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TOPRAN 104 413
Part Number(s):104 413
ProductName:Rubber Buffer For Suspension
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
VAICO V10-6011
AUDI 8A0 512 131 D
RUVILLE 835750
SWAG 30 91 8386
MAPCO 32821
BIRTH 50285
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Interchange Parts for TOPRAN 104 413
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
VAICO V10-6011 Rubber Buffer For Suspension VAICO V10-6011 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
AUDI 8A0 512 131 D Rubber Buffer For Suspension AUDI 8A0 512 131 D Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
RUVILLE 835750 Rubber Buffer For Suspension RUVILLE 835750 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
SWAG 30 91 8386 Rubber Buffer For Suspension SWAG 30 91 8386 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
MAPCO 32821 Rubber Buffer For Suspension MAPCO 32821 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
BIRTH 50285 Rubber Buffer For Suspension BIRTH 50285 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
AUTOMEGA 1051201318A0D Rubber Buffer For Suspension AUTOMEGA 1051201318A0D Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 30774 Rubber Buffer For Suspension ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 30774 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
JP GROUP 512640003 Rubber Buffer For Suspension JP GROUP 512640003 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE 07.30.106 Suspension Rubber Buffer TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE 07.30.106 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 20388 Rubber Buffer For Suspension LEMFORDER 20388 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
MALO 232422 Rubber Buffer For Suspension MALO 232422 Rubber Buffer For Suspension Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 18386 Suspension Rubber Buffer FEBI BILSTEIN 18386 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 20388 01 Suspension Rubber Buffer LEMFORDER 20388 01 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
MEYLE 100 742 0006 Suspension Rubber Buffer MEYLE 100 742 0006 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 72-0240 Suspension Rubber Buffer MAXGEAR 72-0240 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
MALĘ░ 232422 Suspension Rubber Buffer MALĘ░ 232422 Suspension Rubber Buffer Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8120 27133 Brake Disc TRISCAN 8120 27133 Brake Disc Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8170 34285 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 8170 34285 Brake Caliper Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8540 24207 Drive Shaft Joint Kit TRISCAN 8540 24207 Drive Shaft Joint Kit Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 20388 Suspension Rubber Buffer LEMFORDER 20388 Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
VEMO 10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer VEMO 10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 617 000 494 Suspension Rubber Buffer LEMFORDER 617 000 494 Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
VW 8A0 512 131 D Suspension Rubber Buffer VW 8A0 512 131 D Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
VAG 8A0 512 131 D Suspension Rubber Buffer VAG 8A0 512 131 D Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
VEMO V10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer VEMO V10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
VAICO 10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer VAICO 10-6011 Suspension Rubber Buffer Indirect Details»
BENDIX 145407 Brake Disc BENDIX 145407 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
BENDIX 692288 B Brake Caliper BENDIX 692288 B Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
BENDIX PRT5407 Disc Brake Rotor BENDIX PRT5407 Disc Brake Rotor Indirect Details»
HP 58139 Brake Disc HP 58139 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
ATE 13.2541-9999.2 Brake Caliper ATE 13.2541-9999.2 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
ATE 24.0112-0150.1 Brake Disc ATE 24.0112-0150.1 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
ATE 24.1112-0150.1 Brake Disc ATE 24.1112-0150.1 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
VAICO V95-40003 Brake Disc VAICO V95-40003 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL 64 033 603 Brake Caliper LUCAS ELECTRICAL 64 033 603 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL BCW 169 Brake Caliper LUCAS ELECTRICAL BCW 169 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
SBS 1815204845 Brake Disc SBS 1815204845 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 1115-08944110 Brake Disc TRISCAN 1115-08944110 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 1125-0986474760 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 1125-0986474760 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 1125-50285 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 1125-50285 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 1125-50589 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 1125-50589 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 1250-20388 Drive Shaft Joint Kit TRISCAN 1250-20388 Drive Shaft Joint Kit Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 237284 Brake Disc TRISCAN 237284 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 340285 Brake Caliper TRISCAN 340285 Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 46BG3502 Brake Disc TRISCAN 46BG3502 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TRISCAN FBD 1392 Brake Disc TRISCAN FBD 1392 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TRISCAN K 3148 H Brake Caliper TRISCAN K 3148 H Brake Caliper Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 92100800 Brake Disc TEXTAR 92100800 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
TEXTAR 98200 1008 0 1 Brake Disc TEXTAR 98200 1008 0 1 Brake Disc Indirect Details»
Application of TOPRAN 104 413
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
AUDI801.9 TD1896554Saloon1991-1994
AUDI801.9 TDI1896664Saloon1991-1994
AUDI801.6 E1595744Saloon1993-1994
AUDI802.0 E1984854Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.0 E 16V19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.3 E2309985Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.0 E 16V quattro19841034Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.0 E quattro1984854Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.3 E quattro2309985Saloon1991-1994
AUDI802.6 quattro25981106Saloon1992-1994
AUDI802.8 quattro27711286Saloon1991-1994
AUDI80 Avant2.01984664Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E1984854Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V19841034Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.3 E2309985Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.625981106Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.6 quattro25981106Estate1992-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.8 quattro27711286Estate1992-1995
AUDI80 Avant2.3 E quattro2309985Estate1991-1994
AUDI80 Avant1.9 TDI1896664Estate1992-1996
AUDI80 Avant1.6 E1595744Estate1993-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.827711286Estate1991-1996
AUDI80 Avant2.0 E 16V quattro19841034Estate1992-1995
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