PEX 3.20.018
Part Number(s):3.20.018
ProductName:Brake Light Switch
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
HELLA 6DF 007 364-001
FACET 7.1017
METZGER 0911001
TOYOTA 84340-32010
TOYOTA 84340-30030
MAZDA B001-66-490
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Interchange Parts for PEX 3.20.018
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
HELLA 6DF 007 364-001 Brake Light Switch HELLA 6DF 007 364-001 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
FACET 7.1017 Brake Light Switch FACET 7.1017 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
METZGER 0911001 Brake Light Switch METZGER 0911001 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
TOYOTA 84340-32010 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-32010 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
TOYOTA 84340-30030 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-30030 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
MAZDA B001-66-490 Brake Light Switch MAZDA B001-66-490 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
MAZDA B001-66-490 A Brake Light Switch MAZDA B001-66-490 A Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
MAZDA B002-66-490 Brake Light Switch MAZDA B002-66-490 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
MAZDA B002-66-490 A Brake Light Switch MAZDA B002-66-490 A Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL XBS24 Brake Light Switch QUINTON HAZELL XBS24 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
VERNET 4563 Brake Light Switch VERNET 4563 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
OE MB 229024 Brake Light Switch OE MB 229024 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
STANDARD 51410 Intermotor Brake Light Switch STANDARD 51410 Intermotor Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
TOYOTA 84340-01010 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-01010 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
TOYOTA 84340-28010 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-28010 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 94 840 335 Brake Light Switch GENERAL MOTORS 94 840 335 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 94 849 185 Brake Light Switch GENERAL MOTORS 94 849 185 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 94 851 307 Brake Light Switch GENERAL MOTORS 94 851 307 Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
MAZDA B 001 66 490 B Brake Light Switch MAZDA B 001 66 490 B Brake Light Switch Direct Details»
FAE 24720 Brake Light Switch FAE 24720 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
STANDARD 51410 Brake Light Switch STANDARD 51410 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
STANDARD SBL016 Brake Light Switch STANDARD SBL016 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
ANGLI 400 Brake Light Switch ANGLI 400 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
STANDARD SBL033 Brake Light Switch STANDARD SBL033 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
STANDARD 51677 Brake Light Switch STANDARD 51677 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
HAVAM 1.810.017 Brake Light Switch HAVAM 1.810.017 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
VEMO V37-73-0005 Brake Light Switch VEMO V37-73-0005 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
CALORSTAT by Vernet BS4563 Brake Light Switch CALORSTAT by Vernet BS4563 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS SLS-133 Brake Light Switch STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS SLS-133 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
ORIGINAL ENGINE MANAGEMENT 8605 Brake Light Switch ORIGINAL ENGINE MANAGEMENT 8605 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
Forecast 8605 Switch Forecast 8605 Switch Indirect Details»
ADVAN-TECH 8D4 Switch ADVAN-TECH 8D4 Switch Indirect Details»
WELLS JA409 Switch WELLS JA409 Switch Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL XBLS24 Brake Light Switch QUINTON HAZELL XBLS24 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
AIRTEX 1S5503 Switch AIRTEX 1S5503 Switch Indirect Details»
CARQUEST 53-54544 Switch CARQUEST 53-54544 Switch Indirect Details»
LUCAS ELECTRICAL SMB 408 Brake Light Switch LUCAS ELECTRICAL SMB 408 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
ERA 330039 Brake Light Switch ERA 330039 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
TOYOTA 84340-10020 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-10020 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB-435457 Brake Light Switch MITSUBISHI MB-435457 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MR-122560 Brake Light Switch MITSUBISHI MR-122560 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
KIA MDX50-66-490 Brake Light Switch KIA MDX50-66-490 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
