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SPIDAN 57145
Part Number(s):57145
ProductName:Tie Rod Assembly
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SPIDAN 45218
MAPCO 59809
SIDEM 57021
MEYLE 116 030 0011
TRISCAN 8500 29367
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Interchange Parts for SPIDAN 57145
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SPIDAN 45218 Tie Rod Assembly SPIDAN 45218 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
MAPCO 59809 Tie Rod Assembly MAPCO 59809 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
SIDEM 57021 Tie Rod Assembly SIDEM 57021 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
MEYLE 116 030 0011 Tie Rod Assembly MEYLE 116 030 0011 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 19818 Tie Rod Assembly FEBI BILSTEIN 19818 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8500 29367 Tie Rod Assembly TRISCAN 8500 29367 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
SWAG 30 91 9818 Tie Rod Assembly SWAG 30 91 9818 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
OPTIMAL G0-660 Tie Rod Assembly OPTIMAL G0-660 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
A.B.S. 250157 Tie Rod Assembly A.B.S. 250157 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
OCAP 0581850 Tie Rod Assembly OCAP 0581850 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
PEX 12.05.436 Tie Rod Assembly PEX 12.05.436 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
VAICO V10-7213 Tie Rod Assembly VAICO V10-7213 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
RUVILLE 917811 Tie Rod Assembly RUVILLE 917811 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
FLENNOR FL559-A Tie Rod Assembly FLENNOR FL559-A Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
KAGER 41-0123 Tie Rod Assembly KAGER 41-0123 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
TOPRAN 109 863 Rod Assembly TOPRAN 109 863 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
TRW JRA588 Rod Assembly TRW JRA588 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
LEMFORDER 27642 Tie Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 27642 Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
SVW 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Assembly SVW 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
SVW 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Assembly SVW 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Assembly Direct Details»
METZGER 56006302 Rod Assembly METZGER 56006302 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
MONROE L29367 Rod Assembly MONROE L29367 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
DITAS A2-3003 Rod Assembly DITAS A2-3003 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
MONROE L29371 Rod Assembly MONROE L29371 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
METZGER 56006402 Rod Assembly METZGER 56006402 Rod Assembly Direct Details»
MOOG SK-DS-0416 Rod Assembly MOOG SK-DS-0416 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
SKODA 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Axle Joint SKODA 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
VW 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Axle Joint VW 6Q0 423 804 B Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 27642 01 Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 27642 01 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
SEAT 6Q0 423 804 B Rod Assembly SEAT 6Q0 423 804 B Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
TRW JRA434 Rod Assembly TRW JRA434 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 27644 01 Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 27644 01 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
METZGER 6-446 Rod Assembly METZGER 6-446 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
SKODA 6Q0 423 804 E Rod Assembly SKODA 6Q0 423 804 E Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QDL 5298S Rod Assembly QUINTON HAZELL QDL 5298S Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
BENDIX 040246B Rod Assembly BENDIX 040246B Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE 07.37.125 Rod Assembly TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE 07.37.125 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QDL5301S Rod Assembly QUINTON HAZELL QDL5301S Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
KAMOKA 9957021 Tie Rod Axle Joint KAMOKA 9957021 Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
VW 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Axle Joint VW 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 27642 Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 27642 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 025 390 171 617 Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 025 390 171 617 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
SEAT 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Axle Joint SEAT 6Q0 423 804 E Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
OCAP 0583884 Rod Assembly OCAP 0583884 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
RTS 90-05338-1 Rod Assembly RTS 90-05338-1 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 9716ALT Rod Assembly JP GROUP 9716ALT Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 32473 Tie Rod Axle Joint FEBI BILSTEIN 32473 Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
SWAG 30 93 2473 Tie Rod Axle Joint SWAG 30 93 2473 Tie Rod Axle Joint Indirect Details»
LEMFORDER 27644 Rod Assembly LEMFORDER 27644 Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
MOOG SK-DS-3993 Tie Rod Assembly MOOG SK-DS-3993 Tie Rod Assembly Indirect Details»
Application of SPIDAN 57145
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
SKODAFABIA1.4 16V1390744Hatchback1999-2008
SKODAFABIA1.9 SDI1896474Hatchback1999-2008
SKODAFABIA1.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2000-2008
SKODAFABIA1.4 16V1390554Hatchback1999-2008
SKODAFABIA Combi1.41397504Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA Combi1.9 SDI1896474Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA Combi1.4 16V1390554Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA Combi1.4 16V1390744Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA Combi1.9 TDI1896744Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA Combi2.01984854Estate2000-2007
SKODAFABIA1.9 TDI1896744Saloon2000-2007
SKODAFABIA1.4 16V1390554Saloon1999-2007
SKODAFABIA1.9 SDI1896474Saloon1999-2007
SKODAFABIA1.4 16V1390744Saloon1999-2007
VWPOLO1.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2001-2014
VWPOLO1.4 16V1390554Hatchback2001-2008
VWPOLO1.2 12V1198473Hatchback2001-2007
VWPOLO1.9 SDI1896474Hatchback2001-2014
VWPOLO1.4 16V1390744Hatchback2001-2008
VWPOLO1.4 FSI1390634Hatchback2002-2006
SEATCORDOBA1.4 16V1390554Saloon2002-2007
SEATCORDOBA1.9 TDI1896964Saloon2002-2009
SEATCORDOBA1.9 TDI1896744Saloon2002-2009
SEATCORDOBA1.9 SDI1896474Saloon2002-2009
SEATCORDOBA1.4 16V1390744Saloon2002-2009
SEATCORDOBA1.4 TDI1422553Saloon2002-2005
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