FORD 6 073 340
Part Number(s):6 073 340
ProductName:Alternator Regulator
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
MAGNETI MARELLI 940038148010
HELLA 5DR 004 241-051
H¨ąCO 130671
ERA 215855
FORD 80BB 10316 AA
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Interchange Parts for FORD 6 073 340
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
MAGNETI MARELLI 940038148010 Alternator Regulator MAGNETI MARELLI 940038148010 Alternator Regulator Direct Details»
HELLA 5DR 004 241-051 Alternator Regulator HELLA 5DR 004 241-051 Alternator Regulator Direct Details»
H¨ąCO 130671 Alternator Regulator H¨ąCO 130671 Alternator Regulator Direct Details»
ERA 215855 Alternator Regulator ERA 215855 Alternator Regulator Direct Details»
FORD 80BB 10316 AA Alternator Regulator FORD 80BB 10316 AA Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7024 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7024 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7025 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7025 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7041 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7041 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7042 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7042 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7056 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7056 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTOROLA 9RC 7057 Alternator Regulator MOTOROLA 9RC 7057 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO NB188 Alternator Regulator VALEO NB188 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO NB414 Alternator Regulator VALEO NB414 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO NB468 Alternator Regulator VALEO NB468 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505019 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505019 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505020 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505020 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505-031 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505-031 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505-032 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505-032 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505-069 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505-069 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 505-072 Alternator Regulator VALEO 505-072 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL 212 290 48 Alternator Regulator LUCAS ELECTRICAL 212 290 48 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL 21229142 Alternator Regulator LUCAS ELECTRICAL 21229142 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL UCB 501 Alternator Regulator LUCAS ELECTRICAL UCB 501 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 2970241 Alternator Regulator VALEO 2970241 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VALEO 2970411 Alternator Regulator VALEO 2970411 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
PEUGEOT 5761.42 Alternator Regulator PEUGEOT 5761.42 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
RENAULT 60 05 000 307 Alternator Regulator RENAULT 60 05 000 307 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
RENAULT 60 05 003 764 Alternator Regulator RENAULT 60 05 003 764 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
ROVER A00314 Alternator Regulator ROVER A00314 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VW 036 903 803 Alternator Regulator VW 036 903 803 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
AUDI 036 903 803 Alternator Regulator AUDI 036 903 803 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
CITROEN 5761.42 Alternator Regulator CITROEN 5761.42 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MASSEY FERGUSON 3 600 178 M91 Alternator Regulator MASSEY FERGUSON 3 600 178 M91 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 35 000 161 Alternator Regulator HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS 35 000 161 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
INTERMOTOR 61710 Alternator Regulator INTERMOTOR 61710 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MONARK 95 870 057 Alternator Regulator MONARK 95 870 057 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
TRW 21229048 Alternator Regulator TRW 21229048 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
TRW 21229142 Alternator Regulator TRW 21229142 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
TRW UCB501 Alternator Regulator TRW UCB501 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 9400 38148 Alternator Regulator MAGNETI MARELLI 9400 38148 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
RENAULT TRUCKS 50 00 809 009 Alternator Regulator RENAULT TRUCKS 50 00 809 009 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
FACET 16744 Alternator Regulator FACET 16744 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
FORD 5 018 317 Alternator Regulator FORD 5 018 317 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
HELLA AERM5507 Alternator Regulator HELLA AERM5507 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VW 36903803 Alternator Regulator VW 36903803 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
VAG 036903803 Alternator Regulator VAG 036903803 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTORCRAFT EGR310 Alternator Regulator MOTORCRAFT EGR310 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
DUCELLIER 592993 Alternator Regulator DUCELLIER 592993 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
HUECO 13 06 71 Alternator Regulator HUECO 13 06 71 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
MOTEMTRONIC 0701147 Alternator Regulator MOTEMTRONIC 0701147 Alternator Regulator Indirect Details»
Application of FORD 6 073 340
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.3 (902.A0)1286554Coupe1976-1981
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.41351554Coupe1978-1980
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.41351634Coupe1979-1989
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.5 (902.A1)1490614Coupe1978-1981
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.5 (902.A5)1490704Coupe1979-1987
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.7 i.e.1712774Coupe1987-1989
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.51490774Coupe1983-1987
ALFA ROMEO331.2 (905.A)1186504Hatchback1983-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.3 (905.A1B, 905.A1C, 905.A1G)1351554Hatchback1983-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.3 (905.A1A, 905.A1C, 905.A1D, 905.A1F, 905.A1H)1351634Hatchback1984-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.5 (905.A2A)1490624Hatchback1983-1985
ALFA ROMEO331.5 (905.A2)1490754Hatchback1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.5 QV (905.A2N, 905.A2V)1490774Hatchback1984-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.7 i.e. (905.A3D)1712774Hatchback1988-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.7 QV (905.A3)1712844Hatchback1988-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.5 4x4 (905.A2B, 905.A2C)1490664Estate1984-1986
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.5 4x41490754Estate1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.5 4x4 (905.A2U)1490774Estate1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.7 i.e. 4x41712774Estate1988-1989
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.2 (920.AA)1186444Hatchback1985-1986
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.2 (920.AB, 920.AC)1186504Hatchback1985-1986
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.3 TI (920.A1B)1351634Hatchback1983-1986
ALFA ROMEOGIULIA1300 Super (115)1290644Saloon1974-1978
ALFA ROMEOGIULIA1600 Super (115)1570764Saloon1974-1978
ALFA ROMEO331.5 4x4 (905.A2)1490624Hatchback1983-1984
ALFA ROMEO331.5 4x4 (905.A2F)1490664Hatchback1985-1986
ALFA ROMEO331.5 4x4 (905.A2M, 905.A2T)1490774Hatchback1986-1989
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.2 (901.D5)1186444Hatchback1980-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.2 (901.D0, 901.D1)1186464Hatchback1972-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.2 ti1186504Hatchback1973-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.3 (901.F0)1286504Hatchback1978-1980
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.3 ti (901.G0)1286554Hatchback1977-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.3 Super (901.F2)1351514Hatchback1979-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.3 SC/ti Super1351554Hatchback1977-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.3 ti (901.G4)1351634Hatchback1980-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.5 ti (901.F1, 901.F4, 901.G1)1490614Hatchback1979-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.5 ti1490704Hatchback1980-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD1.5 ti Sprint1490774Hatchback1983-1984
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Giardinetta1.21186464Estate1978-1981
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Giardinetta1.31351514Estate1980-1981
ALFA ROMEO331.5 (905.A2G)1490664Hatchback1983-1986
ALFA ROMEO331.5 4x4 (905.A2)1490754Hatchback1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.51490664Estate1984-1986
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.51490754Estate1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.51490774Estate1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.5 4x4 (905.A2A)1490704Hatchback1984-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.71712954Hatchback1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.71712874Hatchback1986-1989
ALFA ROMEO331.3 i.e.1351664Hatchback1983-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.41351664Estate1984-1988
ALFA ROMEO331.51490704Hatchback1983-1993
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.5 4x41490704Estate1984-1987
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.51490704Estate1984-1987
ALFA ROMEO331.31351584Hatchback1983-1989
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.71712874Coupe1987-1989
ALFA ROMEO33 Sportwagon1.71712874Estate1988-1989
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.31351584Hatchback1985-1986
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.51490704Hatchback1985-1986
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Giardinetta1.31286484Estate1978-1979
ALFA ROMEOALFASUD Sprint1.5 Veloce1490754Coupe1983-1987
ALFA ROMEOARNA1.21186464Hatchback1983-1986
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