FORD 1 118 212
Part Number(s):1 118 212
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MESSMER 220340
KĘ╣HNER 101390
HELLA 8EA 738 258-161
EUROTEC 11090044
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Interchange Parts for FORD 1 118 212
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
MESSMER 220340 Starter MESSMER 220340 Starter Direct Details»
HC-PARTS CS 1390 Starter HC-PARTS CS 1390 Starter Direct Details»
KĘ╣HNER 101390 Starter KĘ╣HNER 101390 Starter Direct Details»
HELLA 8EA 738 258-161 Starter HELLA 8EA 738 258-161 Starter Direct Details»
SPIDAN 4834 Starter SPIDAN 4834 Starter Direct Details»
EUROTEC 11090044 Starter EUROTEC 11090044 Starter Direct Details»
FORD YM21 11000 GA Starter FORD YM21 11000 GA Starter Indirect Details»
HITACHI S 13-250 Starter HITACHI S 13-250 Starter Indirect Details»
HITACHI S13-550 Starter HITACHI S13-550 Starter Indirect Details»
VW 09A 911 023 B Starter VW 09A 911 023 B Starter Indirect Details»
VW 09A 911 023 A Starter VW 09A 911 023 A Starter Indirect Details»
ELSTOCK 25-2400 Starter ELSTOCK 25-2400 Starter Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 8080090 Starter QUINTON HAZELL 8080090 Starter Indirect Details»
FRIESEN 80 80 090 Starter FRIESEN 80 80 090 Starter Indirect Details»
FARCOM 105623 Starter FARCOM 105623 Starter Indirect Details»
MESSMER 220340 Starter MESSMER 220340 Starter Indirect Details»
FORD YM21 11000 DA Starter FORD YM21 11000 DA Starter Indirect Details»
MARELLI 944280800900 Starter MARELLI 944280800900 Starter Indirect Details»
FORD 1111209 Starter FORD 1111209 Starter Indirect Details»
LUCAS LRS01465 Starter LUCAS LRS01465 Starter Indirect Details»
EDR 910463 Starter EDR 910463 Starter Indirect Details»
HELLA CS1390 Starter HELLA CS1390 Starter Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL LRS01465 Starter LUCAS ELECTRICAL LRS01465 Starter Indirect Details»
DELCO REMY DRS0463 Starter DELCO REMY DRS0463 Starter Indirect Details»
DRI 311.219.152 Starter DRI 311.219.152 Starter Indirect Details»
CASCO CST20168 Starter CASCO CST20168 Starter Indirect Details»
ATL Autotechnik A 18 395 Starter ATL Autotechnik A 18 395 Starter Indirect Details»
LAUBER 22.1390 Starter LAUBER 22.1390 Starter Indirect Details»
HOLGER CRISTIANSEN CS 1390 Starter HOLGER CRISTIANSEN CS 1390 Starter Indirect Details»
HELLA 738 258-161 Starter HELLA 738 258-161 Starter Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL SEB1347 Camshaft Position Sensor LUCAS ELECTRICAL SEB1347 Camshaft Position Sensor Indirect Details»
CV PSH 300.540.152 Starter CV PSH 300.540.152 Starter Indirect Details»
AINDE CGB-52400 Starter AINDE CGB-52400 Starter Indirect Details»
VAG 09A911023A Starter VAG 09A911023A Starter Indirect Details»
VAG 09A911023B Starter VAG 09A911023B Starter Indirect Details»
TRW LRS01465 Starter TRW LRS01465 Starter Indirect Details»
Application of FORD 1 118 212
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896854Estate1999-2001
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896854Estate1999-2001
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896854Hatchback1998-2001
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896854Saloon1998-2001
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896854Estate1999-2001
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896854Saloon1999-2001
FORDGALAXY1.9 TDI1896854MPV2000-2006
VWSHARAN1.9 TDI1896854MPV2000-2010
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896854Hatchback1999-2001
SEATALHAMBRA1.9 TDI1896854MPV2000-2010
AUDIA31.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2000-2014
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896744Estate2000-2006
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896744Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896744Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896744Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896744Estate2000-2005
AUDIA31.9 TDI quattro1896964Hatchback2000-2014
AUDIA31.9 TDI1896744Hatchback2000-2014
VWSHARAN1.9 TDI 4motion1896854MPV2000-2010
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896964Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Hatchback2000-2005
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI1896964Estate2000-2006
VWGOLF Mk IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Estate2000-2006
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896964Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Saloon2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI1896964Estate2000-2005
VWJETTA IV1.9 TDI 4motion1896964Estate2000-2005
FORDGALAXY1.9 TDI1896964MPV2003-2006
FORDGALAXY1.9 TDI18961104MPV2005-2006
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