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FIAT 7079934
Part Number(s):7079934
ProductName:Master Cylinder Brakes
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
METELLI 05-0291
ATE 20.5522-1093.3
CIFAM 202-291
LPR 1916
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Interchange Parts for FIAT 7079934
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
METELLI 05-0291 Master Cylinder Brakes METELLI 05-0291 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
ATE 20.5522-1093.3 Brake Master Cylinder ATE 20.5522-1093.3 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
CIFAM 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes CIFAM 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
FERODO FHM1268 Brake Master Cylinder FERODO FHM1268 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
DELPHI LM70355 Master Cylinder Brakes DELPHI LM70355 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
LPR 1916 Brake Master Cylinder LPR 1916 Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
A.B.S. 61062X Brake Master Cylinder A.B.S. 61062X Brake Master Cylinder Direct Details»
BREMBO M 23 037 Master Cylinder Brakes BREMBO M 23 037 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
fri.tech. PF237 Master Cylinder Brakes fri.tech. PF237 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
TRUSTING PF237 Master Cylinder Brakes TRUSTING PF237 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
KAGER 39-0278 Master Cylinder Brakes KAGER 39-0278 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
MALĘ░ 89054 Master Cylinder Brakes MALĘ░ 89054 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
HAVAM 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes HAVAM 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes Direct Details»
DELPHI LM70360 Brake Master Cylinder DELPHI LM70360 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
METZGER 202-279 Master Cylinder Brakes METZGER 202-279 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
TRW PMH944 Master Cylinder Brakes TRW PMH944 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
FIAT 46529339 Brake Master Cylinder FIAT 46529339 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
FIAT 7079435 Brake Master Cylinder FIAT 7079435 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
BENDIX 133050 B Brake Master Cylinder BENDIX 133050 B Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
CIFAM 202-279 Brake Master Cylinder CIFAM 202-279 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
VILLAR 621.2841 Master Cylinder Brakes VILLAR 621.2841 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
METELLI 05-0279 Brake Master Cylinder METELLI 05-0279 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
KAGER 39-0277 Brake Master Cylinder KAGER 39-0277 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
fri.tech. PF233 Brake Master Cylinder fri.tech. PF233 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
MALO 89475 Brake Master Cylinder MALO 89475 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
TRUSTING PF233 Brake Master Cylinder TRUSTING PF233 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
HP BM30821 Brake Master Cylinder HP BM30821 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
ATE 20.5522-1057.3 Master Cylinder Brakes ATE 20.5522-1057.3 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
FIAT 71739997 Master Cylinder Brakes FIAT 71739997 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
PEX 2.22 .397 Brake Master Cylinder PEX 2.22 .397 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
DELPHI LM70359 Brake Master Cylinder DELPHI LM70359 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
Brake ENGINEERING MC1484BE Master Cylinder Brakes Brake ENGINEERING MC1484BE Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
CIFAM 202-273 Brake Master Cylinder CIFAM 202-273 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
GIRLING 4006944 Master Cylinder Brakes GIRLING 4006944 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
METELLI 05-0273 Brake Master Cylinder METELLI 05-0273 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
LPR 1551 Brake Master Cylinder LPR 1551 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 360219130219 Master Cylinder Brakes MAGNETI MARELLI 360219130219 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
FIAT 7078629 Brake Master Cylinder FIAT 7078629 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
LANCIA 7078629 Master Cylinder Brakes LANCIA 7078629 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
BREMBO M 23 028 Master Cylinder Brakes BREMBO M 23 028 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
TRW PMF575 Master Cylinder Brakes TRW PMF575 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
TRUSTING PF229 Brake Master Cylinder TRUSTING PF229 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
HAVAM BM30821 Master Cylinder Brakes HAVAM BM30821 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
A.B.S. 61061X Brake Master Cylinder A.B.S. 61061X Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
ATE 010576 Master Cylinder Brakes ATE 010576 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
METELLI 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes METELLI 202-291 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MALĘ░ 89475 Master Cylinder Brakes MALĘ░ 89475 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
MGA MC2186 Master Cylinder Brakes MGA MC2186 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
NUOVA TECNODELTA 5011 Master Cylinder Brakes NUOVA TECNODELTA 5011 Master Cylinder Brakes Indirect Details»
fri.tech. PF229 Brake Master Cylinder fri.tech. PF229 Brake Master Cylinder Indirect Details»
Application of FIAT 7079934
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FIATFIORINO1.7 Diesel1697424Box1988-2014
FIATFIORINO75 i.e. 1.61581554Box1993-2001
FIATFIORINO70 i.e. 1.41372494Box1994-2001
FIATFIORINO60 1.7 D1698444Box1988-2000
FIATFIORINO60 1.7 D1697424Box1988-1996
FIATFIORINO65 1.7 TD1698464Box1997-2001
FIATPALIO Weekend1.2 (178DX.G1A)1242544Estate1996-2001
FIATPALIO Weekend1.6 16V (178DX.D1A)1581744Estate1996-2001
FIATPALIO Weekend1.7 TD (178DX.H1A)1698514Estate1996-2001
FIATSTRADA1.7 TD1698514Pickup1999-2014
FIATFIORINO Pick up1.61581554Pickup1994-2001
FIATFIORINO Pick up1.7 D1698444Pickup1988-1999
FIATFIORINO Pick up1.7 D1697424Pickup1993-1999
FIATFIORINO Pick up1.7 TD1698464Pickup1997-2001
FIATFIORINO70 1.31301494Box1988-1994
FIATFIORINO Pick up1.41372494Pickup1994-2001
FIATPALIO Weekend1.9 D (178DYD1A07)1910464Estate2001-2014
FIATPALIO Weekend1.2 (178DYA1A)1242444Estate2001-2014
FIATPALIO Weekend1.6 16V (178DYC1A06)1596764Estate2001-2014
FIATSTRADA1.9 D1910464Pickup2000-2014
FIATSTRADA1.9 JTD1910594Pickup2003-2014
FIATSTRADA1.3 D Multijet1248624Pickup2006-2014
FIATPALIO Weekend1.21242594Estate2001-2014
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