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BIRTH 7062
Part Number(s):7062
ProductName:Steering Bellow
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MALĘ░ 7291
ALFA ROMEO 60724154
ALFA ROMEO 60 724 111
ALFA ROMEO 11600.23002.22/08
IPD 35-2432
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Interchange Parts for BIRTH 7062
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
MALĘ░ 7291 Steering Bellow MALĘ░ 7291 Steering Bellow Direct Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28467 Steering Bellow ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28467 Steering Bellow Direct Details»
ALFA ROMEO 60724154 Steering Bellow ALFA ROMEO 60724154 Steering Bellow Direct Details»
ALFA ROMEO 60 724 111 Steering Bellow ALFA ROMEO 60 724 111 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 11600.23002.22/08 Drive Shaft Bellow ALFA ROMEO 11600.23002.22/08 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
IPD 35-2432 Drive Shaft Bellow IPD 35-2432 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTEX 503437 Drive Shaft Bellow AUTEX 503437 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTEX 506148 Steering Bellow AUTEX 506148 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 7254 Steering Bellow MALĘ░ 7254 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
IPD 35-5143 Steering Bellow IPD 35-5143 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 11600 23002 34/08 Steering Bellow ALFA ROMEO 11600 23002 34/08 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 11608230022208 Steering Bellow ALFA ROMEO 11608230022208 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
ALFA ROMEO 11608230023409 Steering Bellow ALFA ROMEO 11608230023409 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8500 1205 Steering Bellow TRISCAN 8500 1205 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
MONROE L1205 Steering Bellow MONROE L1205 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
OCAP 0902518 Steering Bellow OCAP 0902518 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
OCAP 0902520 Steering Bellow OCAP 0902520 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
OCAP 0902527 Steering Bellow OCAP 0902527 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
OCAP 1211058 Steering Bellow OCAP 1211058 Steering Bellow Indirect Details»
BIRTH 4359 Stabilizer Coupling Rod Mounting BIRTH 4359 Stabilizer Coupling Rod Mounting Indirect Details»
Application of BIRTH 7062
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ALFA ROMEO751.6 (162.B2B, 162.B2C) CAT1567814Saloon1989-1992
ALFA ROMEO751.6 (162.B2B, 162.B2C)1567814Saloon1985-1989
ALFA ROMEO751.8 Turbo i.e. (162.B1E)17791144Saloon1986-1990
ALFA ROMEO751.8 (162.B1A, 162.B1B)1779854Saloon1985-1989
ALFA ROMEO751.8 (162.B1L, 162.B1F)1779884Saloon1988-1992
ALFA ROMEO751.8 (162.B1H)1779904Saloon1989-1992
ALFA ROMEO751.8 Turbo (162.B1C, 162.B1D, 162.B1G)17791104Saloon1986-1992
ALFA ROMEO752.0 (162.BA)1962944Saloon1985-1988
ALFA ROMEO752.0 T.S. (162.B4A)19621094Saloon1987-1988
ALFA ROMEO752.0 T.S. (162.4CB, 162.B4, 162.B4A)19621074Saloon1987-1992
ALFA ROMEO752.0 T.S (162.B4A) CAT19621094Saloon1985-1992
ALFA ROMEO752.0 TD (162.BD, 162.BG)1995704Saloon1985-1992
ALFA ROMEO752.5 V6 (162.B3)24921156Saloon1985-1986
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6A)29591366Saloon1987-1990
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6A) CAT29591366Saloon1987-1992
ALFA ROMEO753.0 V6 (162.B6C)29591416Saloon1990-1992
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA1.6 (116.B1A)1570794Saloon1975-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA1.81779854Saloon1974-1977
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA1.81779894Saloon1979-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA1.8 (116.B2)1779904Saloon1979-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA2.0 (116.55G, 116.56G)1962894Saloon1977-1980
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA2.0 (116.55F, 116.56F, 116.55N, 116.56N)1962974Saloon1978-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA2.0 TD (116.BA)1995604Saloon1979-1983
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA2.4 TD (116.B3)2393704Saloon1983-1984
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA1.3 (116.44A)1357664Saloon1977-1983
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA1.6 (116.50B)1570794Saloon1977-1985
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA1.8 (116.AA, 116.AB)1779904Saloon1979-1985
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA1.8 Turbo17791104Saloon1984-1985
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA2.0 (116.A1A)1962964Saloon1980-1985
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA2.0 Turbo19621254Saloon1983-1984
ALFA ROMEO752.4 TD2393824Saloon1989-1992
ALFA ROMEO751.8 (162.B1H)1773954Saloon1989-1992
ALFA ROMEOGIULIETTA2.0 TD1995614Saloon1983-1985
ALFA ROMEO751.61570764Saloon1985-1989
ALFA ROMEO752.5 V6 CAT24921136Saloon1986-1989
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