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Part Number(s):1705.C2
ProductName:Catalytic Converter Mounting Kit
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
WALKER 20217
AS 15718D
KLARIUS 321350
MTS 04.3433
EEC CI8052
ASSO 10.0023
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Interchange Parts for CITROEN 1705.C2
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
WALKER 20217 Catalytic Converter WALKER 20217 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
AS 15718D Catalytic Converter AS 15718D Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
KLARIUS 321350 Catalytic Converter KLARIUS 321350 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
MTS 04.3433 Catalytic Converter MTS 04.3433 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
EEC CI8052 Catalytic Converter EEC CI8052 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
ASSO 10.0023 Catalytic Converter ASSO 10.0023 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 321350 Catalytic Converter QUINTON HAZELL 321350 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
BM CATALYSTS BM80039 Catalytic Converter BM CATALYSTS BM80039 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
BM CATALYSTS BM80039H Catalytic Converter BM CATALYSTS BM80039H Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
FONOS 20217 Catalytic Converter FONOS 20217 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
EEC CI8052T Catalytic Converter EEC CI8052T Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
KLARIUS 380150 Catalytic Converter KLARIUS 380150 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
MAGNAFLOW 80944D Catalytic Converter MAGNAFLOW 80944D Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
IMASAF 21.77.53 Catalytic Converter IMASAF 21.77.53 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 380150 Catalytic Converter QUINTON HAZELL 380150 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
MAGNAFLOW K289 Catalytic Converter Mounting Kit MAGNAFLOW K289 Catalytic Converter Mounting Kit Direct Details»
SIGAM 20163 Catalytic Converter SIGAM 20163 Catalytic Converter Direct Details»
ASMET 09.074 Repair Pipe, catalytic converter ASMET 09.074 Repair Pipe, catalytic converter Direct Details»
BOSAL 099-003 Catalytic Converter BOSAL 099-003 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
VENEPORTE CT15414K Catalytic Converter VENEPORTE CT15414K Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
CITROEN 1705-FA Catalytic Converter CITROEN 1705-FA Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
WALKER 20468 Catalytic Converter WALKER 20468 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
BOSAL 098-159 Catalytic Converter BOSAL 098-159 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
CITROEN 1705EY Catalytic Converter CITROEN 1705EY Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 321247 Catalytic Converter KLARIUS 321247 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 321253 Catalytic Converter KLARIUS 321253 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
ANSA 321350 Catalytic Converter ANSA 321350 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
CITROEN/PEUGEOT 1705C2 Catalytic Converter CITROEN/PEUGEOT 1705C2 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
ANSA 321247 Catalytic Converter ANSA 321247 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 321247 Catalytic Converter QUINTON HAZELL 321247 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
BOSAL 098-198 Catalytic Converter BOSAL 098-198 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
AS 15730D Catalytic Converter AS 15730D Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
VENEPORTE CT15183K Catalytic Converter VENEPORTE CT15183K Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
VENEPORTE CT15415 Repair Pipe, catalytic converter VENEPORTE CT15415 Repair Pipe, catalytic converter Indirect Details»
VENEPORTE CT1S414K Catalytic Converter VENEPORTE CT1S414K Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 380146 Catalytic Converter KLARIUS 380146 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
ARVIN 321247 Catalytic Converter ARVIN 321247 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
ARVIN 321350 Catalytic Converter ARVIN 321350 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
FABRISCAPE CT15718D/C Catalytic Converter FABRISCAPE CT15718D/C Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
FABRISCAPE CT15730D/C Catalytic Converter FABRISCAPE CT15730D/C Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
ROSI 321350 Catalytic Converter ROSI 321350 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
TIMAX 321350 Catalytic Converter TIMAX 321350 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
BOSAL 98159 Catalytic Converter BOSAL 98159 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
BOSAL 99003 Catalytic Converter BOSAL 99003 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
TESH 321350 Catalytic Converter TESH 321350 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 380146 Catalytic Converter QUINTON HAZELL 380146 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
MAGNAFLOW 80957D Catalytic Converter MAGNAFLOW 80957D Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
TESH 321247 Catalytic Converter TESH 321247 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
EBERSPACHER 13.8.56 Exhaust Pipe EBERSPACHER 13.8.56 Exhaust Pipe Indirect Details»
ANSA 360065 Catalytic Converter ANSA 360065 Catalytic Converter Indirect Details»
Application of CITROEN 1705.C2
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
CITROENXANTIA1.9 Turbo D1905664Hatchback1994-1998
CITROENXANTIA1.9 Turbo D1905664Estate1995-1998
CITROENXANTIA2.0 HDI 901997664Hatchback1999-2003
CITROENXANTIA2.0 HDI 901997664Estate1999-2003
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