DAIHATSU 84340-87401-000 Brake Light Switch DAIHATSU 84340-87401-000 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
TOYOTA 84340-30040 Brake Light Switch TOYOTA 84340-30040 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
KIA 0B001-66-490B Brake Light Switch KIA 0B001-66-490B Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
KIA 0B001-66-490C Brake Light Switch KIA 0B001-66-490C Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
ASHIKA 00-02-208 Brake Light Switch ASHIKA 00-02-208 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 201-1299 Brake Light Switch BECK/ARNLEY 201-1299 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
JAPKO 00208 Brake Light Switch JAPKO 00208 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
JAPANPARTS IS-208 Brake Light Switch JAPANPARTS IS-208 Brake Light Switch Indirect Details»
Application of PEX 3.20.018
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
MITSUBISHILANCER Mk IV1.3 12V (C61A)1299554Hatchback1992-1994
MITSUBISHILANCER Mk IV1.6 16V (C76A, C66A)1597834Hatchback1992-1994
MITSUBISHITREDIA1.4 GLX (A211)1410514Saloon1982-1985
MITSUBISHITREDIAGLS 1.6 (A212)1597554Saloon1982-1987
MITSUBISHITREDIA1.6 Turbo (A212)1597844Saloon1982-1985
MITSUBISHITREDIA1.6 Turbo (A212)1597854Saloon1982-1984
MITSUBISHICOLT Mk IV1.3 GLi 12V (CA1A)1299554Hatchback1992-1996
MITSUBISHICOLT Mk IV1.6 GLXi 16V (CA4A)1597834Hatchback1992-1996
MITSUBISHICOLT Mk IV1.8 GTi 16V (CA5A)18341034Hatchback1992-1996
MITSUBISHICHARIOT2.0 (N33W)1997984MPV1992-1998
MITSUBISHICHARIOT2.0 4x4 (N43W)1997984MPV1992-1998
MITSUBISHILANCER Mk V1.3 (CB1A)1299554Saloon1992-2014
MITSUBISHILANCER Mk V1.6 16V (CB4A)1597834Saloon1992-2014
MITSUBISHI3000 GTi 24V (Z16A)29722106Coupe1992-1999
TOYOTASTARLET1.0 (KP60)993334Hatchback1978-1984
TOYOTASTARLET1.3 S (KP61)1290484Hatchback1982-1984
TOYOTACOROLLA1.6 (AE82)1588624Saloon1983-1987
TOYOTACOROLLA SPRINTER1.6 GT 16V (AE86)1587914Coupe1983-1987
MAZDAFAMILIA I1.51490524Estate1982-1986
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.11071404Hatchback1980-1985
TOYOTACOROLLA1.3 i (EE90)1296554Saloon1987-1992
TOYOTACOROLLA Station Wagon1.6 XLI 4x4 (AE95)1587774Estate1988-1992
TOYOTACOROLLA1.6 i (AE92)1587774Hatchback1989-1992
TOYOTACOROLLA Liftback1.6 (AE92)1587774Hatchback1989-1992
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.31296444Hatchback1980-1985
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.31296444Saloon1981-1985
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.51490554Hatchback1981-1985
TOYOTATERCEL1.3 (AL20, AL11)1296484Hatchback1979-1988
TOYOTACAMRY Liftback1.81832664Hatchback1983-1986
TOYOTACAMRY2.0 GLI1995794Saloon1983-1986
TOYOTACAMRY2.0 (SV21_, SV25_)1998944Saloon1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY2.0 Gli 16V (SV21_, SV25_)1998894Saloon1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY2.5 V6 GXI (VZV21_)25081186Saloon1988-1991
TOYOTACAMRY2.0 Turbo-D (CV20_)1975624Saloon1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY2.0 Turbo-D (CV20_)1975634Saloon1988-1991
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon2.0 (SV21_)1998944Estate1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon2.0 GLi 16V (SV21_)1998894Estate1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon2.0 Turbo-D (CV20_)1975624Estate1986-1991
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon2.0 Turbo-D (CV20_)1975634Estate1988-1991
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon2.5 (VZV21_)25081186Estate1990-1991
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.51490654Saloon1982-1986
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.51490654Hatchback1982-1985
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.11071404Hatchback1985-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.31296444Hatchback1985-1987
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.31296444Saloon1985-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.51490554Hatchback1985-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.51490554Saloon1985-1989
TOYOTATERCEL1.5 4WD1452524Hatchback1982-1988
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.51498544Saloon1987-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.51498544Hatchback1987-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.6 GT1598774Hatchback1985-1988
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.51490554Estate1986-1989
MAZDACAPELLA II1.61587594Saloon1982-1987
MAZDA626 Mk II1.61587594Hatchback1983-1987
MAZDA626 Mk II2.01998744Saloon1983-1987
MAZDA626 Mk II2.01998744Hatchback1983-1987
MAZDA626 Mk III2.01998664Saloon1987-1990
MAZDA626 Mk III2.2 12V2184854Saloon1987-1991
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 D1998444Saloon1987-1991
MAZDA626 Mk III2.01998664Hatchback1987-1990
