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LEMFORDER 33823 01
Part Number(s):33823 01
ProductName:Tie Rod End
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MEYLE 616 020 0001
SWAG 40 71 0001
OPEL 1603 009
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Interchange Parts for LEMFORDER 33823 01
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
TRW JTE211 Tie Rod End TRW JTE211 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
MEYLE 616 020 0001 Tie Rod End MEYLE 616 020 0001 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 02625 Tie Rod End FEBI BILSTEIN 02625 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SWAG 40 71 0001 Tie Rod End SWAG 40 71 0001 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
OPEL 1603 009 Tie Rod End OPEL 1603 009 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
OPTIMAL G1-034 Tie Rod End OPTIMAL G1-034 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
OPTIMAL EL1354 Tie Rod End OPTIMAL EL1354 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
RTS 91-00301 Tie Rod End RTS 91-00301 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
DELPHI TA1135 Tie Rod End DELPHI TA1135 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
VAICO V40-0260 Tie Rod End VAICO V40-0260 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
TOPRAN 206 448 Tie Rod End TOPRAN 206 448 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
MOOG OP-ES-5569 Tie Rod End MOOG OP-ES-5569 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
MONROE L24020 Tie Rod End MONROE L24020 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
OCAP 0281884 Tie Rod End OCAP 0281884 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QR 1841S Tie Rod End QUINTON HAZELL QR 1841S Tie Rod End Direct Details»
METZGER 54003308 Tie Rod End METZGER 54003308 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
FLENNOR FL0016-B Tie Rod End FLENNOR FL0016-B Tie Rod End Direct Details»
MAPCO 19800 Tie Rod End MAPCO 19800 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
A.B.S. 230353 Tie Rod End A.B.S. 230353 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
PEX 12.02.050 Tie Rod End PEX 12.02.050 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
BIRTH RD0040 Tie Rod End BIRTH RD0040 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
NK 5033623 Tie Rod End NK 5033623 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QR3291S Tie Rod End QUINTON HAZELL QR3291S Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SPIDAN 44334 Tie Rod End SPIDAN 44334 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
DITAS A2-3617 Tie Rod End DITAS A2-3617 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
KAMOKA 999043 Tie Rod End KAMOKA 999043 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
METZGER 5-59 Tie Rod End METZGER 5-59 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
VAUXHALL 26 087 868 Tie Rod End VAUXHALL 26 087 868 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SASIC 9006374 Tie Rod End SASIC 9006374 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
OPEL 16 03 645 Tie Rod End OPEL 16 03 645 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
AUTOMEGA 3016030009 Tie Rod End AUTOMEGA 3016030009 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
DJPARTS DE1152 Tie Rod End DJPARTS DE1152 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SMART 451 338 00 37 Tie Rod End SMART 451 338 00 37 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SMART 451 338 01 37 Tie Rod End SMART 451 338 01 37 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
METZGER ME-126 Tie Rod End METZGER ME-126 Tie Rod End Direct Details»
SIDEM 9930 Tie Rod End SIDEM 9930 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 45703 Tie Rod End SPIDAN 45703 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 24020 Tie Rod End TRISCAN 8500 24020 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
OPEL 324050 Tie Rod End OPEL 324050 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
RUVILLE 915380 Tie Rod End RUVILLE 915380 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
RUVILLE 915301 Tie Rod End RUVILLE 915301 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
SIDEM 9043 Tie Rod End SIDEM 9043 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 24117 Tie Rod End TRISCAN 8500 24117 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
METZGER 8110102 Tie Rod End METZGER 8110102 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
OPTIMAL G1-1127 Tie Rod End OPTIMAL G1-1127 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 12178 01 Tie Rod End LEMFORDER 12178 01 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
KAMOKA 999930 Tie Rod End KAMOKA 999930 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
OPEL 26 087 868 Tie Rod End OPEL 26 087 868 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
BENDIX 040286B Tie Rod End BENDIX 040286B Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 12178 Tie Rod End LEMFORDER 12178 Tie Rod End Indirect Details»
Application of LEMFORDER 33823 01
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELCORSA A TR1.0993334Saloon1982-1992
OPELCORSA A1.0993334Hatchback1982-1993
OPELCORSA A TR1.2 S1196404Saloon1982-1993
OPELCORSA A TR1.2 N1196334Saloon1985-1987
OPELCORSA A1.2 S1196404Hatchback1982-1990
OPELCORSA A TR1.31297444Saloon1985-1987
OPELCORSA A TR1.3 S1297514Saloon1982-1987
