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Part Number(s):179396
ProductName:Shock Absorber
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
SACHS 280 637
KYB 341233
MONROE 23787
MONROE 23788
KYB 341138
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Interchange Parts for QUINTON HAZELL 179396
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
GABRIEL G55963 Shock Absorber GABRIEL G55963 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 280 637 Shock Absorber SACHS 280 637 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 341233 Shock Absorber KYB 341233 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 23787 Shock Absorber MONROE 23787 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 23788 Shock Absorber MONROE 23788 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 341138 Suspension Strut Assembly KYB 341138 Suspension Strut Assembly Direct Details»
KYB 341218 Shock Absorber KYB 341218 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-ST3-E11 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-ST3-E11 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 341139 Suspension Strut Assembly KYB 341139 Suspension Strut Assembly Direct Details»
MONROE 23847 Shock Absorber MONROE 23847 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE E1024 Shock Absorber MONROE E1024 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE E1171 Shock Absorber MONROE E1171 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 230 016 Shock Absorber SACHS 230 016 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
BOGE 27-C61-A Shock Absorber BOGE 27-C61-A Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 230 067 Shock Absorber SACHS 230 067 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 23942 Shock Absorber MONROE 23942 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
GABRIEL G55802 Strut Assembly, Front GABRIEL G55802 Strut Assembly, Front Direct Details»
MONROE E1271 Shock Absorber MONROE E1271 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 170 955 Shock Absorber SACHS 170 955 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE S1024 Shock Absorber MONROE S1024 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-S1E-E01 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-S1E-E01 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-S1E-E02 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-S1E-E02 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-S1E-E11 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-S1E-E11 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-S1E-E12 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-S1E-E12 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
HONDA 51605-S74-E00 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-S74-E00 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE S1171 Shock Absorber MONROE S1171 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
ROVER 516 05S1EE01 Shock Absorber ROVER 516 05S1EE01 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
ROVER 516 05S1EE02 Shock Absorber ROVER 516 05S1EE02 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
ROVER 516 05S1EE11 Shock Absorber ROVER 516 05S1EE11 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
ROVER 516 05S1EE12 Shock Absorber ROVER 516 05S1EE12 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
ROVER 516 05S74E00 Shock Absorber ROVER 516 05S74E00 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 351011 Shock Absorber KYB 351011 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KYB 351012 Shock Absorber KYB 351012 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE S1169 Shock Absorber MONROE S1169 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
KAGER 81-0538 Shock Absorber KAGER 81-0538 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 23845 Shock Absorber MONROE 23845 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
SACHS 312 046 Shock Absorber SACHS 312 046 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 170 955 Shock Absorber MONROE 170 955 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE 230 016 Shock Absorber MONROE 230 016 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE S1271 Shock Absorber MONROE S1271 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
MONROE S1025 Shock Absorber MONROE S1025 Shock Absorber Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 179397 Shock Absorber QUINTON HAZELL 179397 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 30-B47-A Shock Absorber BOGE 30-B47-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
TRW JGM566T Shock Absorber TRW JGM566T Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BILSTEIN 19-062952 Shock Absorber BILSTEIN 19-062952 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
MAGNETI MARELLI 351385070000 Shock Absorber MAGNETI MARELLI 351385070000 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
AL-KO 3.363DG Shock Absorber AL-KO 3.363DG Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
HONDA 51605-ST7-J02 Shock Absorber HONDA 51605-ST7-J02 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
BOGE 30-B48-A Shock Absorber BOGE 30-B48-A Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
SACHS 280 635 Shock Absorber SACHS 280 635 Shock Absorber Indirect Details»
Application of QUINTON HAZELL 179396
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
HONDACRX Mk III1.6 ESi (EH6)1590924Targa1992-1998
HONDACRX Mk III1.6 i VTi (EG2)15951184Targa1992-1998
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.3 16V (EG3)1343554Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.5 i 16V (EG4)1493694Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 16V Vtec (EG5)1590924Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 VTi 16V (EG6)15951184Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.5 i 16V (EG8)1493694Saloon1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 16V Vtec (EH9)1590924Saloon1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 VTi (EG9)15951184Saloon1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 i (MB1)1590834Hatchback1994-1997
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 i Vtec (MB1)1590934Hatchback1994-1997
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.5 i Vtec-E (MA9)1493664Hatchback1994-1997
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.4 i (MA8)1396664Hatchback1994-1997
ROVER400414 Si1396764Hatchback1995-2000
ROVER400416 Si1588824Hatchback1995-2000
ROVER400416 Si1590834Hatchback1995-2000
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.4 i (MA8)1396554Hatchback1995-1997
ROVER400420 D1994634Hatchback1995-2000
ROVER400420 Di1994774Hatchback1995-2000
ROVER400414 Si1396764Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400416 Si1588824Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400416 Si1590834Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400420 Si Lux19941004Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400420 D1994634Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400420 Di1994774Saloon1995-2000
ROVER400420 Si Lux19941004Hatchback1995-2000
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.4 16V (MB2)1396554Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.4 16V (MB2)1396664Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.5 16V (MB3)1493844Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 16V (MB4)1590854Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.8 16V (MB6)17971244Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV2.0 i TD (MB7)1994634Hatchback1997-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.4 16V (MB8)1396554Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.4 16V (MB8)1396664Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.5 16V (MB9)1493844Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.6 16V (MC1)1590854Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.8 16V (MC2)17971244Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk V2.0 i D (MC3)1994774Estate1998-2001
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.6 VTi15951184Hatchback1997-2001
ROVER452.0 iDT1994744Hatchback2000-2005
ROVER452.0 V619971106Hatchback2000-2014
ROVER452.0 V619971106Saloon2000-2014
ROVER452.0 iDT1994744Saloon2000-2014
HONDACIVIC Mk IV1.5 i 16V (EG4)1493664Hatchback1991-1995
HONDACIVIC Mk V1.61590924Hatchback1998-2000
HONDACIVIC Mk V2.0 TDiC1994774Hatchback1998-2000
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