Part Number(s):OX 258 D
ProductName:Oil Filter
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
UFI 25.024.00
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Interchange Parts for KNECHT OX 258 D
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
UFI 25.024.00 Oil Filter UFI 25.024.00 Oil Filter Direct Details»
MANN-FILTER HU 69/2 x Oil Filter MANN-FILTER HU 69/2 x Oil Filter Direct Details»
SOFIMA S 5024 PE Oil Filter SOFIMA S 5024 PE Oil Filter Direct Details»
PURFLUX L264A Oil Filter PURFLUX L264A Oil Filter Direct Details»
TECNOCAR OP115 Oil Filter TECNOCAR OP115 Oil Filter Direct Details»
HENGST FILTER E630H D103 Oil Filter HENGST FILTER E630H D103 Oil Filter Direct Details»
FRAM CH9018ECO Oil Filter FRAM CH9018ECO Oil Filter Direct Details»
VAICO V40-0087 Oil Filter VAICO V40-0087 Oil Filter Direct Details»
BOSCH 1 457 429 183 Oil Filter BOSCH 1 457 429 183 Oil Filter Direct Details»
PUROLATOR L15436 Oil Filter PUROLATOR L15436 Oil Filter Direct Details»
OPEL 5 650 331 Oil Filter OPEL 5 650 331 Oil Filter Direct Details»
OPEL 5 650 336 Oil Filter OPEL 5 650 336 Oil Filter Direct Details»
OPEL 5 650 337 Oil Filter OPEL 5 650 337 Oil Filter Direct Details»
SAAB 12575810 Oil Filter SAAB 12575810 Oil Filter Direct Details»
CLEAN FILTERS ML 1717 Oil Filter CLEAN FILTERS ML 1717 Oil Filter Direct Details»
FILTRON OE 648/3 Oil Filter FILTRON OE 648/3 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 90537280 Oil Filter GM 90537280 Oil Filter Direct Details»
HENGST FILTER E630H02 D103 Oil Filter HENGST FILTER E630H02 D103 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 12605566 Oil Filter GM 12605566 Oil Filter Direct Details»
MEAT & DORIA 14025 Oil Filter MEAT & DORIA 14025 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 12579143 Oil Filter GM 12579143 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 9194746 Oil Filter GM 9194746 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 93175493 Oil Filter GM 93175493 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 93171212 Oil Filter GM 93171212 Oil Filter Direct Details»
SATURN 22685727 Oil Filter SATURN 22685727 Oil Filter Direct Details»
HOFFER 14025 Oil Filter HOFFER 14025 Oil Filter Direct Details»
WIX FILTERS 57082 Oil Filter WIX FILTERS 57082 Oil Filter Direct Details»
ASHIKA 10-ECO019 Oil Filter ASHIKA 10-ECO019 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 650 315 Oil Filter GM 650 315 Oil Filter Direct Details»
BALDWIN P1445 Oil Filter BALDWIN P1445 Oil Filter Direct Details»
JAPANPARTS FO-ECO019 Oil Filter JAPANPARTS FO-ECO019 Oil Filter Direct Details»
UNIFLUX FILTERS XOE315 Oil Filter UNIFLUX FILTERS XOE315 Oil Filter Direct Details»
FIAT 71 739 396 Oil Filter FIAT 71 739 396 Oil Filter Direct Details»
MEAT & DORIA 14076 Oil Filter MEAT & DORIA 14076 Oil Filter Direct Details»
JAPKO 1ECO019 Oil Filter JAPKO 1ECO019 Oil Filter Direct Details»
HOFFER 14076 Oil Filter HOFFER 14076 Oil Filter Direct Details»
OPEL 6 50 315 Oil Filter OPEL 6 50 315 Oil Filter Direct Details»
PURFLUX L 264 Oil Filter PURFLUX L 264 Oil Filter Direct Details»
HEXEN OC 3026 Oil Filter HEXEN OC 3026 Oil Filter Direct Details»
BLUE PRINT ADA102108 Oil Filter BLUE PRINT ADA102108 Oil Filter Direct Details»
MAPCO 64704 Oil Filter MAPCO 64704 Oil Filter Direct Details»
PUROLATOR L 15386 Oil Filter PUROLATOR L 15386 Oil Filter Direct Details»
KOLBENSCHMIDT 50 013 630 Oil Filter KOLBENSCHMIDT 50 013 630 Oil Filter Direct Details»
CHAMP P 3244 Oil Filter CHAMP P 3244 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 24460713 Oil Filter GM 24460713 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 21018801 Oil Filter GM 21018801 Oil Filter Direct Details»
GM 22685727 Oil Filter GM 22685727 Oil Filter Direct Details»
OPEL 48 04 935 Oil Filter OPEL 48 04 935 Oil Filter Direct Details»
BOSCH P 9183 Oil Filter BOSCH P 9183 Oil Filter Direct Details»
WIX FILTERS 51838 Oil Filter WIX FILTERS 51838 Oil Filter Direct Details»
Application of KNECHT OX 258 D
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
VAUXHALLANTARA2.423841234Closed Off-Road Vehicle2010-2014
VAUXHALLANTARA2.423841234Closed Off-Road Vehicle2010-2014
CADILLACBLS2.0 T AWD19981544Saloon2006-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T BioPower XWD19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T Bio Power19981474Estate2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T Bio Power XWD19981544Estate2008-2014
SAAB9-32.0 1,8 t BioPower19981294Estate2007-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 E85 Turbo19981624Hatchback2010-2014
OPELINSIGNIA Sports Tourer2.0 E85 Turbo19981624Estate2010-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo E8519981624Saloon2008-2014
CHEVROLETCAVALIER2.2 i2198864Saloon1994-2004
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV2.2 16V21981084Coupe2000-2014
OPELASTRA G2.2 16V21981084Coupe2000-2005
VAUXHALLVX2202.2 i21981084Convertible2000-2014
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.2 i 16V21981084Estate2000-2003
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Saloon1995-2001
VAUXHALLVECTRA2.2 i 16V21981084Estate1995-2001
