VEMO V95-72-0018
Part Number(s):V95-72-0018
ProductName:Camshaft Position Sensor
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
METZGER 0903055
ERA 550329
MEAT & DORIA 87402
HYUNDAI 39310-38050
KIA 39310-38050
FACET 9.0335
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Interchange Parts for VEMO V95-72-0018
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
METZGER 0903055 Camshaft Position Sensor METZGER 0903055 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
ERA 550329 Camshaft Position Sensor ERA 550329 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
MEAT & DORIA 87402 Camshaft Position Sensor MEAT & DORIA 87402 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
HYUNDAI 39310-38050 Camshaft Position Sensor HYUNDAI 39310-38050 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
KIA 39310-38050 Camshaft Position Sensor KIA 39310-38050 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
FACET 9.0335 Camshaft Sensor FACET 9.0335 Camshaft Sensor Direct Details»
VOLVO 30 874 179 Camshaft Position Sensor VOLVO 30 874 179 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 32575 Camshaft Position Sensor FEBI BILSTEIN 32575 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD 19001 Camshaft Position Sensor STANDARD 19001 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
HOFFER 7517402 Camshaft Position Sensor HOFFER 7517402 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
SWAG 90 93 2575 Camshaft Position Sensor SWAG 90 93 2575 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL SEB1004 Camshaft Position Sensor LUCAS ELECTRICAL SEB1004 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
SWAG 80 93 2081 Camshaft Position Sensor SWAG 80 93 2081 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
STANDARD EPS089 Camshaft Position Sensor STANDARD EPS089 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 32081 Camshaft Position Sensor FEBI BILSTEIN 32081 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
VEMO 95-72-0018 Camshaft Position Sensor VEMO 95-72-0018 Camshaft Position Sensor Direct Details»
HELLA 6PU 009 121-801 Camshaft Position Sensor HELLA 6PU 009 121-801 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
SIDAT 83.347 Camshaft Position Sensor SIDAT 83.347 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
FISPA 83.347 Camshaft Position Sensor FISPA 83.347 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI J5T2-3071A Camshaft Position Sensor MITSUBISHI J5T2-3071A Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADC47204 Camshaft Position Sensor BLUE PRINT ADC47204 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MD327107 Camshaft Position Sensor MITSUBISHI MD327107 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
INTERMOTOR 19001 Camshaft Position Sensor INTERMOTOR 19001 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
Auto7 040-0007 Camshaft Position Sensor Auto7 040-0007 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
INTERAMERICAN MOTOR CYA-062 Camshaft Position Sensor INTERAMERICAN MOTOR CYA-062 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
WD EXPRESS 802 23028 534 Camshaft Position Sensor WD EXPRESS 802 23028 534 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
STANDARD T-SERIES PC373T Camshaft Position Sensor STANDARD T-SERIES PC373T Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
ERA 550525 Camshaft Position Sensor ERA 550525 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
WALKER PRODUCTS 2351051 Camshaft Position Sensor WALKER PRODUCTS 2351051 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
LUCAS CAV SEB1004 Camshaft Position Sensor LUCAS CAV SEB1004 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
IMC 802 23028 534 Camshaft Position Sensor IMC 802 23028 534 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
STANDARD MOTOR PC373 Camshaft Position Sensor STANDARD MOTOR PC373 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS PC373 Cam Position Sensor STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS PC373 Cam Position Sensor Indirect Details»
WELLS SU4976 Camshaft Position Sensor WELLS SU4976 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI J005T23071A Camshaft Position Sensor MITSUBISHI J005T23071A Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
OE 30874179 Camshaft Sensor OE 30874179 Camshaft Sensor Indirect Details»
OE 39310 38050 Camshaft Sensor OE 39310 38050 Camshaft Sensor Indirect Details»
OE J5T23071A Camshaft Sensor OE J5T23071A Camshaft Sensor Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 5S1301 Camshaft Position Sensor AIRTEX 5S1301 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
EPS 1.953.335 Camshaft Position Sensor EPS 1.953.335 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
KW 453 335 Camshaft Position Sensor KW 453 335 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
CARQUEST 71-4605 Camshaft Position Sensor CARQUEST 71-4605 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
HELLA 6PU?009?121-801 Camshaft Position Sensor HELLA 6PU?009?121-801 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
ACDelco 213-2459 Camshaft Position Sensor ACDelco 213-2459 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
ASHUKI C440-10 Camshaft Position Sensor ASHUKI C440-10 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
OES 3931038050 Camshaft Position Sensor OES 3931038050 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 180-0350 Camshaft Position Sensor BECK/ARNLEY 180-0350 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL ENGINE MANAGEMENT 96038 Camshaft Position Sensor ORIGINAL ENGINE MANAGEMENT 96038 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
AutoZone SU4976 Camshaft Position Sensor AutoZone SU4976 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
Forecast 96038 Sensor Forecast 96038 Sensor Indirect Details»
Application of VEMO V95-72-0018
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
HYUNDAIATOZ1.0 i999404Hatchback1998-2002
HYUNDAISONATA Mk III2.0 16V19971004Saloon1998-2001
HYUNDAISONATA Mk III2.4 16V23511054Saloon1998-2001
VOLVOS40 I1.8 i1834924Saloon1998-2003
VOLVOV401.8 i1834924Estate1998-2004
HYUNDAISANTA F I2.4 16V23511004Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAIAMICA1.0 i999404Hatchback1999-2014
HYUNDAISANTA F I2.4 16V 4x423511004Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAIATOZ1.0 i999434Hatchback2001-2014
HYUNDAIAMICA1.0 i999434Hatchback2001-2014
HYUNDAISANTA F I2.4 16V23511074Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAISANTA F I2.4 16V 4x423511074Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAISONATA Mk III2.0 16V1997964Saloon2001-2004
VOLVOS40 I1.8 i1834904Saloon2001-2003
VOLVOV401.8 i1834904Estate2001-2004
KIASORENTO2.423511024Closed Off-Road Vehicle2002-2014
HYUNDAISANTA F I2.01997994Closed Off-Road Vehicle2001-2006
HYUNDAIH 2002.423511074Box2001-2014
HYUNDAIH 2002.423511074Bus2001-2014
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