Part Number(s):GRW147R
ProductName:Wheel Bearing
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
BECK/ARNLEY 051-3884
TOYOTA 04421-14010
KOYO DAC357245AW2RS/C014
ITM 38-01517
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Interchange Parts for SKF GRW147R
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
GREEN RW819R Wheel Bearing GREEN RW819R Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 051-3884 Rear Wheel Bearing BECK/ARNLEY 051-3884 Rear Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
TOYOTA 04421-14010 Wheel Bearing Kit TOYOTA 04421-14010 Wheel Bearing Kit Direct Details»
PERFECT CIRCLE 514000 Ball bearing PERFECT CIRCLE 514000 Ball bearing Direct Details»
KOYO DAC357245AW2RS/C014 Ball bearing KOYO DAC357245AW2RS/C014 Ball bearing Direct Details»
ITM 38-01517 Ball bearing ITM 38-01517 Ball bearing Direct Details»
WORLD PARTS W72-458 Ball bearing WORLD PARTS W72-458 Ball bearing Direct Details»
LAZORLITE L81-1335 Ball bearing LAZORLITE L81-1335 Ball bearing Direct Details»
NAPA 514000 Ball bearing NAPA 514000 Ball bearing Direct Details»
TOYOTA 42423-21011+90363-35001 Ball bearing TOYOTA 42423-21011+90363-35001 Ball bearing Direct Details»
SEALED POWER B-FV145R Ball bearing SEALED POWER B-FV145R Ball bearing Direct Details»
CR GRW147R Ball bearing CR GRW147R Ball bearing Direct Details»
L&S Bearing 514000 Ball bearing L&S Bearing 514000 Ball bearing Direct Details»
BOWER 514000 Ball bearing BOWER 514000 Ball bearing Direct Details»
ABC FV4000 Ball bearing ABC FV4000 Ball bearing Direct Details»
ABC FV4100 Ball bearing ABC FV4100 Ball bearing Direct Details»
TIMKEN 514000 Wheel Bearing TIMKEN 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
KOYO DAC357245AW2RS Wheel Bearing KOYO DAC357245AW2RS Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
DT Components 514000 Wheel Bearing DT Components 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
Precision Seals & Bearings 514000 Wheel Bearing Precision Seals & Bearings 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
FAG 514000AA Wheel Bearing FAG 514000AA Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
KOYO DAC357245CW2RSC014 Wheel Bearing KOYO DAC357245CW2RSC014 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
OE 04421-14010 Wheel Bearing OE 04421-14010 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
OE 90363-35001 Wheel Bearing OE 90363-35001 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
BCA 514000 Wheel Bearing BCA 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
FEDERAL MOGUL 514000 Wheel Bearing FEDERAL MOGUL 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
BWC 0513834 Wheel Bearing BWC 0513834 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
BWC 051-3884 Wheel Bearing BWC 051-3884 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
MACK 1458GRW147-R Wheel Bearing MACK 1458GRW147-R Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
ABC 514000 Wheel Bearing ABC 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
MOOG 514000 Wheel Bearing MOOG 514000 Wheel Bearing Direct Details»
CARQUEST 514000 Cap and Rotor Kit CARQUEST 514000 Cap and Rotor Kit Direct Details»
TOYOTA 90363-35001 Wheel Bearing TOYOTA 90363-35001 Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
TOYOTA 90363-35101 Wheel Bearing TOYOTA 90363-35101 Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
VERA 64-01524 ROLLER BEARING VERA 64-01524 ROLLER BEARING Indirect Details»
KOYO DAC357245CW2RS Wheel Bearing KOYO DAC357245CW2RS Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
CHICAGO RAWHIDE GRW147-R Wheel Bearing CHICAGO RAWHIDE GRW147-R Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
FEDERAL 514000 Wheel Bearing FEDERAL 514000 Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 361111183411 Wheel Bearing Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 361111183411 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
SNR R169.13 Wheel Bearing Kit SNR R169.13 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
KAGER 83-1102 Wheel Bearing Kit KAGER 83-1102 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 3D1060 Cap and Rotor Kit AIRTEX 3D1060 Cap and Rotor Kit Indirect Details»
NATIONAL 514000 Rear Wheel Bearing NATIONAL 514000 Rear Wheel Bearing Indirect Details»
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4712011 Wheel Bearing Kit HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4712011 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QWB983 Wheel Bearing Kit QUINTON HAZELL QWB983 Wheel Bearing Kit Indirect Details»
WELLS 15500 Cap and Rotor Kit WELLS 15500 Cap and Rotor Kit Indirect Details»
Application of SKF GRW147R
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
TOYOTA CELICA All       Wheel Bearing - REAR 81-79
TOYOTA COROLLA All       Wheel Bearing - REAR 87-85
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