
RAYBESTOS 96586 Front Brake Rotor RAYBESTOS 96586 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
NK 201220 Brake Disc NK 201220 Brake Disc Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8120 10160 Brake Disc TRISCAN 8120 10160 Brake Disc Direct Details»
PEX 14.0258 Brake Disc PEX 14.0258 Brake Disc Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL BSF3830 Brake Disc QUINTON HAZELL BSF3830 Brake Disc Direct Details»
DAIMLER JLM1826 Brake Disc DAIMLER JLM1826 Brake Disc Direct Details»
RAYBESTOS 980006 Brake Disc RAYBESTOS 980006 Brake Disc Direct Details»
RAYBESTOS 980006R Front Brake Rotor RAYBESTOS 980006R Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
ACDelco 18A1299 Front Brake Rotor ACDelco 18A1299 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
WOKING P6802.10 Brake Disc WOKING P6802.10 Brake Disc Direct Details»
AIMCO 34183 Front Brake Rotor AIMCO 34183 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
AIMCO 10134183 Front Brake Rotor AIMCO 10134183 Front Brake Rotor Direct Details»
HP 57319 Brake Disc HP 57319 Brake Disc Direct Details»
SBS 1815201220 Brake Disc SBS 1815201220 Brake Disc Direct Details»
Application of BENDIX 561669B
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
JAGUARXJ12 H.E.534321712Saloon1981-1992
JAGUARXJ6 3.635901456Saloon1986-1989
JAGUARXJ6 3.635901566Saloon1986-1989
JAGUARXJ6 3.2 24V32391466Saloon1990-1994
JAGUARXJ6 4.039801636Saloon1989-1994
JAGUARXJV12 6.0599322912Saloon1993-1994
JAGUARXJ6 2.929191086Saloon1986-1990
JAGUARXJ6 2.929191176Saloon1986-1990
JAGUARXJ6 Sovereign 4.039801776Saloon1994-1997
JAGUARXJR Super Charged 4.039802356Saloon1994-1997
JAGUARXJ6 3.232391556Saloon1994-1997
JAGUARXJ12 6.0599322912Saloon1994-1997
DAIMLERXJ 40, 81Sovereign 4.039801636Saloon1989-1994
DAIMLERDAIMLERSix 4.039801776Saloon1994-2014
JAGUARXJ6 2.929191236Saloon1986-1990
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