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TOYOTA 16210-38060
Part Number(s):16210-38060
ProductName:Radiator Fan Clutch
Cross Interchange Parts
Factory Number
BERU 0720002079
SACHS 2100 501 003
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Interchange Parts for TOYOTA 16210-38060
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
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IDROMEC PA53039 Water Pump IDROMEC PA53039 Water Pump Indirect Details»
JAPANPARTS PQ-236 Water Pump JAPANPARTS PQ-236 Water Pump Indirect Details»
Application of TOYOTA 16210-38060
Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
TOYOTACRESSIDA2.0 (RX60)1972774Saloon1981-1985
TOYOTALITEACE1.5 (KM30LG)1486514Bus1985-1989
TOYOTALAND CRUISER - BUNDERA2.4 (RJ70_, RJ73_)2367774Closed Off-Road Vehicle1984-1993
TOYOTALAND CRUISER - BUNDERA2.4 (RJ70_, RJ73_)2367814Closed Off-Road Vehicle1984-1993
TOYOTALITEACE1.5 (KM31_V, KM36_V)1486514Box1986-1991
TOYOTALITEACE1.5 (KM30LG)1486524Bus1989-1992
TOYOTATACOMA II2.4 i 4WD2366844Pickup1989-2014
TOYOTATACOMA II2.4 i 4WD2383844Pickup1989-2014
TOYOTALAND CRUISER - BUNDERA2.4 (RJ70_V, RJ73_V)2366844Closed Off-Road Vehicle1988-1996
TOYOTATACOMA II2.4 i 4WD24381034Pickup1997-2014
TOYOTASURF2.4 (RN61)2366824Closed Off-Road Vehicle1987-1996
TOYOTAHILUX2.4 4x42367844Flatbed / Chassis1994-1997
TOYOTAHILUX SURF2.4 SR5 4x42367794Closed Off-Road Vehicle1984-1986
TOYOTATACOMA II2.42367754Pickup1988-1997
TOYOTATACOMA II2.4 All-wheel Drive2367754Pickup1988-1997
TOYOTATACOMA II2.424381074Pickup1994-2005
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