BIRTH 7274/A
Part Number(s):7274/A
ProductName:Driveshaft Bellow
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
RENAULT 77 01 467 125
TOPRAN 700 370
JAPKO 63238
MAL¨° 18725EL
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Interchange Parts for BIRTH 7274/A
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
RENAULT 77 01 467 125 Driveshaft Bellow RENAULT 77 01 467 125 Driveshaft Bellow Direct Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 31531 Driveshaft Bellow ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 31531 Driveshaft Bellow Direct Details»
TOPRAN 700 370 Drive Shaft Bellow TOPRAN 700 370 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
JAPKO 63238 Drive Shaft Bellow JAPKO 63238 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
JAPANPARTS KB-238 Drive Shaft Bellow JAPANPARTS KB-238 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
MAL¨° 18725EL Driveshaft Bellow MAL¨° 18725EL Driveshaft Bellow Direct Details»
ASHIKA 63-02-238 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHIKA 63-02-238 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
RENAULT 77 01 034 800 Drive Shaft Bellow RENAULT 77 01 034 800 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
MAL¨° 18725 Driveshaft Bellow MAL¨° 18725 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
BIRTH 7274 Driveshaft Bellow BIRTH 7274 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 23129 Drive Shaft Bellow SPIDAN 23129 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 4553 Driveshaft Bellow ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 4553 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 10354 Driveshaft Bellow FEBI BILSTEIN 10354 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 10355 Drive Shaft Bellow FEBI BILSTEIN 10355 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SASIC 4003440 Drive Shaft Bellow SASIC 4003440 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QJB 2540 Drive Shaft Bellow QUINTON HAZELL QJB 2540 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
EKG 923129 Drive Shaft Bellow EKG 923129 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
L?BRO 302936 Drive Shaft Bellow L?BRO 302936 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 96243578 CV Boot CHEVROLET 96243578 CV Boot Indirect Details»
PEX 8.078 Drive Shaft Bellow PEX 8.078 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
FARCOM 157468 Drive Shaft Bellow FARCOM 157468 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SKF VKJP 1038 Drive Shaft Bellow SKF VKJP 1038 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SKF VKJP 1277 Drive Shaft Bellow SKF VKJP 1277 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
RUVILLE 755508 Drive Shaft Bellow RUVILLE 755508 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J2860903 CV Boot NIPPARTS J2860903 CV Boot Indirect Details»
MAL¨° 18725KLR Drive Shaft Bellow MAL¨° 18725KLR Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MEYLE 16-14 495 0002 Drive Shaft Bellow MEYLE 16-14 495 0002 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SWAG 60 91 0355 Drive Shaft Bellow SWAG 60 91 0355 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MAPCO 18113 Drive Shaft Bellow MAPCO 18113 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
PROTECHNIC PRB298 Drive Shaft Bellow PROTECHNIC PRB298 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8540 25805 Drive Shaft Bellow TRISCAN 8540 25805 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 0858-3090 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHUKI 0858-3090 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8540 10812 CV Boot TRISCAN 8540 10812 CV Boot Indirect Details»
SWAG 60910354 Driveshaft Bellow SWAG 60910354 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
PROTECHNIC PRB292 Drive Shaft Bellow PROTECHNIC PRB292 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MEYLE 16-14 495 0001 Drive Shaft Bellow MEYLE 16-14 495 0001 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MAPCO 18112 Drive Shaft Bellow MAPCO 18112 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
JAPANPARTS 63-02-238 Drive Shaft Bellow JAPANPARTS 63-02-238 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
VAICO V46-0382 Drive Shaft Bellow VAICO V46-0382 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
RUVILLE 755501 Drive Shaft Bellow RUVILLE 755501 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MAL¨° 18739 Driveshaft Bellow MAL¨° 18739 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTOFREN SEINSA D8094 Drive Shaft Bellow AUTOFREN SEINSA D8094 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTOFREN SEINSA D8182T Drive Shaft Bellow AUTOFREN SEINSA D8182T Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTOFREN SEINSA D8184T Drive Shaft Bellow AUTOFREN SEINSA D8184T Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
AUTOFREN SEINSA D8285T Drive Shaft Bellow AUTOFREN SEINSA D8285T Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FCB2325 Driveshaft Bellow FIRST LINE FCB2325 Driveshaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 21842 Drive Shaft Bellow SPIDAN 21842 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
ASHIKA KB-238 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHIKA KB-238 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
KAGER 13-0317 Drive Shaft Bellow KAGER 13-0317 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
Application of BIRTH 7274/A
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
RENAULT191.4 (B/C532) CAT1397434Hatchback1989-1992
RENAULT19 Mk II1.4 (532)1397434Saloon1992-1995
