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NISSAN 39625-U3825
Part Number(s):39625-U3825
ProductName:Propshaft Joint
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
WD EXPRESS 426 38002 630
IMC 426 38002 630
ASHUKI 0876-1001
ACDelco 45U0174
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Interchange Parts for NISSAN 39625-U3825
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
INTERAMERICAN MOTOR 220 0029 Universal Joint INTERAMERICAN MOTOR 220 0029 Universal Joint Direct Details»
WD EXPRESS 426 38002 630 Universal Joint WD EXPRESS 426 38002 630 Universal Joint Direct Details»
IMC 426 38002 630 Universal Joint IMC 426 38002 630 Universal Joint Direct Details»
ASHUKI 0876-1001 Propshaft Joint ASHUKI 0876-1001 Propshaft Joint Direct Details»
NIPPARTS J2921001 Propshaft Joint NIPPARTS J2921001 Propshaft Joint Direct Details»
ACDelco 45U0174 Universal Joint ACDelco 45U0174 Universal Joint Direct Details»
NISSAN 37126-C9425 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 37126-C9425 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 37126-VB925 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 37126-VB925 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-21005 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-21005 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-21025 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-21025 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-N3725 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-N3725 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-N4125 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-N4125 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-U0125 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-U0125 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625U0127 Universal Joint NISSAN 39625U0127 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 3962521026 Universal Joint NISSAN 3962521026 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 3962521001 Universal Joint NISSAN 3962521001 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
GMB GUN-29 Propshaft Joint GMB GUN-29 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 102-0379 Universal Joint BECK/ARNLEY 102-0379 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
LAZORLITE L821209 Universal Joint LAZORLITE L821209 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39626-21029 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39626-21029 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 3962521029 Universal Joint NISSAN 3962521029 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625U2125 Universal Joint NISSAN 39625U2125 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625V3825 Universal Joint NISSAN 39625V3825 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
INFINITI 39625V3825 Universal Joint INFINITI 39625V3825 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
RAYBESTOS 51505X Universal Joint RAYBESTOS 51505X Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-N4124 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-N4124 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-23456 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-23456 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-N21026 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-N21026 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
ITM 4200505 Universal Joint ITM 4200505 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-21004 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-21004 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 39625-21000 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 39625-21000 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NISSAN 37126-U2125 Propshaft Joint NISSAN 37126-U2125 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
JAPANPARTS JO-103 Propshaft Joint JAPANPARTS JO-103 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
ASHIKA 66-01-103 Propshaft Joint ASHIKA 66-01-103 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADN13902 Propshaft Joint BLUE PRINT ADN13902 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADN13906 Propshaft Joint BLUE PRINT ADN13906 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NPS N283N01 Propshaft Joint NPS N283N01 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
NPS N283N06 Propshaft Joint NPS N283N06 Propshaft Joint Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 1020403 Universal Joint BECK/ARNLEY 1020403 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
RAYBESTOS DT1505 Universal Joint RAYBESTOS DT1505 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
MOOG 393 Universal Joint MOOG 393 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
DANA 51505X Universal Joint DANA 51505X Universal Joint Indirect Details»
DANA DT1505 Universal Joint DANA DT1505 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPCO 1011070 Universal Joint REPCO 1011070 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPCO 101-1225 Universal Joint REPCO 101-1225 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPCO APT29 Universal Joint REPCO APT29 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
REPCO RUJ2028 Universal Joint REPCO RUJ2028 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
LEMPCO U704 Universal Joint LEMPCO U704 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NIPPON 37126C9425 Universal Joint NIPPON 37126C9425 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
NIPPON 37126VB925 Universal Joint NIPPON 37126VB925 Universal Joint Indirect Details»
Application of NISSAN 39625-U3825
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
NISSAN300 ZX3.029601256Targa1984-1987
NISSAN300 ZX3.0 Turbo29601496Targa1987-1990
NISSANPATROL Station Wagon(W160)2753886Closed Off-Road Vehicle1980-1988
NISSANPATROL Hardtop2.8 (K160)2753886Closed Off-Road Vehicle1980-1988
NISSANPATROL Hardtop2.8 (K160)2753896Closed Off-Road Vehicle1980-1988
NISSANPATROL Station WagonD (W160)3246706Closed Off-Road Vehicle1979-1988
NISSANPATROL Hardtop3.2 D (K160)3246706Closed Off-Road Vehicle1979-1988
NISSANPATROL Station WagonTD (W160)3246816Closed Off-Road Vehicle1983-1988
NISSANPATROL Hardtop3.2 TD (K160)3246816Closed Off-Road Vehicle1983-1988
NISSAN300 ZX3.0 Turbo29601686Targa1984-1990
NISSANTERRANO3.0 i 4WD29601096Closed Off-Road Vehicle1990-1995
NISSANNAVARA2.4 i 4WD2389744Pickup1986-1992
NISSANNAVARA2.4 i 12V 4WD2389934Pickup1992-1998
NISSANPATHFINDER3.3 V6 4WD32751256Closed Off-Road Vehicle1997-2004
NISSANPATHFINDER3.5 V6 4WD34981626Closed Off-Road Vehicle2000-2004
NISSANPATHFINDER3.3 V6 4WD32751106Closed Off-Road Vehicle1998-2000
NISSANCABSTAR E75.282283551998-2006
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