OPELZAFIRA2.2 16V21981084MPV2000-2005
VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk I2.2 16V21981084MPV1998-2004
OPELASTRA G2.2 16V21981084Convertible2001-2005
OPELASTRA G2.2 16V21981084Hatchback2001-2005
OPELASTRA G2.2 16V21981084Saloon2001-2005
OPELASTRA G2.2 16V21981084Estate2001-2004
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV2.2 16V21981084Hatchback2001-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV2.2 16V21981084Saloon2001-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV2.2 16V21981084Estate2001-2014
VAUXHALLASTRA Mk IV2.2 16V21981084Convertible2001-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.2 16V21981084Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 16V21981084Saloon2002-2008
OPELVECTRA C GTS2.2 16V21981084Hatchback2002-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 16V21981084Hatchback2002-2008
OPELSIGNUM2.2 direct21981144Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C GTS2.0 16V Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2014
OPELSIGNUM2.0 Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Saloon2002-2014
VAUXHALLSIGNUM2.0 i Turbo19981294Hatchback2002-2008
VAUXHALLSIGNUM2.2 i21981144Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.0 16V Turbo19981294Saloon2003-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Hatchback2003-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Saloon2000-2008
OPELVECTRA C2.2 direct21981144Estate2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.0 Turbo19981294Estate2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Convertible2003-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Convertible2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C GTS2.2 direct21981144Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVECTRA C2.2 direct21981144Saloon2003-2014
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.0 16V Turbo19981294Estate2003-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 direct21981144Estate2003-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 direct21981144Saloon2002-2008
VAUXHALLVECTRA Mk II2.2 direct21981144Hatchback2003-2005
SAAB9-32.0 t19981104Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t19981294Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981544Estate2005-2014
FIATCROMA2.2 16V21981084Estate2005-2014
ALFA ROMEO1591.9 JTS18591184Saloon2005-2014
ALFA ROMEO1592.2 JTS21981364Saloon2005-2014
ALFA ROMEOBRERA2.2 JTS21981364Hatchback2006-2014
VAUXHALLZAFIRA Mk II2.221981104MPV2005-2014
ALFA ROMEO159 Sportwagon1.9 JTS18591184Estate2006-2014
ALFA ROMEO159 Sportwagon2.2 JTS21981364Estate2006-2014
ALFA ROMEOSPIDER2.2 JTS21981364Convertible2006-2014
CADILLACBLS2.0 T19981294Saloon2006-2014
CADILLACBLS2.0 T19981544Saloon2006-2014
CADILLACBLS2.0 T Flexpower19981474Saloon2007-2014
CADILLACBLS Wagon2.0 T19981294Estate2007-2014
CADILLACBLS Wagon2.0 T Flexpower19981474Estate2007-2014
CADILLACBLS Wagon2.0 T19981544Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-31.8 t BioPower19981104Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Estate2007-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981104Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981104Saloon2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981294Saloon2007-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo19981624Hatchback2008-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo19981624Saloon2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo19981624Saloon2008-2014
OPELINSIGNIA Sports Tourer2.0 Turbo19981624Estate2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo19981624Hatchback2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA SPORTS TOURER2.0 Turbo19981624Estate2008-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T XWD19981544Estate2008-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Saloon2008-2014
OPELINSIGNIA Sports Tourer2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Estate2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Saloon2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Hatchback2008-2014
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA SPORTS TOURER2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Estate2008-2014
OPELINSIGNIA2.0 Turbo 4x419981624Hatchback2008-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981294Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981474Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T BioPower19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981774Saloon2009-2014
SAAB9-32.0 Turbo XWD19981544Saloon2002-2014
SAAB9-3X2.0 T19981544Estate2009-2014
SAAB9-3X2.0 T BioPower19981544Estate2009-2014
SAAB9-31,8t BioPower19981294Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-32.0 t BioPower19981474Convertible2007-2014
SAAB9-31.8 t19981104Estate2005-2014
SAAB9-32.0 T19981474Estate2009-2014
SAAB9-52.0 T19981624Saloon2010-2014
SAAB9-52.0 T BioPower19981624Saloon2010-2014
SAAB9-52.0 T XWD19981624Saloon2010-2014
SAAB9-52.0 T BioPower XWD19981624Saloon2010-2014
CADILLACBLS Wagon2.0 T AWD19981544Estate2007-2014
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