OPELCORSA A1.3 S1297514Hatchback1982-1989
OPELCORSA A1.4 S1389534Hatchback1990-1993
OPELCORSA A1.5 D1488374Hatchback1987-1993
OPELCORSA A1.5 TD1488494Hatchback1988-1993
OPELCORSA A1.21196334Hatchback1982-1990
OPELCORSA A1.3 i1297444Hatchback1986-1990
OPELCORSA A1.4 i1389444Hatchback1990-1993
OPELCORSA A1.4 Si1389604Hatchback1991-1993
OPELCORSA A1.6 GSI1598724Hatchback1989-1993
OPELCORSA A1.6 GSI1598744Hatchback1988-1992
OPELVITA B1.5 D1488374Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.5 TD1488494Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.2 i1195334Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.4 i1389444Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.4 Si1389604Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.6 GSI 16V1598804Hatchback1993-2000
OPELVITA B1.4 i 16V1389664Hatchback1994-2000
OPELVITA B1.6 i 16V1598784Hatchback1994-2000
OPELCOMBO1.7 D1686444Box1994-2001
OPELTIGRA1.4 16V1389664Coupe1994-2000
OPELTIGRA1.6 16V1598784Coupe1994-1998
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 S1196404Hatchback1983-1990
VAUXHALLNOVA1.3 S1297514Hatchback1983-1989
VAUXHALLNOVA1.4 S1389554Hatchback1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.5 TD1488494Hatchback1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.6 GSI1598744Hatchback1988-1992
OPELVITA B1.7 D1686444Hatchback1996-2000
SMARTFORTWOelectric drive (451.391)20Coupe2010-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrioelectric drive20Convertible2010-2014
OPELCORSA A1.2 i1195334Hatchback1989-1993
OPELCORSA A1.2 N1196384Hatchback1990-1993
OPELCORSA A1.31297444Hatchback1985-1989
OPELCORSA A1.6 GSI CAT1598744Hatchback1992-1993
OPELCORSA A TR1.5 D1488374Saloon1987-1992
OPELCORSA A1.0993334Box1986-1989
OPELCORSA A1.21196334Box1986-1989
OPELCORSA A1.21196404Box1986-1989
OPELCORSA A1.31297444Box1986-1989
OPELCORSA A1.31297514Box1986-1989
OPELCORSA A1.5 D1488374Box1987-1989
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.4 Twinport1364664Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVITA B1.0 i 12V973403Hatchback1996-2000
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 i1196334Hatchback1985-1989
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 i CAT1195334Hatchback1989-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 N1196384Hatchback1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.3 i CAT1297444Hatchback1989-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.3 i1297444Hatchback1985-1989
VAUXHALLNOVA1.4 i1389444Hatchback1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.4 i S1389604Hatchback1991-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.6 GSI1598724Hatchback1989-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.6 GSI CAT1598744Hatchback1992-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.5 D1488374Hatchback1987-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 N1196334Saloon1985-1987
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 S1196404Saloon1982-1987
VAUXHALLNOVA1.3 i1297444Saloon1985-1987
VAUXHALLNOVA1.3 S1297514Saloon1982-1987
VAUXHALLNOVA1.5 D1488374Saloon1987-1993
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.0 i 12V973403Hatchback1996-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.2 i1195334Hatchback1993-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.4 i1389444Hatchback1993-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.4 i S1389604Hatchback1993-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.4 i 16V1389664Hatchback1994-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.6 i 16V1598784Hatchback1994-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.6 GSI 16V1598804Hatchback1993-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.5 D1488374Hatchback1993-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.5 TD1488494Hatchback1993-1996
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk II1.7 D1686444Hatchback1996-2000
VAUXHALLTIGRA Mk I1.4 16V1389664Coupe1994-2000
VAUXHALLTIGRA Mk I1.6 16V1598784Coupe1994-2000
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk I1.21195334Box1994-2001
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk I1.41389444Box1994-2001
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk I1.41389604Box1994-2001
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk I1.7 D1686444Box1994-2001
OPELCORSA A TR1.2 S1196434Saloon1982-1987
VAUXHALLNOVA1.2 S1196434Hatchback1988-1990
OPELCORSA A1.4 i1389404Hatchback1985-1993
OPELVITA B1.2 i 16V1199484Hatchback1998-2000
OPELVITA B1.4 i 16V1389674Hatchback1994-2000
IRMSCHERCOUPE1.6 16V1598784Coupe1997-2014
VAUXHALLNOVA1.4 S1389554Saloon1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVA1.5 TD1488494Saloon1990-1993
VAUXHALLNOVAVAN1.5 D1488374Box1991-1994
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk II1.4 i1389444Box1994-2000
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk II1.7 D1686444Box1994-2000
VAUXHALLCORSA1.4 i 16V1389664Convertible1998-2014
OPELCORSA B1.4 i1389444Box1999-2000
OPELCORSA B1.7 D1686444Box1999-2000
OPELVITA C1.0973433Hatchback2000-2014
OPELVITA C1.21199554Hatchback2000-2014
OPELVITA C1.81796924Hatchback2000-2014
OPELVITA C1.7 DTI1686554Hatchback2000-2014
OPELVITA C1.7 DI1686484Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.0 12V973433Hatchback2000-2003
