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SUBARU 28023-AA011
Part Number(s):28023-AA011
ProductName:Drive Shaft Bellow
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
JAPKO 63130
ASHIKA 63-01-130
WD EXPRESS 423 32003 555
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Interchange Parts for SUBARU 28023-AA011
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
JAPKO 63130 Drive Shaft Bellow JAPKO 63130 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
ASHIKA 63-01-130 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHIKA 63-01-130 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J2885002 Drive Shaft Bellow HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J2885002 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
JAPANPARTS KB-130 Drive Shaft Bellow JAPANPARTS KB-130 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
INTERAMERICAN MOTOR F003 22 540B CV Boots INTERAMERICAN MOTOR F003 22 540B CV Boots Direct Details»
WD EXPRESS 423 32003 555 CV Boots WD EXPRESS 423 32003 555 CV Boots Direct Details»
IMC 423 32003 555 CV Boots IMC 423 32003 555 CV Boots Direct Details»
NIPPARTS J2887012 CV Boot NIPPARTS J2887012 CV Boot Direct Details»
ASHUKI 0864-2107 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHUKI 0864-2107 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
AUTOFREN SEINSA D8233 Drive Shaft Bellow AUTOFREN SEINSA D8233 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 103-2824 CV Joint Boot Kit BECK/ARNLEY 103-2824 CV Joint Boot Kit Direct Details»
Neapco 85-1260 CV Boots Neapco 85-1260 CV Boots Direct Details»
RUVILLE 757350 Drive Shaft Bellow RUVILLE 757350 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
TRISCAN 8540 68903 Drive Shaft Bellow TRISCAN 8540 68903 Drive Shaft Bellow Direct Details»
SUBARU 23222-GA340 Drive Shaft Bellow SUBARU 23222-GA340 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SUBARU 28023.AA010 Drive Shaft Bellow SUBARU 28023.AA010 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MAZDA F003-22-540 B Drive Shaft Bellow MAZDA F003-22-540 B Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MAZDA M090-22-540 Drive Shaft Bellow MAZDA M090-22-540 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 176 861 Drive Shaft Bellow MITSUBISHI MB 176 861 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SUZUKI 44119-71C10 Drive Shaft Bellow SUZUKI 44119-71C10 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SUBARU 72322-2191 Drive Shaft Bellow SUBARU 72322-2191 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
NIPPARTS J2885002 Drive Shaft Bellow NIPPARTS J2885002 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
ASHUKI 0864-2005 Drive Shaft Bellow ASHUKI 0864-2005 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
EMPI 862131 CV Boots EMPI 862131 CV Boots Indirect Details»
SUZUKI 4411977E00 CV Boots SUZUKI 4411977E00 CV Boots Indirect Details»
SUBARU 23222-GA220 Drive Shaft Bellow SUBARU 23222-GA220 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 91172661 CV Boots CHEVROLET 91172661 CV Boots Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 96068326 CV Boots CHEVROLET 96068326 CV Boots Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 49506-24A00 Drive Shaft Bellow HYUNDAI 49506-24A00 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
HYUNDAI 49506-24A01 Drive Shaft Bellow HYUNDAI 49506-24A01 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 94381513 CV Boots CHEVROLET 94381513 CV Boots Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 94381540 CV Boots CHEVROLET 94381540 CV Boots Indirect Details»
CHEVROLET 96058655 CV Boots CHEVROLET 96058655 CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 861040 CV Boots EMPI 861040 CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 861040K CV Boots EMPI 861040K CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 862116 CV Boots EMPI 862116 CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 862116K CV Boots EMPI 862116K CV Boots Indirect Details»
ISUZU 8963815130 CV Boots ISUZU 8963815130 CV Boots Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 297 339 Drive Shaft Bellow MITSUBISHI MB 297 339 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 109 184 Drive Shaft Bellow MITSUBISHI MB 109 184 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 1032454 CV Boots BECK/ARNLEY 1032454 CV Boots Indirect Details»
BECK/ARNLEY 103-2593 CV Joint Boot Kit BECK/ARNLEY 103-2593 CV Joint Boot Kit Indirect Details»
BLUE PRINT ADS78110 Drive Shaft Bellow BLUE PRINT ADS78110 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 620 051 Drive Shaft Bellow MITSUBISHI MB 620 051 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB 393 130 Drive Shaft Bellow MITSUBISHI MB 393 130 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SUZUKI 44119-77E01 Drive Shaft Bellow SUZUKI 44119-77E01 Drive Shaft Bellow Indirect Details»
SUBARU 28423-FE000 CV Boot SUBARU 28423-FE000 CV Boot Indirect Details»
KIA 4950624A00 CV Boots KIA 4950624A00 CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 862131D CV Boots EMPI 862131D CV Boots Indirect Details»
EMPI 862131K CV Boots EMPI 862131K CV Boots Indirect Details»
Application of SUBARU 28023-AA011
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
DAIHATSUSPORTRAK1.6 16V1590634Open Off-Road Vehicle1988-2014
DAIHATSUSPORTRAK1.6 16V1590634Closed Off-Road Vehicle1988-2014
DAIHATSUSPORTRAK1.6 i 16V1590704Open Off-Road Vehicle1988-2014
DAIHATSUSPORTRAK1.6 i 16V1590704Closed Off-Road Vehicle1988-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV2.019941014Saloon2003-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV2.019941014Estate2003-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV2.524571214Estate2003-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV2.524571214Saloon2003-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV3.0 R30001806Saloon2003-2014
SUBARULIBERTY IV3.0 R30001806Estate2003-2014
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