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PEUGEOT 1201.48
Part Number(s):1201.48
ProductName:Tie Rod End
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
DOLZ N-206
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Application of PEUGEOT 1201.48
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
CITROENVISA16 GTI1580764Hatchback1985-1986
CITROENVISA16 GTI1580834Hatchback1986-1991
CITROENVISA17 D1769444Hatchback1984-1991
CITROENBXTRD Turbo1769664Hatchback1988-1993
CITROENBX19 D1905474Hatchback1983-1987
CITROENBX19 D1905514Hatchback1987-1993
CITROENBX BreakTRD Turbo1769664Estate1988-1994
CITROENBX Break19 D1905474Estate1983-1987
CITROENBX Break19 D1905514Estate1987-1994
CITROENC151.8 D1769444Box1986-2000
CITROENZX1.9 D1905474Hatchback1991-1997
CITROENZX1.9 TD1905664Hatchback1992-1997
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.7 Diesel1769444Hatchback1987-1998
PEUGEOT2051.7 Diesel1769444Hatchback1983-1987
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.9 Diesel1905474Hatchback1987-1998
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.9 D1905474Saloon1982-1988
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.9 D1905484Saloon1982-1988
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.9 Diesel1905474Estate1982-1988
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.9 Diesel1905484Estate1982-1988
PEUGEOT3091.9 D1905474Hatchback1986-1989
PEUGEOT309 Mk II1.9 Diesel1905474Hatchback1989-1993
PEUGEOT4051.8 Turbo Diesel1769664Saloon1988-1992
PEUGEOT4051.9 Diesel1905474Saloon1988-1992
PEUGEOT4051.9 Diesel1905514Saloon1988-1992
PEUGEOT405 Mk II1.9 D1905474Saloon1992-1995
PEUGEOT405 Mk II1.9 TD1905664Saloon1992-1995
PEUGEOT4051.8 TD1769664Estate1988-1992
PEUGEOT4051.9 D1905474Estate1988-1992
PEUGEOT4051.9 D1905514Estate1988-1992
PEUGEOT405 Mk II1.9 D1905474Estate1992-1996
PEUGEOT405 Mk II1.9 TD1905664Estate1992-1996
PEUGEOTJ51.9 D1905514Bus1990-2014
PEUGEOT3061.9 D1905474Hatchback1993-2001
PEUGEOT3061.9 DT1905664Hatchback1993-2001
ROVER200218 TD1769654Hatchback1991-1995
ROVER400418 TD1769654Saloon1991-1995
PEUGEOT3061.9 SLD1905504Saloon1994-2001
PEUGEOT405 Mk II1.9 D1905504Saloon1994-1995
CITROENXANTIA1.9 Turbo D1905664Hatchback1994-1998
CITROENZX1.9 TD1905664Estate1993-1997
CITROENXANTIA1.9 D1905504Hatchback1994-1998
CITROENXANTIA1.9 D1905514Hatchback1994-1998
CITROENZX1.9 D1905504Hatchback1994-1997
CITROENXANTIA1.9 Turbo D1905664Estate1995-1998
CITROENXANTIA1.9 SD1905554Hatchback1996-1998
CITROENBX1.8 D1769444Hatchback1985-1993
PEUGEOTJ51.9 D1905514Box1990-2014
PEUGEOTJ51.9 D1905514Flatbed / Chassis1990-2014
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.7 TD1769574Hatchback1990-1998
PEUGEOT309 Mk II1.8 TD1769574Hatchback1989-1993
ROVER200218 D1905524Hatchback1991-1995
FSOPRIMA II1.9 D1905514Hatchback1988-1992
FSOPOLONEZ Mk III1.9 D1905514Hatchback1992-2014
PEUGEOT309 Mk II1.8 Diesel1769444Hatchback1989-1993
CITROENZX1.8 D1769444Estate1993-1997
ROVER400418 D1905494Saloon1991-1995
CITROENZX1.8 D1769444Hatchback1993-1997
CITROENBX Break18 D1769444Estate1985-1993
LADANIVA1900 Diesel1905554Closed Off-Road Vehicle1999-2014
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.8 D1769444Estate1982-1988
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.81796594Saloon1982-1988
PEUGEOT305 Mk II1.8 D1769444Saloon1982-1988
CITROENBX Break1.9 D1905524Estate1987-1992
CITROENC251.9 DT1929604Flatbed / Chassis1991-1994
CITROENZX1.9 DT1905684Hatchback1992-1994
PEUGEOT205 Mk II1.8 XDT1769584Hatchback1990-1997
PEUGEOT2051.8 D1769444Box1983-1990
PEUGEOT3061.8 D1769444Hatchback1993-1999
PEUGEOTJ51.9 D1905514Box1987-1990
PEUGEOTJ51.9 D1905514Flatbed / Chassis1987-1990
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