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FORD 1 117 394
Part Number(s):1 117 394
ProductName:Gas Spring
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
METZGER 2110243
VAICO V25-0411
MEYLE 740 910 0008
MAPCO 91610
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Interchange Parts for FORD 1 117 394
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
METZGER 2110243 Gas Spring METZGER 2110243 Gas Spring Direct Details»
VAICO V25-0411 Gas Spring VAICO V25-0411 Gas Spring Direct Details»
MONROE ML5374 Gas Spring MONROE ML5374 Gas Spring Direct Details»
MEYLE 740 910 0008 Gas Spring MEYLE 740 910 0008 Gas Spring Direct Details»
OPTIMAL AG-17473 Gas Spring OPTIMAL AG-17473 Gas Spring Direct Details»
MAPCO 91610 Gas Spring MAPCO 91610 Gas Spring Direct Details»
LESJOFORS 81 275 52 Gas Spring LESJOFORS 81 275 52 Gas Spring Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 27762 Gas Spring FEBI BILSTEIN 27762 Gas Spring Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 128584 Gas Spring QUINTON HAZELL 128584 Gas Spring Direct Details»
SWAG 50 92 7780 Gas Spring SWAG 50 92 7780 Gas Spring Direct Details»
SWAG 50 92 7762 Gas Spring SWAG 50 92 7762 Gas Spring Direct Details»
JOHNS 32 18 95-95 Gas Spring JOHNS 32 18 95-95 Gas Spring Direct Details»
KILEN 422049 Gas Spring KILEN 422049 Gas Spring Direct Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 430719036900 Gas Spring MAGNETI MARELLI 430719036900 Gas Spring Direct Details»
MAXGEAR 12-0095 Gas Spring MAXGEAR 12-0095 Gas Spring Direct Details»
KLOKKERHOLM 25557120 Gas Spring KLOKKERHOLM 25557120 Gas Spring Direct Details»
KAGER 89-0074 Gas Spring KAGER 89-0074 Gas Spring Direct Details»
VEMA 51346 Gas Spring VEMA 51346 Gas Spring Direct Details»
JP GROUP 1581202100 Gas Spring JP GROUP 1581202100 Gas Spring Direct Details»
VAICO V25-0419 Gas Spring VAICO V25-0419 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
FORD 1S71 N406A10 AB Gas Spring FORD 1S71 N406A10 AB Gas Spring Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8710 16236 Gas Spring TRISCAN 8710 16236 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 27780 Wheel Bearing FEBI BILSTEIN 27780 Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
FORD 1 232 189 Gas Spring FORD 1 232 189 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
STABILUS 6576TM Gas Spring STABILUS 6576TM Gas Spring Indirect Details»
STABILUS 9953LT Gas Spring STABILUS 9953LT Gas Spring Indirect Details»
BUGIAD BGS10754 Gas Spring BUGIAD BGS10754 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
MEYLE 740 910 0009 Gas Spring MEYLE 740 910 0009 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
EQUAL QUALITY MG10211 Gas Spring EQUAL QUALITY MG10211 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
MONROE ML5373 Gas Spring MONROE ML5373 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
METZGER 2110242 Gas Spring METZGER 2110242 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
FORD USA 1S71N406A10AB Gas Spring FORD USA 1S71N406A10AB Gas Spring Indirect Details»
PEX D10754 Gas Spring PEX D10754 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
VEMO V25-0411 Gas Spring VEMO V25-0411 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
VEMO V25-0419 Gas Spring VEMO V25-0419 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
VAICO V25-0413 Gas Spring bonnet VAICO V25-0413 Gas Spring bonnet Indirect Details»
LIPMESA 128584 Gas Spring LIPMESA 128584 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
AQUAPLUS 451 0584 10 Gas Spring AQUAPLUS 451 0584 10 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
FORD USA 1S71N406A10AC Gas Spring FORD USA 1S71N406A10AC Gas Spring Indirect Details»
FORD 1S71 N406A10 AC Gas Spring FORD 1S71 N406A10 AC Gas Spring Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL LIP128584 Gas Spring QUINTON HAZELL LIP128584 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
STABILUS 1117RL Gas Spring STABILUS 1117RL Gas Spring Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QTS128584 Gas Spring QUINTON HAZELL QTS128584 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 128884 Gas Spring QUINTON HAZELL 128884 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
NOR 25557120 Gas Spring NOR 25557120 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI GS0369 Gas Spring MAGNETI MARELLI GS0369 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
VEMA 51272 Gas Spring VEMA 51272 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 89-0074 Gas Spring JP GROUP 89-0074 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
BOGE G10578 Gas Spring BOGE G10578 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
HK G10578 Gas Spring HK G10578 Gas Spring Indirect Details»
Application of FORD 1 117 394
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FORDMONDEO Mk III1.8 16V1798814Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III1.8 16V1798924Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III2.0 16V19991074Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III2.5 V6 24V24951256Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III2.0 16V DI / TDDi / TDCi1998664Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III2.0 16V TDDi / TDCi1998854Estate2000-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk III2.0 TDCi1998964Estate2001-2007
FORDMONDEO Mk IIIST22029671666Estate2002-2007
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