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 16V19981034Hatchback1987-1990
MAZDA626 Mk III2.2 12V2184854Hatchback1988-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 D1998444Hatchback1987-1991
MAZDA929 Mk II2.01970664Saloon1982-1984
MAZDA929 Mk II2.01998744Saloon1984-1987
MAZDA929 Mk III2.2 12V2184854Saloon1988-1989
MAZDA929 Mk III2.2 i21841004Saloon1987-1988
MAZDARX 7Wankel1146772Coupe1979-1981
MAZDARX 7Wankel1146852Coupe1981-1984
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.3 16V1324544Saloon1991-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.6 16V1598654Saloon1989-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.8 16V1840764Saloon1989-1994
MAZDA323 C Mk IV1.6 16V1598654Hatchback1991-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.6 16V1598654Hatchback1991-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.8 16V1840764Hatchback1989-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.8 16V GT1840944Hatchback1989-1994
MAZDARX 7 Mk IIWankel13081102Coupe1985-1989
MAZDARX 7 Mk IITurbo13081472Coupe1989-1991
MAZDA121 Mk II1.3 16V1324394Saloon1990-1996
MAZDA121 Mk II1.3 i 16V1324534Saloon1990-1996
MAZDA30X1.6 i1598654Coupe1991-2014
MAZDA30X1.8 i V61845986Coupe1992-1994
MAZDAMX-62.5 24V24971216Coupe1992-2014
MAZDA626 Mk IV1.8 i1840774Saloon1992-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 i1991854Saloon1992-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV1.81840774Hatchback1991-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 i1991854Hatchback1991-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.5 24V24971216Hatchback1992-1997
MAZDAEUNOS 5002.0 V619951066Saloon1992-1994
MITSUBISHICOLT Mk IV1.6 (CA4A)1597664Hatchback1994-1996
MAZDA30X1.6 i1598794Coupe1994-2014
MAZDA30X1.8 i V61845956Coupe1994-2014
MAZDAEUNOS 5001.6 16V1598794Saloon1994-2014
MAZDAEUNOS 5002.0 V619951036Saloon1994-2014
MAZDA626 Mk IV1.8 i1840664Saloon1994-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV1.81840664Hatchback1994-1997
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.5 24V24971206Hatchback1994-1997
MAZDAMX-62.5 i 24V24971206Coupe1994-2014
MITSUBISHIECLIPSE2.0 i 16V (D22A, D27A)19971104Coupe1991-1995
TOYOTASURF3.0 V6 (VZN 130)29591056Closed Off-Road Vehicle1990-1995
MAZDA323 C Mk IV1.8 16V Turbo 4WD18401364Hatchback1993-1994
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 D GLX Comprex1998554Hatchback1993-1997
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 D Comprex1998554Estate1993-1996
MAZDAEUNOS 5001.6 16V1598834Saloon1992-1994
MAZDARX 7Wankel1146832Coupe1984-1986
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.7 D1720414Saloon1989-1994
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 D GLX Comprex1998554Saloon1992-1997
MITSUBISHIECLIPSE Mk II2000 GS 16V (D32A)19971074Coupe1995-1999
MAZDARX 7 Mk IITurbo13081332Coupe1987-1989
MAZDA626 Mk III1.81789654Saloon1987-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 12V1998794Saloon1987-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 16V19981034Saloon1987-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III1.81789654Hatchback1987-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 12V1984794Hatchback1987-1992
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 12V1984794Coupe1987-1988
MAZDA929 Mk III2.01998854Saloon1987-1988
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.6 GT1598774Saloon1986-1988
TOYOTACAMRY Liftback1.8 Turbo-D1840544Hatchback1984-1988
TOYOTACOROLLA1.6 i1587774Saloon1989-1993
TOYOTACOROLLA1.8 D1840434Saloon1983-1988
TOYOTACOROLLA1.8 D1839474Saloon1985-1988
TOYOTACOROLLA SPRINTER1.6 16V1587854Coupe1985-1987
TOYOTACAMRY1.8 i (SV20_)1832664Saloon1986-1988
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 i 4WD1991854Saloon1992-1997
MAZDA626 Mk III2.2 12V 4WD2184854Estate1991-1992
MAZDA626 Mk IV2.0 i 4WD1991854Hatchback1992-1997
TOYOTACOROLLA Station Wagon1.6 XLI1587774Estate1989-1992
MAZDA323 C Mk IV1.8 16V 4WD1840764Hatchback1991-1993
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.8 4WD1840764Hatchback1991-1994
MAZDAFAMILIA V1.3 16V1324544Hatchback1996-2014
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.31296504Hatchback1980-1989
MAZDAFAMILIA II1.31296504Saloon1980-1989
MAZDA626 Mk II1.61587554Hatchback1983-1987
MAZDA626 Mk III1.81789694Hatchback1987-1992
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.6 GT Turbo (BF1)15981034Hatchback1985-1991
MAZDA626 Mk III2.0 16V19981094Coupe1987-1989
MITSUBISHILANCER Mk V1.6 16V 4WD (CD4A)1597834Saloon1992-2014
MITSUBISHIECLIPSE2.0 i 16V 4x4 (D22A, D27A)19971104Coupe1991-1995
MAZDAFAMILIA IV1.8 16V GT1840944Saloon1989-1994
TOYOTACOROLLA1.6 (AE82)1587534Saloon1985-1987
MAZDAFAMILIA III1.41324444Hatchback1987-1989
MITSUBISHIECLIPSE Mk II2000 GT 16V19971574Coupe1995-1999
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