RENAULT19 Mk II1.4 (B/C532)1397434Hatchback1992-1995
RENAULT191.4 (L532, L53P)1397434Saloon1988-1992
RENAULT212.1 Turbo-D (B486, B488, B48V)2068654Hatchback1989-1994
RENAULT212.1 Turbo-D (L48A, L48W, L487, L488)2068654Saloon1986-1994
RENAULT212.0 (B48R/Y)1995994Hatchback1990-1992
RENAULT21 Savanna2.1 D (K/S48V, K/S48O)2068534Estate1989-1992
RENAULT21 Savanna2.1 Turbo-D (K48A, K48W, K487, K488)2068654Estate1986-1993
RENAULTCLIO1.2 (B/C/S57A, B/C57S, 5/357F, 5/357J, 5/357L, 5/357R)1171434Hatchback1990-1998
RENAULTCLIO1.4 (B/C57T, B/C57Y)1390584Hatchback1991-1998
RENAULTTWINGO1.2 (C063, C064)1239404Hatchback1993-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE3.0 Biturbo 4x4 (B545)29631936Hatchback1993-1996
RENAULT19 Mk II1.4 (B/C535)1390554Hatchback1992-1995
RENAULT19 Mk II1.4 (L535)1390554Saloon1993-1995
RENAULTSAFRANE2.1 dT (B546)2068654Hatchback1993-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE2.2 (B541)2165794Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE2.2 (B543)21651014Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE3.0 V6 (B54B, B544)29631236Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE2.5 dT (B548)2500834Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULT21 Savanna2.1 D (K480)2068514Estate1992-1995
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i (BA0G)1998844Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 i (DA0G)1998844Coupe1996-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V (DA0H)19981084Coupe1996-1999
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.0 16V (B54L)19481004Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTSAFRANE3.0 V6 4x4 (B54B, B544)29631236Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.2 dT (B54G)2188834Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.5 20V (B54F)24351215Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTCLIO1.2 (5/357Y, 5/357K)1149434Hatchback1996-1998
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 i (LA07, LA0G)1998844Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic1.9 D (LA0A, LA0U)1870474Saloon1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998844MPV1997-1999
RENAULTTWINGO1.2 (C067)1149404Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULT212.0 Turbo (L48L)19951194Saloon1990-1992
RENAULT212.0 Turbo 4x4 (L48L)19951194Saloon1990-1992
RENAULT212.0 (L48R)1995994Saloon1990-1994
RENAULT21 Savanna2.0 (K48R)1995994Estate1990-1994
RENAULT212.0 4x4 (L48R)1995994Saloon1989-1994
RENAULT212.0 4x4 (B48R/Y)1995994Hatchback1990-1992
RENAULT21 Savanna2.1 D 4x4 (K486)2068484Estate1988-1992
RENAULT212.1 D (L480)2068514Saloon1992-1994
RENAULT212.1 D (L48V, L48O)2068534Saloon1989-1994
RENAULT212.1 D (B48V/B48O)2068534Hatchback1989-1992
RENAULT212.1 D (B480)2068514Hatchback1992-1994
RENAULT191.4 (B/C53P)1397434Hatchback1989-1989
RENAULTTWINGO1.2 (C066, C068)1149434Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V (EA0H)19981084Convertible1996-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 16V (BA0H)19981084Hatchback1996-2014
RENAULT212.0 (L48C)1995884Saloon1986-1993
RENAULT19 Mk II1.41390594Hatchback1992-1995
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 (EA0G)1998844Convertible1997-2014
RENAULT21 Savanna2.0 (K48C)1995884Estate1986-1993
RENAULT212.0 (B48C)1995884Hatchback1989-1993
RENAULTSAFRANE2.0 (B540)1995774Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULTCLIO Mk II1.2 (B/CB0F, B/CB0A, B/CB10, B/CB1K, B/CB2D, B/CB2H)1149434Hatchback1998-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II1.4 (B/CB0C)1390554Hatchback1998-2005
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II3.0 V629631236Hatchback1996-2000
RENAULTCLIO1.2 (B/C57R)1171404Hatchback1991-1996
RENAULTMEGANE I Classic2.0 i (LA0G)1998804Saloon1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE Scenic2.0 i (JA0G)1998804MPV1999-1999
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 i1998804Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 i (EA0G)1998804Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I2.0 i1998804Hatchback1999-2014
RENAULTSAFRANE Mk II2.9 24V (B54N)29461406Hatchback1999-2000
RENAULT21 Savanna1.9 D1870474Estate1986-1994
RENAULTSAFRANE2.0 12V (B542, B54E)1995974Hatchback1992-1996
RENAULT19 Mk II1.21237404Hatchback1992-1995
RENAULT19 Mk II1.21237404Box1992-1995
RENAULT19 Mk II1.41390594Box1992-1995
RENAULT211.9 D1870474Box1986-1994
RENAULT212.1 D2068494Box1986-1994
RENAULT21 Savanna2.0 4x41995884Estate1989-1993
RENAULT211.9 D (L48H, L48I)1870474Saloon1989-1993
RENAULT211.9 D (B48H, B48I)1870474Hatchback1989-1993
RENAULT212.0 (L489)1995754Saloon1986-1993
RENAULT212.0 Turbo 4x419951294Saloon1989-1993
RENAULTTWINGO Van1.2 (S063, S064)1239404Box1993-1996
RENAULTTWINGO Van1.2 (S066, S068)1149434Box1996-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V IDE (DA03, DA0P, DA14)19981034Coupe1999-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V IDE (EA03, EA0P, EA14)19981034Convertible1999-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II1.4 16V (B/CB0L)1390704Hatchback1999-2000
RENAULTCLIO1.2 (5/357Y, 5/357K)1149404Hatchback1996-1998
RENAULTCLIO1.2 (B/C/S577)1239404Hatchback1996-1996
RENAULTTWINGO1.2 16V (C06C, C06D, C06K)1149554Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II1.4 16V (B/CB0P)1390724Hatchback2000-2014
RENAULTCLIO Mk II1.2 16V (B/CB05)1149554Hatchback2001-2014
RENAULTMEGANE I Coup¨¦2.0 16V19981024Coupe2002-2003
RENAULTMEGANE I Cabriolet2.0 16V19981024Convertible2002-2014
RENAULTCLIO1.4 (B57J, C57J)1390554Hatchback1991-1998
RENAULTTWINGO1.2 16V (C060)1149444Hatchback2004-2014
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