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.2 16V1199554Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.8 16V1796924Hatchback2000-2006
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.7 DI 16V1686484Hatchback2000-2006
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.7 DTI 16V1686554Hatchback2000-2006
OPELCORSA A TR1.4 i1389444Saloon1989-1993
OPELCORSA A TR1.5 TD1488494Saloon1987-1993
OPELCORSA A1.6 GSI1598554Hatchback1988-1992
OPELCORSA A TR1.4 S1389534Saloon1989-1993
OPELCORSA A TR1.2 i1195334Saloon1989-1993
OPELVITA C1.41389664Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.4 16V1389664Hatchback2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.2 16V1199554Box2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.7 DI 16V1686484Box2000-2014
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.7 DTI 16V1686554Box2000-2014
OPELVITA B1.2 i1195334Hatchback1993-2000
OPELCOMBO1.7 DI 16V1686484Box Body / Estate2001-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.7 DI 16V1686484Box Body / Estate2001-2014
OPELCORSA C1.2 16V1199554Box2000-2014
OPELCORSA C1.7 DI 16V1686484Box2000-2014
OPELCORSA C1.7 DTI 16V1686554Box2000-2014
OPELCOMBO1.61598644Box Body / Estate2001-2014
OPELCOMBO1.7 DTI 16V1686554Box Body / Estate2001-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.61598644Box Body / Estate2001-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.7 DTI 16V1686554Box Body / Estate2001-2014
OPELTIGRA1.4 16V1389634Coupe1997-2000
OPELTIGRA1.6 16V1598744Coupe1997-1998
OPELVITA B1.4 i 16V1389634Hatchback1997-2000
OPELVITA B1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1997-2000
OPELCOMBO1.4 16V1389664Box1999-2001
OPELCOMBO Tour1.61598644MPV2001-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.7 DI 16V1686484MPV2001-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.7 DTI 16V1686554MPV2001-2014
OPELVITA C1.0998443Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVITA C1.3 CDTI1248514Hatchback2003-2014
OPELVITA C1.7 CDTI1686744Hatchback2003-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.7 CDTI 16V1686744Hatchback2000-2006
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.3 CDTI 16V1248524Hatchback2000-2006
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.3 CDTI 16V1248524Box2004-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.2 16V Dualfuel1199554Hatchback2001-2014
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.2 16V Dualfuel1199554Box2001-2014
OPELTIGRA TwinTop1.41364664Convertible2004-2014
OPELTIGRA TwinTop1.81796924Convertible2004-2014
VAUXHALLTIGRA TwinTop1.41364664Convertible2004-2014
VAUXHALLTIGRA TwinTop1.81796924Convertible2004-2014
OPELVITA C1.2 Twinport1229594Hatchback2004-2014
OPELTIGRA TwinTop1.3 CDTI1248514Convertible2004-2014
OPELVITA C1.4 Twinport1364664Hatchback2003-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.41364664MPV2004-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.3 CDTI 16V1248514MPV2004-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.4 i 16V1364664Box Body / Estate2004-2014
VAUXHALLTIGRA TwinTop1.3 CDTI1248514Convertible2004-2014
OPELCORSA A1.21196444Box1986-1990
OPELCOMBO1.4 16V1364664Box Body / Estate2005-2014
OPELCOMBO1.3 CDTI 16V1248514Box Body / Estate2005-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.3 CDTI 16V1248554MPV2005-2014
OPELCOMBO1.3 CDTI 16V1248554Box Body / Estate2005-2014
OPELCOMBO1.6 CNG 16V1598694Box Body / Estate2006-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.6 CNG1598694MPV2006-2014
OPELCOMBO1.7 CDTI 16V1686744Box Body / Estate2004-2014
OPELVITA B1.41389544Hatchback1993-1994
SMARTFORTWO1.0 Turbo (451.332)999623Coupe2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO1.0 (451.330, 451.334)999453Coupe2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO1.0 (451.331, 451.380)999523Coupe2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO0.8 CDi (451.300)799333Coupe2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 1.01.0 (451.431)999523Convertible2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 1.0 Turbo1.0 Turbo (451.432)999623Convertible2007-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 0.8 CDi0.8 CDi (451.400)799333Convertible2007-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.7 CDTI 16V1686744MPV2004-2014
SMARTFORTWO1.0 Brabus (451.333)999723Coupe2008-2014
VAUXHALLCORSA Mk III1.0 12V998443Hatchback2003-2014
OPELCORSA B1.61598714Box2005-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 1.0 Brabus1.0 Brabus (451.433)999723Convertible2008-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.3 CDTI 16V1248554Box Body / Estate2005-2014
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.7 CDTI 16V1686744Box Body / Estate2004-2014
OPELVITA C1.61598714Hatchback2005-2006
OPELCOMBO Tour1.61598624MPV2001-2014
OPELCOMBO1.6 CNG 16V1598714Box Body / Estate2005-2014
OPELCOMBO Tour1.6 CNG1598714MPV2005-2014
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk II1.5 D1488374Box1994-1995
VAUXHALLCORSAVAN Mk III1.41364664Box2003-2006
VAUXHALLCOMBO Mk II1.61598624Box Body / Estate2001-2004
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 0.8 CDi0.8 CDi (451.401)799403Convertible2009-2014
SMARTFORTWO0.8 CDi (451.391)799403Coupe2009-2014
SMARTFORTWO1.0 Turbo Brabus (451.333)999753Coupe2010-2014
SMARTFORTWO Cabrio 1.0 Turbo Brabus1.0 Turbo Brabus (451.433)999753Convertible2010-2014
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