GERI 13892
Part Number(s):13892
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
OPEL 13 00 180
VAN WEZEL 37002220
VALEO 731847
NRF 50219
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Interchange Parts for GERI 13892
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
OPEL 13 00 180 Radiator OPEL 13 00 180 Radiator Direct Details»
VAN WEZEL 37002220 Radiator VAN WEZEL 37002220 Radiator Direct Details»
VALEO 731847 Radiator VALEO 731847 Radiator Direct Details»
NRF 50219 Radiator NRF 50219 Radiator Direct Details»
NISSENS 63077A Radiator NISSENS 63077A Radiator Direct Details»
AKS DASIS 150890N Radiator AKS DASIS 150890N Radiator Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 350213755000 Radiator MAGNETI MARELLI 350213755000 Radiator Direct Details»
BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8MK 376 718-711 Radiator BEHR HELLA SERVICE 8MK 376 718-711 Radiator Direct Details»
NISSENS 630771 Radiator NISSENS 630771 Radiator Direct Details»
AKG 4764.012.0000 Radiator AKG 4764.012.0000 Radiator Direct Details»
OPEL 52464524 Radiator OPEL 52464524 Radiator Direct Details»
OPEL 52479101 Radiator OPEL 52479101 Radiator Direct Details»
AURADIA KOL220 Radiator AURADIA KOL220 Radiator Direct Details»
NISSENS 63077 Radiator NISSENS 63077 Radiator Direct Details»
BEHR HELLA SERVICE 2114890 Radiator BEHR HELLA SERVICE 2114890 Radiator Direct Details»
KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 52479099 Radiator KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 52479099 Radiator Direct Details»
AURADIA OL2220 Radiator AURADIA OL2220 Radiator Direct Details»
OPEL 24402888 Radiator OPEL 24402888 Radiator Direct Details»
OPEL 1300221 Radiator OPEL 1300221 Radiator Direct Details»
NOR 5077208 Radiator NOR 5077208 Radiator Direct Details»
AVA COOLING SYSTEMS OL2220 Radiator AVA COOLING SYSTEMS OL2220 Radiator Direct Details»
AVA COOLING SYSTEMS OLA2220 Radiator AVA COOLING SYSTEMS OLA2220 Radiator Direct Details»
KUHLER SCHNEIDER 0608901 Radiator KUHLER SCHNEIDER 0608901 Radiator Direct Details»
AURADIA OLA2220 Radiator AURADIA OLA2220 Radiator Direct Details»
PAPE 14080 Radiator PAPE 14080 Radiator Direct Details»
KAGER 31-0787 Radiator KAGER 31-0787 Radiator Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QER1699 Engine Cooling Radiator QUINTON HAZELL QER1699 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
HELLA 8MK 376 718-711 Engine Cooling Radiator HELLA 8MK 376 718-711 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
VALEO 231847 Engine Cooling Radiator VALEO 231847 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 0608901 Engine Cooling Radiator KĘ╣HLER SCHNEIDER 0608901 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
SCHLIECKMANN 60372220 Engine Cooling Radiator SCHLIECKMANN 60372220 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
TYC 725-0004-R Engine Cooling Radiator TYC 725-0004-R Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
EQUAL QUALITY RM0219 Engine Cooling Radiator EQUAL QUALITY RM0219 Engine Cooling Radiator Direct Details»
NISSENS 630121 Radiator NISSENS 630121 Radiator Direct Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING OL2220 Engine Cooling Radiator AVA QUALITY COOLING OL2220 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
FRIGAIR 0107.3058 Engine Cooling Radiator FRIGAIR 0107.3058 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
AVA QUALITY COOLING OLA2220 Engine Cooling Radiator AVA QUALITY COOLING OLA2220 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
DELPHI TSP0524012 Engine Cooling Radiator DELPHI TSP0524012 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
OPEL 13 00 160 Engine Cooling Radiator OPEL 13 00 160 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
J. DEUS RA0200651 Engine Cooling Radiator J. DEUS RA0200651 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
OPEL 13 00 159 Engine Cooling Radiator OPEL 13 00 159 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
OPEL 13 00 182 Engine Cooling Radiator OPEL 13 00 182 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
NRF 50570 Engine Cooling Radiator NRF 50570 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
OPEL 52 47 9099 Engine Cooling Radiator OPEL 52 47 9099 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 52464524 Engine Cooling Radiator VAUXHALL 52464524 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
VALEO 732347 Radiator VALEO 732347 Radiator Indirect Details»
THERMOTEC D7X044TT Engine Cooling Radiator THERMOTEC D7X044TT Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
VALEO 232347 Engine Cooling Radiator VALEO 232347 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 52464573 Engine Cooling Radiator VAUXHALL 52464573 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
DENSO DRM20026 Engine Cooling Radiator DENSO DRM20026 Engine Cooling Radiator Indirect Details»
Application of GERI 13892
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Hatchback1995-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Hatchback1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Hatchback1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Saloon1995-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Saloon1996-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Hatchback1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i 16V1598744Estate1996-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796854Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i 16V19981004Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.5 i V624981256Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 DI 16V1995604Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA Bi 500 2.524981436Saloon1998-2000
OPELVECTRA Bi 500 2.524981436Estate1998-2000
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.8 i 16V1796924Estate2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Hatchback2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Saloon2000-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.6 i V625971256Estate2000-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Hatchback1995-2003
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Saloon1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B1.6 i1598554Estate1996-2000
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i1998824Hatchback1995-2002
OPELVECTRA B2.0 i1998824Saloon1995-2002
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