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OE 1 659 588
Part Number(s):1 659 588
ProductName:Shock Rubber Stop
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SKF VKDA 40407 T
OE 6 174 263
OE 6 203 826
OE 7 234 729
OE 95 AB 5599 AA
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Interchange Parts for OE 1 659 588
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SKF VKDA 40407 T Shock Rubber Stop SKF VKDA 40407 T Shock Rubber Stop Direct Details»
OE 6 174 263 Shock Rubber Stop OE 6 174 263 Shock Rubber Stop Direct Details»
OE 6 203 826 Shock Rubber Stop OE 6 203 826 Shock Rubber Stop Direct Details»
OE 7 234 729 Shock Rubber Stop OE 7 234 729 Shock Rubber Stop Direct Details»
OE 95 AB 5599 AA Shock Rubber Stop OE 95 AB 5599 AA Shock Rubber Stop Direct Details»
GABRIEL 42729 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 42729 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51042 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51042 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51049 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51049 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51051 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51051 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51081 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51081 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51082 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51082 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL 51084 Shock Absorber GABRIEL 51084 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51042 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51042 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51049 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51049 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51051 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51051 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51066 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51066 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51081 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51081 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51082 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51082 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51084 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51084 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
GABRIEL G51201 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G51201 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 243034 Shock Absorber KYB 243034 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 341801 Shock Absorber KYB 341801 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 341802 Shock Absorber KYB 341802 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 341900 Shock Absorber KYB 341900 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 341951 Shock Absorber KYB 341951 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 343273 Shock Absorber KYB 343273 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 351801 Shock Absorber KYB 351801 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 441801 Shock Absorber KYB 441801 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 441900 Shock Absorber KYB 441900 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 441951 Shock Absorber KYB 441951 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
KYB 443278 Shock Absorber KYB 443278 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
FLENNOR FL5245-J Suspension Strut Mounting FLENNOR FL5245-J Suspension Strut Mounting Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 14507 Strut Mount FEBI BILSTEIN 14507 Strut Mount Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 35680/2 Suspension Strut Repair Kit ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 35680/2 Suspension Strut Repair Kit Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL F8-6356 Suspension Strut Mounting OPTIMAL F8-6356 Suspension Strut Mounting Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A29-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A29-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A-29-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A-29-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A29-P Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A29-P Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A53-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A53-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A53-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A53-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-A59-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-A59-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B11-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B11-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B79-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B79-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B79-F Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B79-F Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B81-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B81-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B81-F Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B81-F Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 27-B87-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 27-B87-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 36-A57-0 Shock Absorber BOGE 36-A57-0 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 87-230-A Strut Mount BOGE 87-230-A Strut Mount Indirect Details»
SACHS 105 798 Shock Absorber SACHS 105 798 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Application of OE 1 659 588
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.11119404Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.41391544Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.8 D1753444Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.11119374Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.3 CAT1299444Hatchback1991-1997
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.41391524Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.6 XR2i1598764Hatchback1989-1993
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.8 16V1796774Hatchback1992-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.8 XR2i 16V1796964Hatchback1992-1995
FORDCOURIER1.8 D1753444Box1991-1996
FORDESCORT Mk V1.31299444Hatchback1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.8 D1753444Hatchback1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.41392524Hatchback1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.61598774Hatchback1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.8 16V XR3i1796774Hatchback1992-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.8 16V XR3i1796964Hatchback1992-1992
FORDESCORT Mk VRS 200019981104Hatchback1991-1992
FORDORION Mk III1.31299444Saloon1990-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.8 D1753444Saloon1990-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.8 TD1753664Saloon1992-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.41391524Saloon1990-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.6 i 16V1597664Saloon1992-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.6 i1598774Saloon1990-1992
FORDORION Mk III1.8 i 16V1796774Saloon1992-1993
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 TD1753664Hatchback1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.41391524Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 i 16V1597664Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VIRS Cosworth 4x419941624Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk V1.41392524Convertible1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.61598774Convertible1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.8 16V XR3i1796774Convertible1992-1992
FORDESCORT Mk V1.8 16V XR3i1796964Convertible1992-1992
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 16V XR3i1597664Convertible1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VIRS 2000 4x419981104Hatchback1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 XR3i 16V 4x41796774Hatchback1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 XR3i 16V 4x41796964Hatchback1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.41391554Hatchback1994-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.41391554Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 i 16V1597654Hatchback1994-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 i 16V1597654Saloon1994-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.61597654Hatchback1989-1994
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.4 CAT1391544Hatchback1989-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.4 i1391554Convertible1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 i 16V1597654Convertible1994-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 16V1796854Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 Turbo D1753514Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.41391554Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.6 16V1597664Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 TD1753664Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.41391554Convertible1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.6 16V XR3i1597654Convertible1995-1996
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.6 16V XR3i1597664Convertible1995-1999
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.31299444Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.31299444Hatchback1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 TD1753664Convertible1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 16V XR3i1796854Convertible1995-1998
FORDESCORT Mk V1.61598664Hatchback1990-1992
FORDESCORT '951.41391544Box1995-2014
FORDESCORT '951.8 D1753444Box1995-2014
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.6 Turbo (FBJT)1598964Hatchback1990-1992
FORDORION Mk III1.8 i 16V1796964Saloon1992-1993
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 Turbo D1753514Convertible1996-1999
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.01001334Hatchback1989-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.6 XR2i1597814Hatchback1989-1994
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.6 i 16V1597654Hatchback1994-1995
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.31299444Hatchback1989-1992
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.6 i 16V1597664Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT '951.8 Turbo D1753514Box1995-2001
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 i 16V1796774Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 i 16V1796774Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 16V1796774Hatchback1995-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.41392524Convertible1992-1994
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.31299444Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.41392524Saloon1993-1994
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 TD1753664Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.6 i 16V1597654Hatchback1995-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VIRS 200019981104Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 D1753444Hatchback1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 D1753444Hatchback1995-1996
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 D1753444Saloon1993-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 16V XR3i1796964Convertible1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 16V XR3i1796774Convertible1992-1995
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 16V XR3i1796964Convertible1995-2000
FORDESCORT Mk VII1.8 16V XR3i1796774Convertible1995-1998
FORDFIESTA Mk III1.8 TD1753574Hatchback1993-1995
FORDORION Mk III1.41392544Saloon1990-1993
FORDORION Mk III1.61598664Saloon1990-1992
FORDESCORT Mk VI1.8 16V XR3i1796964Hatchback1992-1995
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